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Nov 122012

Highlighted Guild

  • Norwegian Uprising – Galactic Republic

I have said it before, but writing this article is an awesome job. Besides getting to meet fellow gamers those that enjoy Star Wars: The Old Republic, it is also a great way to meet Star Wars fans in general. It also helps broaden my perspective on the popularity of this franchise. It truly is loved worldwide. We sometimes forget that there are gamers outside of North America. So I am proud to welcome another guild from overseas, Norwegian Uprising. We will get to learn about this guild and how they got started, as well as what they like to do as a guild outside of the digital gaming world.

We talk to Exoia a guild officer in Norwegian Uprising after the Jump…




  • Guild Q&A

Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself (please introduce any of the officers helping to answer the questions), how you got into playing SWTOR and how you came to be in Norwegian Uprising?

My characters name is Exoia, I’m currently Social Events officer of the guild, and as of today, the only girl in the guild. I got introduced to SWTOR when my ex boyfriend started showing more than a little interest with the game! At the time I was playing World of Warcraft, but after getting introduced to the fun and Norwegian SWTOR community that was building up, I decided to give it a go! We both applied into the guild, which at the time was called «Starfighters».

In-game I am a Jedi Sage, using my powers for good (and dailies) while searching the universe for more Norwegian Reepublic friends, to enjoy this beautiful game a bit more together with.

Exoia & members of Norwegian Uprising running dallies on Ilum


I got some help answering a few questions in this Q&A, by some good fun members of the guild, they are Libezz, Zentau, Kenjutsu and Kata’strofe.

Zentau and Kenjutsu is a part of the officer team (we are a total of 5), and Libezz and Kata’strofe is two of our great members. These 4 helped me answer the first 4 questions, to get a bigger view on it.



How did the guild Norwegian Uprising begin? In what game did the guild get started, even if under a different guild name?

The guild got started on a website community for Star Wars the Old Republic, called starwarsnorge.no, then by the name Starfighters. It was the official republic guild of the site, founded before the game even got released!

Back then we were on Bloodworthy EU PVP.

After a few months in the game, Starfighters got less active members, caused by other games, people who were disappointed by the game itself. In June, with the free server transfer, our Guild leader and a member of ours took the initiative to get the guild running on a new server, and we chose Tomb Of Freedon Nadd to be able to be with a big Scandinavian community.



How have the European servers felt from your guild’s perspective since server consolidation? Is the gaming experience better or worse since the consolidations?

All five of us agreed that with the server consolidations it is alot easier to do stuff. We feel that the server are more stable, and with more than 200 people online most nights, it’s always something fun happening, operations running, world bosses being taken down and so forth.

Being on the old servers, with generally 20-50 people online at night, it was almost impossible doing PVE or PVP events. We were pretty much left alone.


Libezz: I still feel like Bioware got some ground to cover, even with the server consolidations, we still have trouble getting people for operations / flashpoints.

This we all agree on. Personally, I’ve often spend entire evenings in queue for Lost Island or the storymode part of Ev/ Kp (the groundfinder operations) with Exoia, while doing dailies all on my own. The warzone queues have really improved, we no longer have to wait for 30 minutes to get inside.


What we really hope they might add to the game soon, is cross-server queues. We are getting tired of the long waits for group finder PVE queues, and especially for the ranked warzones.

Meeting the same team over and over again is not fun, and it doesn’t really do anything for the progression of the team. We want to meet new people, and get to try out other tactics.




When doing some research on your guild, thanks to Google Translate, I found that Norwegian Uprising is really into PVE and PVP fairly equal and seemingly very driven in both areas. Would you consider your guild to favor PVE over PVP, PVP over PVE, or is it somewhere in between? Is the guild considered a casual or hardcore style of gameplay?

Norwegian Uprising is really about giving all types of gamers a place to be. We have people who favor PVE and others who favor PVP. We have an officer for both, + a social events officer (Exoia). We are something in between, trying to get it all done on a casual level.

We are a casual guild, but especially with our PVE we try to get a good group together, getting some progress done but still just keeping it simple, casual and without the pressure.




Your guild is a Republic guild correct? Why did your members choose this faction?

Yes, we are a Republic guild. Many of our member really enjoy the light side of the force, wanting to try out the famous Jedi’s, wanting to try out the famous troopers.

It might have something to do with the people that were in the guild. A lot of members have gotten to our guild by already having a friend in it.

Besides…the Republic has Ewoks!





 image via amazingtoyfigures.com


I understand that you have a “sworn enemy” that has been on a previous Community Checkpoint? How did this rivalry get started and did you know any of them before SWTOR?

It all started when starwarsnorge.no (the old republic community) decided to put up two official guilds, one for Republic and one for Empire. So of course, these two guilds were destined to hunt each other down!

Whenever we are doing PVP and see someone from Impetus Norvegicus we always make it a priority to get them killed.

Even though we are enemies, with the new companion coming up, we have started an «alt-alliance», we can have alts in their guild and they in ours. This way, we can get the new companion and level up in a Norwegian guild as well!

I am still friends with some of them, and we communicate well within the guilds.




Being a guild of Norwegian speaking guildmates how is it to play a game in another language? Do you find that there is any barrier from the language or is it really a non issue?

Both Kenjutsu and Kata’strofe agreed on this: Language; not a big issue.

Most of us have played games like World of Warcraft, Age of Conan and other MMO’s and been in English guilds, so we are used to it. And even though we don’t have English as a main language, we learn it in school from 2nd grade, so it’s like a second language to a lot of us.

But of course, being in a Norwegian guild is a lot easier for us then being in an international one. We can all understand each other no matter what, so it’s easier when in operations or PVP.




In your email you mentioned your guild is now on Explosive Conflict: Denova HM. How is that Operation going? What would you say is the toughest battle or enemy in this OP?

Yes, we just started doing HM of that operation. After being pretty awesome in storymode, we wanted a bit more challenge.

Norwegian Uprising downing Kephess in SM for Explosive Conflict: Denova


Some may frown that we aren’t in the new operation yet, but as said, we are casual, and we have fun during our operations, so we don’t really care about 2 or 3 wipes.

Hmm, in my opinion the hardest fight is Firebrand and Stormcaller encounter. We have had some problems getting the mechanics right, getting the timing and dps just right for an even kill.

Changing out the tanks hasn’t helped on the tactics as well.


Now even though the guild is working to get through Explosive Conflict: Denova HM, has the guild attempted the story mode for Terror From Beyond yet? If so what did you think of this Operation?

We are starting to read up on TFB, but just getting in 2 new PVE officers, we are letting them get some “run” with something we already know. So currently just we are “slacking” around old school operations like EV and KP, with some Denova SM.

Personally, I have not been there, but I can’t wait. I love exploring new content, especially when you go with guildies for the first time, getting to know the mechanics and just having fun together, while progressing.




How does the guild feel about the Free-to-Play option being added this Thursday to SWTOR? Has any of the guild members checked out the items being offered on the Cartel Market? What are some items the guild would like to see added or possibly removed from the new market?

Now that the Free-to-Play is getting really close, we are being really optimistic! They really liked the option of seeing the weapons better, and being able to zoom in on it.

Not one of us has been in the PTS, (Exoia: I wanna wait until it comes live, not knowing all that comes) but we have watched the videos which have been released from Bioware, and are really exited!

Besides, getting Free-to-Play on November 15th could bring back several old players or bring some new faces to our loved game, hopefully included a bunch of Norwegian players we can welcome!




Now I’m going to put you on the spot Exoia, what makes you the unique part of Norwegian Uprising? Okay, be honest, how better of a player are you compared to the guys in the guild? What is your current main character, their class/advance class and favorite companion?

Oh, tough questions! The most unique must be that I’m the only girl! So I feel pretty much alone in the midst of all these guys! Any Norwegian girls reading this; help me!

PvPwise, I am horrible. I love PvPing if it’s in a warzone and I got someone constantly healing me and no one hitting me so I can just stand there casting … :p I’ve tried healing, hybrid and dpsing, excelling in none.


Exoia shared a Warzone tally & shows her healing/DPS hybrid results


But it’s ok…I make up for it in PVE! Being a raider in World of Warcraft for 5 years, playing a mage (which is sort of like Jedi Sage) it was easy getting the playstyle.

I also spend the first few months of the game doing operations (back then it was EV/KP HM) so I got the best gear I could get pretty early, thanks to my old amazing ops team! (Woo, shout out to Team Havoc!) This has made me able to help gear up the other players over the summer / fall and just improving.

Using MOX Dps meter I know I’m one of the highest DPS’s in the guild (at least those I’ve done operation with), and I know what I’m doing. Sure we all can avoid moving from those big red circles on the ground, we may not want to admit it but we all do it!

If you take my gaming skills aside, I’m positive, I like to talk like most girls, so I’m chatty. I always try to do my best to help with everything and join in on everything!



Is Norwegian Uprising currently recruiting? If so what are some requirements for potential recruits? What is the best way for these potential recruits to contact the guild or officers about information or guild application?

We are recruiting constantly, we love making room for another Norwegian gamer!

We accept all kinds of players, but of course, we always want more PVP and PVE players, to make more operations and get up a stable ranked warzone team.

To be able to enjoy our guild to the very limit, you shouldn’t be afraid of voice-chat. Our guildchat is dead most times, because we spend our nights on mumble instead!

We do have an age-limit at 18, and we have a large age-span on our members. All from 18 to well over 40! And you have to be Norwegian of course

The best way to get in touch with us is either through our website. Just register on the site to send in an application and/or send an in-game message to one of the officers for more information.

Officers are:


Exoia (me)

Zentau                  Alts: Adoniel

Xinox                     Alts: Judo


Either way, to be accepted into the guild you need to apply on our website. We try to be quick with replying, and it should take no more than 6 hours!



Besides playing the game together and helping each other in-game, what other sort of activities does the guild take part in?

PVE and PVP aside, we try to have social events, we are just getting started getting it up running every week. We have datacron hunts, world boss slayings and lots of nights on Mumble chatting with each other.

Some of us have even met, last year at Dreamhack, a sponsored trip by EA Norway!

A lot of our members are doing fun stuff outside of the game as well, here is a video of me and a member (Tubez) crushing our Jedi Cruiser which we made in honor of the release of Star Wars The Old Republic for the gingerbread house of 2011! We even had ewoks, and a Jedi Knight fighting a Sith. Took 2 days, blueprints, lots of imagination, candy and melted sugar to get this done.



Thanks to the members of Norwegian Uprising for letting all of us learn more about their guild and helping us remember the love for this game and Star Wars is something loved by people throughout the entire world. I also want to thank Exoia for all her helping in being the one to help gather and talk to members to help answer all the questions. I would highly recommend any of our readers that might be looking for a Norwegian guild on the Republic side to contact any of the members of Norwegian Uprising.


Would you like to have your guild, event or server group highlighted on Corellian Run Radio like Exoia and the guild, Norwegian Uprising? All you need to do is submit your guild’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, jason@corellianrun.com. Your guild or event could be highlighted next here at Corellian Run Radio. Thanks and see you next week!



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