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  • Descension – Sith Empire

Last night was the Super Bowl and though it had nothing to do with Star Wars, it did showcase…playing together as a close-knit squad, meeting adversity head-on no matter the outcome and being gracious whether winning or losing. These same elements are easily found in this week’s guild, Descension. Despite various changes, since launch, they have weathered each one and feel they are stronger for them. Descension has a strong focus on progression in Operations, as well as ranked PVP, but that is just part of their story.

We talk to Bracus and learn more about Descension after the Jump…






Descension Guild banner


  • Guild Q&A

How did Descension get their start in SWTOR? What faction is the guild or do you have players on both factions?

Our guild is on the Empire side with alts on the Republic side. Our guild first started on the server Dark Reaper as Genesis. Eventually we were moved to the Bastion server, where we changed our name to Ascension, but due to the last consolidation there was another guild named Ascension, so we had to choose to remain Ascension @theBastion or rename so we are Descension.

Guild screenshot1

Members of Descension pondering if there might be a Rakghoul problem


How did the guild get started? Is this the first game for this guild?

While this is the first game for the guild, our members have played together in other MMOs and games before. This guild was started by Lowk, Sinaster, and Steaxy when we left Imperial Vanguard. They wanted to lead a guild by a council instead of one supreme ruler and therefore we created Genesis.

EV HM Completed

Eternity Vault HM cleared as the guild Genesis


After the dust settled from server mergers, there were some changes to the guild right? What were some of those changes? As tough as those changes were do you think the guild is doing better now?

We did not feel the changes were too tough. We gained more players because of the server changes. Some of our brothers would have never joined us if the servers did not merge. The biggest problem was our name and some of the individual names of our guild mates who need to change their in-game names.



What type of guild is Descension considered? How much is the guild into Operations and/or PVP? Can you name some of the guild’s biggest accomplishments in both those areas?

Our guild is a community guild where we enjoy raiding operations as well as PVP. We have two Hardmode/Nightmare groups that run raids. Our first group, the Decimators, have completed all content up through Hardmode Terror From Beyond. The Decimators are currently working on content for Nightmare Explosive Conflict. We are currently working our second group, the Regulators, through TFB HM.

Descension taking down Operator IX


Our guild is slowly getting more involved in PVP as a whole. We are making a major push to get the Bastion more involved in World PVP. On Saturday Jan 26th, a crew of about 20 members of Descension took over the Republic Base in Section X. We held it captive for over an hour until finally the Republic massed a group together around 30 individuals to push us out. We regrouped and met the Republic head on at Dreadtooth. A massive battle ensued of roughly 50 vs 50 where the Empire led by Descension pushed the Republic back to their base several times for well over an hour. This type of Open World PVP is something we are now hosting each Saturday. We plan to go back to Section X a couple of more times and then will bring it to other planets as well.

Guild screenshot2

Members of Descension “Occupying” the Republic base on Ilum

Is the guild’s ranking system based on a military style? Can you tell us more how this works within the guild? Do you think a more detailed guild ranking system in SWTOR would help guilds better run their guilds?

Our guild is not a military style, but led by a council. The main head of the guild is called the Voice, the voice is an alt of one of the Chancellors, and they swap the power of the voice every few weeks between their designated alt.  The council is made up of Chancellors and High Lords. The head of the council is the Chancellors. We have three; they make the final decisions on our rules, promotions, etc.  The remaining part of the council is our High Lords. They are our raid leaders, decision makers; they keep the guild moving and evolving. The remaining ranks are not part of the council but hold a higher status than regular members. We have Dread Lords, who are our specialists, trusted members of the guild that we turn to for ideas to act upon. We also use our Dread Lords like big brothers to the rest of the members who want to become members of our Hardmode teams. The next rank is Battle Lord. These members have proven themselves to join the fray of the toughest Operations. We have Acolytes which are active members, they use vent to talk with the guild, they are registered on our site, maybe they don’t want to raid or PVP, but they like to join in on the fun regularly.

Our style of guild management allows us to be flexible with how we run the guild. Members of the guild know it takes more than one person to control what is going on. We all work together as a whole. We listen to our community, come together as a council to understand each others’ ideas, and then act as one.



Along those lines, what are some guild improvements Descension would like to see in the game to aid guilds in recruitment, organization, guild bank permissions etc?

We have talked about a few things that should be added to the game. One of the biggest things we would like to see is an in game vent.  Capital Ships would be awesome if they ever add them. We would also like an in game calendar, so players can simply login and see what’s going on in the week, and sign up for events.



One area that seems to confuse some in-game is when they hit level 50 and think, “what now?” How does the guild help members, those new to level 50, progress into endgame?

Our council and guild really enjoy helping fresh 50’s becoming acclimated to turning level 50. We have guides for what you need to do when you reach level 50. We go over daily missions, Hardmode flashpoints, operations, and gearing with Columi, Rakata, black hole, campaign, and dread guard. We use askmrrobot.com to build our characters there so those who are building up their level 50 can see what they need to do to become Best In Slot. We offer insight on PVP fights and how to gear up for PVP.

We also enjoy working with our members as soon as they hit level 47. We run them through the Belsavis and Ilum dailies. Once they hit 50, we will run random FPs so they can get Columi gear and Black Hole commendations. If we have a strong enough member presence we will run them through earlier Hardmode operations such as Eternity Vault or Karaga’s Palace in order to gear them in Rakata.

One of the duties of being a High Lord or Dread Lord is to work with our community to develop them. We actively seek people who want to learn their class more, get better gear, become raid aware. We are instrumental in helping our guild become stronger.

 TfB HM Dread Guard



The guild talks about catering to the needs of the members, how does the guild help accomplish this? Is this where the guild’s weekly events come in? What other events does the guild plan?

We are a very open and friendly guild. If someone is in need of something, they can either post it on the site for us to follow up on or ask in game. Based off the number of new people we try to run weekly story mode operations to help gear up members.  To give an example of this we recently had a member sign up who was a friend of one of our current members. The person was in Tionese gear and we ran him through Nightmare EV to get him quite a few pieces of Rakata in one night.

We also like to run guild events. Two Saturdays ago we ran a speeder race event on Nar Shaddaa where we raced three races and gave random prizes; we did some 1v1 PVP for prizes, and did a little gambling.

Descension maybe onto something
using Nar Shadda to host events with gambling



The guild has two internal groups known as the Regulators and Decimators. What do they do and who makes up these groups? Are there ever any openings for those who think they can work their way up into these groups?

We currently have two 8man HM groups. Our first group is known as the Decimators. This group has been going for some time now and was fully formed around the time of EC HM. We enjoy progressing through the toughest content. Decimators include 2 Tanks: Sinaster and Steaxy; 7 DPS: Bracus, Lowk, Docile, Rasius, Jerrek, Rorschack, and Sathan; and 3 Healers: Venom, Rhaul, and Xylus. We currently have minimal openings for this group due to its size. It is possible to join this group, but you must have raid awareness, meet the gear requirement, and fit our community.

TfB HM Kephess

Eventually our guild started to grow to the point where we had too many people to effectively rotate in and out of 8man, but not enough to push a 16man, so we decided to start a second group and called them the Regulators. Our Regulator team is working on TFB HM content at the moment. Regulators include 2 Tanks: Blackdove and Batmadalorian; 4 DPS: Silt, Werda, Izaak, and Kamiza; 3 Healers: Tabib, Avie, and Veritas. There are openings for this group for Tank, DPS, and Healer.  The same goes for this group as it does with Decimators, in order to join you need to have raid awareness, meet the gear requirements, and fit in our community.



How important is for your guild or any guild to talk about other things besides gaming? Does Descension strive to have friendships beyond the gaming realm and do you think this helps your guild?

It depends on the type of guild. We are a community guild, so we try to stick together when it comes to new games or current games. For example, some of us like to play Madden together online through a league. Being able to play other games together helps us keep our community together. If you just play SWTOR together, then once the population starts to dwindle, so could your guild. Strong communities will stick together. Our guild has strong ties outside of the game. Many of us talk with each other by text or phone calls. Even though we are spread out, we try to maintain communication. We have guildies in the military right now being deployed in Afghanistan and Italy. We enjoy it very much when they jump into vent to talk with us when they can.

A key thing that keeps this guild strong is the maturity within the members; most of us are older than 25, have full time jobs, have family and understand that communication is very important in keeping the guild together. Many of us are real life friends, which does help maintain the sanity of the guild.




Is Descension currently recruiting? If so what steps do potential recruits need to take to apply? Are there specific classes/advance classes the guild needs?

Yes, Descension is currently recruiting. We are looking for those people who want to do any of the following: Raid, PVP, Community Events, or just play. We require that those who wish to join be community oriented. If you would like to join our harder raids then you must be raid aware, and meet our current gear requirements to join which is full 61 gear, prefer optimized mods. If you wish to be a part PVP, please work on getting your War Hero gear, so we can add you to our Warzone Groups and World PVP action.

We do not discriminate on any classes, all are welcome to join at this time. Earning a spot in the Hardmode raids requires a little more than simply joining the guild. As with all MMOs the one thing that happens is attrition, some people leave the game, which opens spots for those who have worked to earn it. We are constantly developing our bench strength so the action never stops.


Are you ready to start your journey with Descension?

Are you ready to start your journey with Descension?

What is the best way for those interested in learning more about your guild, events, or possibly joining to contact the guild or its officers?

First, visit our website and fill out an application so we can learn more about you. Then contact one of our officers in game so we can talk. If we feel you are the right person to join the guild then an invite will be extended. Our Guild officers are Bracus, Lowk, Steaxy, Jerrek, Rorschak, Sinaster, or Venom.

If you are not ready to join the guild but would like to become an Ally we can add you to the site so you may sign up for raiding or PVP, but members take priority over even the strongest of allies. So join us to become a regular in all our activities.



As we wrap-up another Community Checkpoint, I want to thank Bracus for his time in helping to get all the questions answered for the article. Also want to wish the members of Descension all the best in-game and whatever they strive to do. If you are on the Bastion server and looking for a Sith Empire guild to join, you should take some time and talk to the members in Descension.


If you would like to have your guild, event or server group highlighted on Corellian Run Radio? All you need to do is submit your guild’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, jason@corellianrun.com. Your guild could be who we highlight next here at Corellian Run Radio. Thanks and see you next week!




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