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Jan 142013

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Highlighted Guild

  • Legacy of The Ancients

After communicating with several guilds, I have found there are common traits in all…structure, leadership and having fun to name a few. This week we get to learn about The Legacy of The Ancients. They in turn share these traits, but it was the backstory of this roleplaying guild that first caught my eye. After researching the guild more, I also discovered they use their guild status to also pursue helping others in philanthropic ways. We will find out more in today’s Community Checkpoint as we meet the guild, The Legacy of The Ancients.

Whitesun Whill, a guild officer, joins us in todays’ Q&A section after the Jump…





LoTA banner


  • Guild Q&A

How did the guild get its start?

The Guild used to be known as <Knights of the Ancient> on the Ajunta Pall server. We ended up merging into Jung Ma, now our home and changed our name to <Fellowship of Ancients> with new leadership and new goals, as well as old ones in mind. To simply help people play SWTOR and create a community strong enough to be involved together. After having our amazing guild active and striving we also created an Imperial guild, <Blade of Ancients>.

 LoTA cross faction guild screenshot


Is this the first game the guild has been associated with?

Yes, but we hope to continue gaming together in other games.


Your guild has philanthropy initiatives. What is the latest project your guild is a part off and how can others help out or find out more information?

The latest addition to our <FoA> and <BoA> Guild Philanthropy initiative is now live, and is featured on our website in the news section and on the home page.

 Most of our guild members know Matthew Baran by his numerous Republic and Imperial characters, and have ran several missions with him. He is a good friend and strong ally of the Ancients in both factions. For the past several years, Matthew has been waging his own personal Rebellion against an affliction known as Keratoconus, an eye condition in which the normally round dome-shaped cornea progressively thins, causing a cone-like bulge to develop, which results in significant visual impairment.

 In recent months, Matthew’s condition has escalated to the point where even sunlight is unbearable, forcing him to only leave the house during nighttime hours. Critical surgery for the condition is necessary, and <FoA> & <BoA> are lending a hand to help get Matthew the treatment he needs.

 If any of you are able to spare one dollar, two dollars, five, or ten….every little bit will help get us to the $2500 goal for the surgery Matthew needs. More information about Keratoconus can be found online at www.nkcf.org.

The guild also has two other philanthropy initiatives and they are:

The Skrodd Rogrigo fellowship: Donation to this cause will go towards giving F2P players a full Subscription. These are given to those who prove they are a part of our guild community and can’t afford the monthly price.

The Etzion Arcblade Initiative: This one is all about gathering guild members to participate in the real world activities such as: a fundraiser for cancer awareness, Alzheimer’s, and other local causes ect….


What faction and server are associated with the Legacy of The Ancients guild?

We are on the Jung Ma server and focus on both Republic and Imperial factions.

 Here they are taking on Alderaan’s World Boss. Checkout their Youtube channel for more.


Being on a role-playing server, does the guild have a backstory? If so can you share it with us and how it came to be?

In the Beginning…… The galaxy is in shambles… Forces of evil are dominant…. A hope has sparked calling all the Ancients from a long forgotten Order of Knights.

The Ancients, Entities of Beings from a long forgotten time, Originally Rakata, as well as other races, choosing to live on through the force and ascend to higher plane of existence, Leaving the traditions and species they have come to know, to answer a calling to destiny. These force sensitive beings joined together and left to places unknown, and to form a great Order of Knights. Known as the Ancients of their time, they saved the galaxy during times in the infinite empire, but where only whispered of, for their actions were kept in secrecy. These Ancients scouted for decades after bringing peace, to find a planet that was completely nonexistent. How they found it was not clear, maybe The Force, but they made this planet a fruit, to grow and plant seeds that in time, would be harvested for a greater purpose. The Ancients build a magnificent temple from unknown materials that still stands now. They crafted this temple each and every one of them, making it unique, and with statues of every Ancient surrounding it to create a wall of light, making it able to disappear. Most of the Ancients over time confined themselves to the temple and study many various forms of enlightenment and are given insight into great things.

Some of the Ancients had other tasks to complete outside the temple walls. One day, after many decades of study and preparation, the Ancients discovered how to turn into a pure entity, or light and energy that would live on through The Force, as an observer of times, until they are needed. This was the destiny of the Ancients. They watched for what seemed like an eternity to them, eventually focusing on a time in the galaxy where the Republic was in great threat. Some individuals were chosen by the Ancients to bring peace to the galaxy with their aid. They together are known as <The Fellowship of Ancients>, carrying out the tasks of the Ancients, by stopping evil forces. There is a grand destiny unfolding and intertwined with the ancients and the beings they inhabit.

 LoTA screenshot2 Kephess down


Recently your guild has adapted new guild ranks, can you share the ranking system and how it works within the guild? How does the ranking system benefit the guild?

We Ancients are a completely non elitist guild, and that is why anyone has the chance to become a leader or officer. Each alt will have to earn its own rank within the guild, and We seek great leaders, our ranking system is to help find them by ascending our ranks, we will see how committed you are, how involved, how interested and get to know you better as a person, then you have already became part of the ancients. Here is the ranking system:

1. Son of the Suns (Guildmaster) – Currently held by Master Whitesun Whill.

2. Celestial (Guild Leaders/Master Rank) – With all due respect, a Celestial is one of the guild leaders and second to only the Guildmaster. This rank holds the most responsibility within the guild and has all permissions in-game, and is bestowed to one only by the GM and Celestial themselves. Higher than highest bank access.

3. Godsent (Core Officer Group) – Has responsibility within the guild, respects the guild and its members. Being knowledgeable about the game, active in the guild and helpful are musts. Has all permissions in-game and considered part of the Elder Council. This is the highest obtainable rank for the most dedicated members and officers. Has the highest guild bank access.

4. Lightbringer (Higher Tier Lieutenant) – Has more responsibility than a regular active and helpful member. Shows every day that they care about the community we have built and continue to grow with the guild. The rank of Lightbringer is one of the most valuable ranked members without taking too many responsibilities. This rank helps to govern the members in-game and on the website. Has high guild access and high bank access.

5. Ancient Knight (Lieutenant Rank) Recruitment starts at this rank, recruit freely people you play with into the ancients. Continuous activity in-game and on the website will get you this rank, wanting to be more involved, doing more stuff than an average member would. This shows that they are an important part of our guild. Helping the guild progress is their goal. They have higher than moderate bank access and guild access. *donations to the bank in various forms are greatly encouraged from this rank up*

6. Ancient (Honorable Members Rank) within the fellowship this is by far the most honorable and respected rank to hold among your fellow ancients. As an ancient you’ve inserted yourself into our community, wanting to help people, advance the guild, bring ideas to the table, active on the website and in-game. Continuing to attend events and over time show that you know what it means to be an “Ancient” in all circumstances, will help you reach a higher rank. They have moderate guild access and moderate bank access.

7. Wanderer (Members Rank) – A person holding this rank is active, helpful, and an intricate part of the guild, attending events, showing promise throughout the ranks of the Ancients in hopes that their determination to be a part of the guild will bring them to rank up. Has higher than minimum bank access

8. Truthseer (Members Rank) – Being active in-game and in the Legacy of the Ancients website will help you surpass this rank. Helping Ancients in-game, becoming more involved with guild affairs, attending events, and getting to know you better will also help you pass this rank. They have minimum bank access.

9. Prospect (Recruit/Probationary Rank) – A prospect is someone brought into the guild in the hope of them being a promising Ancient in the future. Minimum 5-day probationary period, *5 days of activity.* Must show an interest within the guild in some way to be ranked. This rank must have an account on the Legacy of the Ancients website. No bank access.

Trade Viceroy (guild merchant) – Specifically reserved for a member of the guild who handles the guild bank and all trading affairs within the guild and its members.

Our Imperial guild will follow the same ranking but the rank names are basically a mirror of the republic guild rank names. We like to think we did a good job. They are listed below from GM to Prospect (recruit):

Abaloth (GM), Damned, Hellsent, Nightbringer, Ancient Lord, Ancient, Vagabond, Soothsayer, prospect (recruit)



Besides normal in-character role-playing activities and events, your guild is also working on player given missions. Can you explain what this means and how these missions are projected to work within the guild?

Any player can choose to participate in these, they will be pre-writien script that require the mission giver and the participant(s) to go on an adventure, manhunt, unexpected battles and ambushes. People will be rewarded and have an Rp level within the guild, so they can enjoy SWTOR as an RP’er and have many different things to do in-game.

LoTA screenshots1


How did you personally get involved in Star Wars: The Old Republic? What is your current main class and advance class? What is your favorite class story and which one are you still looking forward to play?

I came to be a player in SWTOR because of my love for the KOTOR and KOTOR 2 games released for pc and Xbox. Those games opened my eyes as did many others but those 2 sit in my top 10 games ever list as well as SWTOR now 😉

Whitehill Jedi ShadowMy favorite class and story line is Jedi Consular. I play a Jedi Shadow Tank. I focus in Kinetic combat skill tree. I use a hybrid spec from 2 trees to take advantage of what the shadow class has to offer.

I also have a Smuggler Scoundrel healer PvP with this class/advance class is fun. The class story is amazing…I am really enjoying it. I cannot wait to enter ops and try the different skill trees for scoundrel.



Is the guild, Legacy of The Ancients, currently recruiting? If so what steps do potential recruits need to take to apply to the guild?

We are most certainly recruiting. We can invite people in-game no problem however in order to pass the 1st rank and get involved with the guild you just joined we ask you to visit our website. There you can fill out our recruitment application, contact our officers and guild leaders.



How is the best way for players and guilds to contact your guild to get involved in various in-game events or finding out more about Legacy of The Ancients?

Head over to our website. There you can read more about our rank structure, guild backstory, and our behavior policy. While you are at the site you can sign up for Operations, even if you are not in the guild we will try and bring as many people to join our community and enjoy the game together. We post news items relating to the game and the guild. Our website is open to everyone, so anyone can become involved who joins the Enjin community.



I want to thank Whitehill Whill, the Republic GM, for all his time and help with this week’s article. Special thanks also to all the members in The Legacy of The Ancients for letting us get to know more about their guild. If you are on the Jung Ma server and looking for a guild, why not give The Legacy of The Ancients a try.


That’s it for this week’s Community Checkpoint. Would you like to have your guild, event or server group highlighted on Corellian Run Radio? All you need to do is submit your guild’s or event’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, jason@corellianrun.com. Your guild or event could be highlighted here at Corellian Run Radio. Thanks and see you next week!




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