Dec 182012

This week Carla & Deirdre talk all about this week’s 1st Anniversary Celebration moments, Game Update 1.6,  Pay to Win Space Missions?,  Player feedback on the lack of holiday events, and more.

FACT OR FICTION:  Can you pick out the true fact? This week’s fact or fiction is all about this week’s Game Update 1.6.

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FROM THE NEWSNET & BEYOND:  Roundup of the most important announcements and news.

  1. Share Your 1st Anniversary Celebration Moments:
  2. Game Update 1.6: Ancient Hypergate is Live! &
  3. Community Round-Up –
  4. Pay to Win Space Missions?
  5. Known Issues we want to make you aware of: Issues in Terror From Beyond –      Unify Colors Broken:
  6. Deadline Extended to January 7th for you to subscribe to get your cartel coins



Next scheduled maintenance is December 18th –

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Sith or Jedi: Test of the Recycled Gift

The Holiday Season is among us and you have no real plans on what to buy for every person on your list.  A list that you keep short with the names of the usual people you know are going to also buy you something for the holiday. Money is beyond tight and this list already keeps you pretty poor throughout the month.

Someone, not on the list, gives you a very nice present.  This upsets your normal budget of presents because now you feel obligated to by a present for them in return. You scour the house and try to see if there is an equally awesome something that you may have gotten at one point and didn’t use. There’s nothing.

What do you do?

  1. Suck it up and find something on caliber with what you received, which was very nice. You know you can find something budgetary, but where and how hard will it be is the question. You just decide that you’re going to find them just the right gift and give it to them.
  2. You find a pair of unopened socks and an unused fingernail trimming kit that you got from a cheeky great aunt 10 years ago. Perfect! You wrap these things up and hope that the receiver doesn’t notice the cheapness of the gift.
  3. You say thank you and hope you don’t see the giver over the holidays. Maybe you’ll get something that you don’t want and you can “pass it on” to them. Or not, you really don’t care, considering you didn’t agree to buy them anything in the first place.


Community Buzz

Life Day – A cartel market money-maker or an event for all?
Disappointment by subscribers that absolutely nothing is planned by BioWare for this holiday


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