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Nov 202012


Photo-Receptor Focus on: Cartel Coin Unlocks

By Maer

I’m quite excited about the different things I can spend my Cartel Coins on. Not the packs, though. I rarely have good luck in-game, so trying for an awesome Throne speeder is not going to happen any time soon. Instead, I’m going to hang on to my coins until I decide which Legacy Unlocks I want to get. But I need help deciding and that’s where you come in.

More after the jump…

You see, I’m kinda like the kid in the candy or toy story who dithers around forever, finally makes her purchase and her best friend gets something she decides would have been even better. Yep, that’s me. I’m often the last one, trying to figure out what everyone else is getting before I jump in for the fun stuff.

Now, mind you, I don’t have that indecisiveness problem, except when it comes to candy or toys or goodies. I can make up my mind quite fast on everything else. I even bought my last car knowing it was the one I wanted before I ever set foot on the lot. But when it comes to cool stuff, I’m a mess.

So, I’d like to hear from our readers and listeners about their favorite Character and Legacy Unlocks and why they chose them. Also I’d like to hear about which ones to not get. All too often someone gets something and it turns out to be not quite as cool or as useful as they thought it would. So, please, share your opinions on those, as well, okay?

There are some that I’m already thinking of. Like the rocket boost, GTN and mail for my ship and expanded bank slots. The expanded bank slots is probably a no-brainer for me, since I’m a packrat and always running out of room in my cargo hold. Three bays on my main and two on most of the others and I still have few empty slots. So, I’m probably going to get that.

Now, as to the other cool things, I’m at a loss. Too many choices, not enough coins. And nope, I prefer not to buy mine with cash, since I’m already a subscriber. So, I need to figure out some basic things. Is the rocket boost as cool as it looks? Do I really need a Galactic Trade Kiosk and mailbox on my ship? Since half my raid already has repair droids, do I want to get that for the very rare times I solo on my main?

Decisions, decisions.

Or do I wait a while and see what other cool things Bioware might release? I’ve heard rumors that there are some super awesome items in the works and I’d hate to spend my coins on something, only to find there’s something I’d like even more. Yep, I’m that kid in the candy store, all right.

So, please help me out and share your thoughts on what perks you bought and how you like them. Pretty please?

That’s my two credits. What’s yours?



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