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By Ghoztt

I’ve decided to begin a new series of articles outlining advanced class information for each of the 8 unique classes and, in some cases, each role. I will do my best to describe the powers across both factions, but, unfortunately, it will be centered around the Empire. Sorry all you Pubs! These will be posted as I get them done as I will need to rely on the assistance of my guild mates for some of the information so don’t expect the next three months to be consecutively filled with these articles. I’ll begin the series with the advanced class I know best which is the Powertech, specifically Pyro spec.


Armoring:  You will want to load up on the Reflex armoring and not the Commando armoring which has more endurance instead of aim. Some armorings are bound to slots, but keep in mind that the bracers and off-hand items also have armoring that are not bound to certain slots. You can use them to fill into gear that you are missing armoring for. Make sure you keep your 4 set bonus!

Mods: The only mods that you will need are Agile and Nimble. Both have the same amount of Aim and Endurance, but Agile will give you Power while Nimble will give you Crit. You want to avoid A and B version of these mods and replace the ones that come in the gear with the standard type. The A’s and B’s have way too much main stat and not enough Power and Crit you need to balance out your stats.

Enhancements: These are a little trickier because this is where you will fine tune your stats with Accuracy, Crit, Power and Surge. Enhancements come with Endurance as well as two other stats. You will have to look through the different ones and fill in the stats with what you need. The Enhancements to avoid are the ones that have a high endurance so the ones you should focus on are below:

  • Accute = Accuracy/Critical
  • Adept = Power/Surge
  • Battle = Critical/Surge
  • Initiative = Power/Accuracy

Augments: You will want to get the Reflex Augment down the board. Some will swear by Power augments, but I feel that is too big a loss of crit. It also makes balancing your stats easier since you only have to keep track of one type of Augment.

Earpieces and Implants: I recommend picking these out first and filling in your missing stats with Enhancements. Unfortunately, these don’t always come with the right stats so if you end up getting one in an upgrade you may end up having to switch your gear around.

Relics: There are three basic types of relics available. Flat stats like the War Hero ones I prefer, proc relics which do periodic damage and ‘on use’ relics which are more focused for burst. Simulators say that the ‘on use’ relics put out a little more damage than the flat stats, but I still prefer the stats since it’s one less thing to keep track of.

Consumables: You will want to use the Reflex stims that give you bonus to Aim and Power as well as the Attack Adrenals which give a boost in Power.


Your first priority is to get your Accuracy to 100% ranged (110% tech). That is roughly about 298 points of Accuracy across your gear. From there, work on getting your Surge to 75% and Crit to 35% as those are where diminishing returns will start to take effect for those stats. Don’t worry about Aim too much as it will come along with the gear. However, if you have a choice between Aim and Power you will want to go with Power. That is where your focus should be since Power increases your Bonus Damage stat. Aim may give you Bonus Damage and Crit, those Crit points will start going to waste due to diminishing returns. Power doesn’t fall under diminishing returns so it ends up giving you 0.23 more bonus damage per point. While that may not sound like a lot keep in mind that it will add up quickly.

You will want to enhance your stats with Datacrons so make sure you go through and find all the Aim, Endurance and Cunning ones that are available. Why Cunning, you ask? The extra 47 points of Cunning from Datacrons will get you an additional 1.17% of crit so make sure you pick those up as well.

Specs and Rotation:

As specs, I go with the 7/6/28 build which gets 2 points in Steely Resolve, Prototype Cylinders and Burnout. I forego the Thermal Detonator ability due to the fact that it requires 2 points in Automated Defenses in order to get it, which is a complete waste of talent points. Instead, I take the 6% bonus to Aim with Steely Resolve and take the extra tech crit that Prototype Cylinders gets you.

My rotation looks something like this as I run in:

Explosive Dart > Thermal Sensor Override > Incendiary Missile > Rail Shot > Flame Burst > Proc’d Rail Shot > Unload > Rocket Punch > Proc’d Rail Shot

But then falls to the following Priority list:

  • Incendiary Missile
  • Rail Shot
  • Fame Burst
  • Rocket Punch
  • Unload (Proc Time filler)
  • Flame Thrower (Proc Time filler)
  • Death From Above (Proc Time filler)
  • Rapid Shots

The reason I lead with Explosive Dart is due to the fact that I can cast it at 30M so I can get an attack on the boss upon approach. Because of the time delay on the explosion it gives the tank enough time to get agro before the damage goes off. Thermal Sensor Overrides allow me to cast the Incendiary Missile DoT without any heat which, in turn, allows me to activate Rail Shot. Remember, Rail Shot can only be used when there is a DoT on the target. I use my Flame Burst then to put my second DoT on the target and try to proc a Rail Shot. If it procs I fire, if it doesn’t I will cast Rocket Punch and try to get a proc. The only time I stop trying to proc Railshot is when the normal cooldown on it is about to refresh which will allow me to fire Rail Shot, Proc and fire Rail Shot again pretty much immediately. This is the power of burst that the Pyro Powertechs have. It is possible to do over 5000 dps on the first few seconds of a boss fight if everything lines up properly. Of course, that number will settle down as the fight goes on, but I’ve ripped agro off many many tanks due to this. If I just fired a proc’d Rail Shot I use one of the above ‘Proc time filler’ to allow me to continue to do damage while I wait for the 6 second Prototype Particle Accelerator proc cooldowwn. As soon as I see the cooldown timer of my Rail Shot hit 10-11 seconds I try to proc a Rail Shot with Flame Burst or Rocket Punch.

Make sure you keep an eye on your heat (ammo) and use your Vent Heat ability whenever you get too high. Try and keep both your DoTs up on the target as much as possible and, if you pull agro, keep your shield and kolto abilities ready. When you need a bit of burst damage, make sure you use your Explosive Fuel as well as your adrenal in order to maximize your damage.

When fighting trash, make yourself useful and be the third tank of the group. This means to keep the healers and squishier dps out of trouble if the main tanks lose agro. You are wearing heavy armor and have several abilities to slow down stray mobs with Carbonize, Electro Dart and Grappling Hook as well as two taunts to use in case of emergencies. If you get into trouble make sure to keep your Energy Shield and Kolto Overload ready and, in the worst case, you can switch to your Ion Gas Cylinder for that extra damage reduction.

Due to the easy rotation and versatility of this class I find it an ideal class to raid lead from. It can take some time to learn how to manage your heat (ammo), but once you master it you will find that this Advanced Class is one of the top DPS in the game. Feel free to post any questions you may have or offer some talking points on what you may feel I have wrong. I’d love to hear from you!

Ready check done? Pulling in 3… 2… 1…

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