Feb 072013

Now typically a dev post does not usually warrant an article…However this particular post is so cool, as in Hoth cool, that I had to share it. Below is a post by Nathan Emmot, one of the developers at BioWare.

NathanEmmott Animal Mounts in the Cartel market | 02.07.2013, 10:18 AM

tauntaun mountHowdy everyone!
I wanted to pop in here and let everyone know that we are very much reading y’all’s suggestions (and the ensuing debates ). I figured the Animal Mounts discussion would be a good one to jump in and let you know that creature mounts are something we have wanted for quite some time now. Now, obviously I can’t tell you anything concrete yet – mostly because there isn’t anything concrete yet – but I can tell you that Hoth doesn’t feel right without being able to ride a tauntaun.

No date, but they basically confirmed that animal mounts are coming! Oh I’m saving credits/Cartel Coins for a Tauntaun!

Tell us in comments below what you think about animal mounts in SWTOR

  4 Responses to “BioWare IS listening…”

  1. Day 1 purchaser right here!

  2. @Darak I am right there with you! This is a gold mine for BioWare if they make this happen in-game. Thanks fir the comment 🙂

  3. This is nothing new in other MMOs such as WoW and since a lot of people have come to SWOTR from many different MMOs, they expect things like this to happen. If they don’t, they move on to the next MMO.

  4. @anon123 Thanks for the comment! You are correct. There are things people expect in their games and not just MMOs. The market has soo many more offerings that if you do not adapt to the players in your game’s community, they will move to the next game. Just as you stated.

    I do think, this is a very promising move on BioWare’s part. Offering things like Animal mounts, Dual Specs, Character transfers, Armor color kits, etc. these are the things people want and will pay for on the Cartel Market. This would generate revenue for the company, they are a business after all. The more money coming in equals more content created, more staff hired and that all tends to lead to a better gaming experience. This year is a big year for BioWare, in regards to SWTOR…crossing fingers they continue to listen to the constructive suggestions from the community! 🙂

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