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Nov 262012

Highlighted Guild

  • Order of the Red Hand – Sith Empire

We have looked many different types of guilds over the many weeks. From casual to hardcore, and the many others that fall in between. This week we get to meet the Order of the Red Hand, a role-playing guild on a PVP server. Yes, we have had other RP guilds interviewed, even those on a PVP server, but this guild is different. Not only does this guild play on the side of the Sith Empire and fight the forces of the Galactic Republic…the Order of the Red Hand also battles internally amongst separate “power bases” inside their own guild. We will learn more about this guild from their leader Demoz in our Q&A section, even a few RP tips.

More about the Order of the Red Hand after the Jump…






  • Guild Q&A

How did your guild get started?

Well the guild was started back when Ajunta Pall was still a server. I personally did not wish to start a guild at the time. In fact I went through a few guilds trying to find a good fit for myself. During my search I was booted and left a few guilds on my own. But I accumulated a few friends along the way who shall we say…and “lightly pressured” me to start one up. I finally agreed and said I would start one up after I reach 50 and if they wanted to be co owners with me. So it happened and we all decided Order of the Red Hand would be born, my RL wife joined soon after. During the next few months my co owners fell off we lost one to an Australian server as he lived in Australia. Then one kind of went hardcore and decided to go it alone, he left the game entirely shortly after, and the other decided he no longer saw eye to eye with the ideals behind the structure of the guild and joined a mercenary only guild. So I pressed on and kept building the Order of the Red Hand with the help of some close friends and allies. A death in the family forced me to take a few weeks off and help with funeral preparations and traveling. During this time the servers merged and Ajunta Pall became no more. I learned the guild had fallen apart due to my absence and the server merge did not help during such a crucial time in the guilds growth. So the guild all by collapsed at that time and I decided to use this and take some time off for a few months of the game, frustrated by the work put in and felt as though was let down. A few months later my RL wife wanted to start playing SWTOR again I was still unsure about it. So she started up her account again and before long sucked me back into playing. We checked out a few possibilities for guilds while retaining the guild name. After a few weeks of discussion we decided to give it another shot. The rest is history, to sum it up we now have solid leadership and members who I am proud to be playing alongside every time I log on.




Can you tell us what type of guild the Order of the Red Hand is? What server does the Order of the Red Hand call home?

Order of the Red Hand is an RP/PVP guild that means we role-play but back up our RP with reality based in game dynamics. Let me explain let’s say person A is challenging for power vs Person B … Person A says they are all powerful and their background story makes them out to be godlike and are able to do many great things… but they are 10lv’s below person B and person B could wipe the floor with them three ways from Sunday. We encourage our RPers to come up with some reason why they have to build their power back up as it may have been stripped from them and some reason as to why they are unable to back up their power claims. There is more to it but that’s just a small example I call it reality based fantasy RP. In short don’t make a story you can’t back up. Our Server home is Jung Ma.


 left to right members names are

Lord Deathmyster, General Kozen, Lord Reprix, Private Mechtech, Darth Demoz, Lord Tyranii, Agent Black-Panther, Apprentice Tharren, Acolyte Mazik




Tell us a little about yourself, how you came to be associated with the guild and how you got into role-playing?

Well that’s a tough one I’ll try to just keep it short, basically I have been RPing since I was a little kid some of my early memories were building my own swords and shields from wood I even fashioned shin and knee pads. Anyway my group of friends would split up and play war and basically hack on each other with sticks we would also have pitch black sieges vs one of our tree forts in which we would cut pieces of wood about 2-3” diameter X 3-4” long and whip them at each other. All in the name of the army we were representing at the time… this was of course way before any internet was in existence in fact people were still using tape recorder computers at the time… a Commodore 64 was a huge leap forward at the time lol. My association with the guild is that I am the last remaining founder of the Order of the Red Hand…I have lead many guilds in the past with mixture of successes and failures.





Your guild has a unique system of ranking, can you explain about this and how it works? How does it also fit with the guild’s RP?

Ranking system in the guild is controversial and I could get quite wordy on that subject. But in short basically we have the Emperor which is myself and a High Order which is basically equal to me other then I’m sort of the mediator and guide to keep things flowing. Each High Order member or Darth has a power base in which they are responsible to build recruit their own members take apprentices and acolytes and hire their own intelligence agency. Recently we changed the Merc’s in the guild which use to be hired by each power base and now have one General to build the army of the Red Hand which is paid for by the High Order (yes we actually pay our Merc army) the pay is then distributed down the ranks as the General sees fit. There is talk of the intelligence agency being built in a similar way but it hasn’t been structured yet. The Lord Rank is reserved for any level 50 Sith that does not desire to build their own power base and wishes to stay in the service of the Darth above them. The ranking system is controversial simply because most people that play non sith have just as big of an ego as a Sith, and wish to have the same opportunities. Our Ranking system is RP based and I say if a non sith wants to fight me naked no weapons or armor and if they can defeat me with no technology then they can be equal to the sith and take their place by my side. The world of SWTOR is based on beings of great power that is the force user a sort of demigod if you will. Anyone playing a non force user, should accept the role they have chosen, they rely on equipment and technology to even the battle field. But strip those away and they will understand why the force and the users of it are superior and should be grateful to be able to choose which master they wish to serve. (a bit of in character talk there).




If I understand the “power base” structures your guild uses, it fits very closely with what fans have learned over the years about how the Sith as an Empire operated, correct?

The power base structure is close to the Empire yes but each power base is more of a guild in its own we even name them I run the Cu’sidhe (Celtic word for harbinger of death) it’s more of an alliance of power. There may be major changes to my rank as Emperor when I return (at this time Demoz slipped into madness and had to be subdued by Lord Zeldax, who is baring his child, and is now frozen in carbonite until a cure for his condition is found).



The guild created an entire RP event around finding a cure for Demoz madness. The event lasted two days and covered a couple world bosses, some heroics etc. all to find items that would be used to make the cure. The ending was back on Korriban with Demoz reviving out of the carbonite. The screenshots below capture some of the events.





Within your guild, can power bases test themselves against other power bases and is there any change in ranking from these tests?

Yes there is a means within the guild for power bases to test themselves versus other power bases. However the power-bases don’t rise or fall officially in rank… we do have tournaments to determine dominance but that is unofficial and just for bragging rights at this time Carnage lead by Lady Zeldax has dominance as her Apprentice beat mine for the championship title winning her power-base the pot of 20,000 credits. (A small pot but it was our first tournament.)




Many RP players have voiced wanting chat bubbles, do you and the Order of the Red Hand want to see them in the game? What are some other items or tools that you and your guild would like to see in the game for RPers and/or guilds?
Chat bubbles would ruin this game imo just because it’s not really a comic book, but I would like to see simple things like…

1 – Being able to sit in chairs
2 – Animated drinking and social actions while sitting
3  – A Far more extensive ranking system
4 – The ability to wear your rank given by your guild on your nameplate
5 – A policed RP novelty names should be deleted, personal names and guild names it disrupts the rest of the RPers there to RP not to be feeling uncomfortable by hardcore elitists they think it’s funny.

There are many RP killers in SWTOR like having to request duels, there should be a system in place where players can police themselves.




Is the Order of the Red Hand currently recruiting? If so what is the process for potential recruits to apply to the guild?

Yes the Order of the Red Hand is always recruiting. Getting in the guild is relatively simple just contact any member above the rank of initiate. If your name passes and they don’t find you annoying you will be invited. After that you need to impress one of the High Order members or one of their Lords and soon you will be asked to prove your worth in which case you can be picked up as an acolyte in one of the power-bases. Any initiate that has not been chosen yet will get a chance to prove themselves each time the guild has a guild wide meeting at that time they will be given the chance to choose their master. But must be careful for the Darth might not choose them and they will be waiting longer. Basically once you’re an initiate your one test is patience and you are now being tested constantly. Every step in this guild will test you. As far as class and all that everyone has a role to play and there is a place for everyone in Order of the Red Hand if they are willing to fill their role.





Are there other things besides class/advance class, type of personality, etc. the guild looks during the application process? Would it be helpful for a recruit to submit a background for their RP character?

I am not so much interested in back ground story other then they should know it for themselves and be willing and able to implement it during the ongoing story. Most of our RP is in the way of a on the spot and loosely organized themes which can change due to someone changing the direction of the RP at the time. I would call it limited open spontaneous RP. I generally look for down to earth and serious RP… I don’t like novelty names i.e. “pinkbunnie” in fact I have booted members no questions asked for just that and the person responsible for inviting them got a warning. If they player jumped around and generally disrupts RP and makes it generally uncomfortable for others to enjoy themselves they will get the boot as well. So maturity is what I look for mostly.




In your forums, there is a thread for character Intros and Ongoing Development. Having read the ones posted, are some of your members writers? How does having good communication skills…writing, typing help with RP in-game?

I am not sure of who is or who isn’t a writer but the RP and writing skills vary widely I think we have a good group here that help guide each other through the RP and I believe everyone enjoys themselves and what the others have to offer the mix. I don’t think skill in writing help so much as I have seen some problems of advanced role-players and players skilled in writing to find new comers hard to take or a little frustrating but we work it out in /w and they are willing to lighten up and allow the learning process to take effect for some of the new players. We talk and the more advanced members are willing to become more of a guide rather than an “RP police”. Over all I think it works out for the best in the end.




If someone is thinking of getting into role-playing, what are some tips or even do’s and don’ts in the RP realm of gaming?

Well there are some basics for sure. Try to make a story that is believable if you can’t defend it or back it up try to stick to something that is able to be swallowed by the other people you are role-playing with. In SWTOR the dueling system is a RP killer IMO it should be open PVP but let’s not get into that debate… but in our guild it’s a major offense to turn down a legit challenge as the person is attacking you and you need to defend yourself treat it like Real Life, and if you don’t want to get beat down all the time then don’t disrespect those more powerful then you. It’s called hiding behind game dynamics and I see it a lot unfortunately in this game. One big tip is to ask yourself, “if this was reality how would I or others react in this situation and how can I use the game dynamics to portray a close response?”




For those considering joining the Order of the Red Hand how is the best way to contact the guild and/or find out more information?

Log in and contact one of the members check out our site and put a few of them on your friend list or contact us on the site. Or just log in peak hours and ask on /general chat we usually have 10-15 members on server peak hours at a time someone will see it.




Thanks to Demoz for his help and all of his time into helping make this article possible. I also want to thank the rest of the guild members in the Order of the Red Hand and wish them all the best in-game and in everything else they do. If you are playing on the Jung Ma server and looking for a guild into some serious RP events and just close knit fun, you should look up any members of the Order of the Red Hand and ask about joining.


That’s it for this week’s Community Checkpoint. Would you like to have your guild, event or server group highlighted on Corellian Run Radio? All you need to do is submit your guild’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, jason@corellianrun.com. Your guild could be who we highlight next here at Corellian Run Radio. Thanks and see you next week!



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