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By Ghoztt

It is one thing to say that you want to be at a high level of progression, that you want to be hard core into operations, but it is another to actually follow through with that statement. The question is: Are you willing to take the time to fine tune your skills and knowledge to perform at your very best? Are you willing to set aside the same days and times week after week to get the job done? It is easy to say you will do something, but it can be difficult to follow through.


Building a hard core progression team for operations is probably more difficult than you might imagine. You must find seven (or fifteen!) other players with the proper roles who are roughly on the same schedule so they can commit to showing up the same days and times. That is the first important step: Showing up. Real life can sometimes get in the way, but in order to progress at a regular pace you sometimes have to put aside some of the minor real life interruptions in order to play. I cannot tell you how many times people have told me that the are willing to commit only to have them come up with various reasons week after week why they cannot make raid times. If you have the mindset of ‘I don’t want this game to be a job’ then hard core progression groups are not for you.

Self Improvement:

As a hard core player, you should always be looking for ways to improve your character. Is it worth spending a million credits to upgrade a single mod that will only give you a few points of improvement? It may not seem like much, but an improvement is an improvement. You should constantly be seeking out ways to best balance your character between your stats using min/maxing techniques. Not only should you be improving your gear, but you should also look into which spec and rotation performs the best for your particular role. In other words you need to know your character inside and out.


If you are working on older content then you should be studying guides on how fight mechanics work for each boss. There are usually several ways to approach the fight so be sure to check out different guides to have different options on what works out best for your group. However, there aren’t always strategy guides available when playing at the cutting edge of progression as your team may be the only ones working on the newest content. Operations had been available to play on the test server but if you were not fortunate to have a geared character on the server fear not! As of patch 1.7, you will now be able to copy your character in its current state to the test server just in time for the new operation. It may sound odd to put in effort onto a character that will eventually be wiped, but that’s the name of progression. The purpose of playing on the test server isn’t to advance your character, it is to find any problems with new content and gain knowledge of what is coming out.


Believe it or not, you are not the best and most knowledgeable player in this game. If someone offers up some advice or criticism you should try not to take it personally. I understand that it can be hard to change your habits and your muscle memory is engrained in your fingers, but if there are better ways of playing your character or role you should take a closer look. It may not end up being a change for the better, but how will you know unless you try it out?

Looking down my list, it looks more like a self-help guide more than an operation article: Four Easy Steps to Progression Ops. Unfortunately, the steps are seldom as easy as the title would make you believe. Progression operations are a lot of work to organize and be successful and not everyone has what it takes to make it. Even if you can follow all the advice I’ve given here there is one more component to take into consideration: Skill. Not everyone is good at playing video games and, lets face it, some are better than others. With practice, you can certainly get better, but not everyone has the hand-eye coordination needed to make it. Still, it shouldn’t prevent you from having fun. There are still plenty of operation content for the different play styles and skill level to enjoy yourself.

Ready check done? Pulling in 3… 2… 1…

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