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  • The Sovereign Legion – Galactic Republic

Getting to meet various members of the community each week is the best part of this article. This week we get introduced to another great guild, The Sovereign Legion. They are a great bunch of gamers and more importantly a group that has weathered ups and downs to remain a very close group. The guild is all about gaming and progressing together, within in a friendly atmosphere, similar to that found in a famous old TV show. In order to explain this better, I felt that including the lyrics of the show, would help demonstrate that general idea.

We will meet Braethor & learn more about The Sovereign Legion after the Jump…








Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got.
Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot.
Wouldn’t you like to get away?
Sometimes you want to go
Where everybody knows your name,
and they’re always glad you came.
You wanna be where you can see,
our troubles are all the same
You wanna be where everybody knows
Your name.

From the TV show Cheers source: http://www.lyricsondemand.com/tvthemes/cheerslyrics.html



  • Community Q&A

First off, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to be associated with The Sovereign Legion? What type of gamer would you consider yourself?

I’ve [Braethor] been an avid gamer for years across numerous genres and titles. Primarily, I play MMOs, FPS, RTS and the like. Currently, I’m pretty focused on just SWTOR with a smattering of Rift and a few other games I’m BETA testing when I have the time.

The Sovereign Legion has gone through several iterations, spanning several different games, over the years. We trace our roots back to SWG and early WoW, though. We came together, in our current form, in STO and Rift several years ago. Now, we’re primarily focused on SWTOR although we have a few members still kicking around in Rift, STO and WoW.

I would say I’m probably a hard core gamer that’s learned to play casually, as well. In the past, I’ve been known to push progressions pretty hard but over the last couple of years I’ve learned that a casual approach leads a much more enjoyable experience, overall. So, at times, I definitely play hard, but, all in all I like the well rounded, steady and balanced approach more.



How did the idea for the guild get started? What were some unforeseen obstacles when starting up the guild? What are a couple of tips you would offer other guilds that The Sovereign Legion have found to be very helpful in maintaining and growing the guild?

The idea for The Sovereign Legion was born out of the desire to have a strong community full of mature individuals who wanted to pursue end game content, together, in the spirit of camaraderie and maturity without all the nasty things that can happen in a guild atmosphere, i.e., elitism, trolling / griefing, etc. We really wanted to create an atmosphere not unlike that of Cheers, the old TV. show, where guildmates could look forward to logging on, being greeted by and seeing their friends, as well as doing fun / interesting things with their fellow guildmates.

In terms of unforeseen obstacles, we’ve had a few over the years. More recently, though, in SWTOR, our biggest obstacle was the extremely high player turnaround resulting from players hitting the ‘end of content wall’ early on. We had numerous guildmates quit playing the game in droves. I actually recall counting 3 or 4 new ‘generations’ of guild members by June of the first year of SWTOR. That, of course, can be demoralizing, in and of itself. With the help of a few dedicated Officers, however, we kept our recruitment active and made it through those lean periods. In time, and with server transfers, populations stabilized to the point where now, our server is thriving and we are well over the 300 Member mark with roughly 150 or more active members logging on throughout the week.

Regarding tips, I can definitely offer a few that have been helpful for us.

Stay true to your vision for the guild and build your community around your ideals and goals.

Make sure your new recruits understand what kind of guild they are joining and help them to feel welcome / acclimate.

Be direct when dealing with possible drama, don’t allow it to fester and grow.

Don’t be afraid to reward guildmates for their achievements and make sure that you find good, trustworthy officers. You can’t do things alone, you have to build community every day.

TSL_Lost Island FP


How would you or your guildmates describe your guild’s atmosphere? What are some of your guild’s trademark features?

Well, I would say our guild is founded on maturity, respect, teamwork and fun. We really strive to provide a positive atmosphere of camaraderie where our members enjoy taking on new challenges together whether in PVE or PVP. A few of our guildmates also responded to this question, here’s what they have to say.


What drew me to the guild, and kept me in the guild, is that it’s a tight knit community where you can feel at home. I haven’t had that in quite a while. It’s just a nice friendly and casual guild.
In most other guilds I’ve been in, they take the games way to seriously, so it’s much easier to get burned out on the game. You also don’t have to already be a professional raider to join, so a lot of people in the guild are still learning, and personally, that’s fun for me. Having casual people in the guild also helps a ton with guild chat. Serious guilds don’t often have an active guild chat, and when they do talk in guild chat it’s about the game, or drama with other players or other guilds.
The Sovereign Legion just has a wide variety of different types of players, so you’re always getting a fresh outlook on the game from a different perspective than your own.

– Jarland, Guild Officer


SWTOR is the first MMO I’ve really devoted time to, due heavily to the story Bioware’s created and my love of Star Wars/KOTOR. When I finally hit 50 with one of my mains, I knew that I’d want to join a guild in order to really enjoy the end-game content. I can honestly say I really lucked out with The Sovereign Legion.
Beyond having a cool name (seriously, it’s a cool guild name), everyone has been friendly, respectful, and they’re willing to be there for each other; and trust me, that goes a long way towards making the game enjoyable for everybody involved.

– Skullkicker, Operations Team


I have played just about mmo out there and i can say i enjoy this one the most due to the guild atmosphere. From the leaders on down to the newest recruit, one of finer communities I have been a part of in a while, cheers everyone!!!

– Syschal, Operations Team


It’s a great guild to be a part of. It is a very friendly environment. I’ve been in some of the other guilds in SWTOR and never felt welcomed, they were never very helpful. Since I have been a part of the Legion, there are always members online, including the leadership, which is nice. Someone is always there to answer questions and to help out on missions if needed.
Being a part of an awesome guild makes this game so much more enjoyable.

– Tyvar, Legionnaire



What server is the guild located, and what faction is the guild primarily?

We were originally slated for Belgoth’s Beacon PvP server but chose to manually opt out of the pre-launch server placement for The Swiftsure PvP server. The Swiftsure was great! As a West Coast server and the unofficial Aussie server, it was very active 24/7 which was a blast. With server transfers and merges, however, we ended up on The Bastion West Coast PvP server which is now a vibrant hub of activity.

We are primarily a Republic Guild but have recently started up an Imperial branch, The Sovereign Empire, which is steadily growing and preparing to start Operations Progression.


Being on a PVP server, is that the guild’s primary focus? If that’s not the case how would you best describe the type of guild and type of players that make up the guild?

PVP actually isn’t our primary focus although it is something that most of us participate in and enjoy.

I would describe our guild as being really well rounded. I think one important feature, for a long standing guild, is the ability to adapt to new content and changing conditions within an MMO. Hardcore raiding guilds find themselves with nothing to do once all the content has been cleared and farmed, typically, very early on. Conversely, hardcore PVP guilds tend to burn out after many long and sometimes repetitive battles. We’ve observed this phenomenon and learned from this. As a result, we find that supporting a good balance between content types allows our guildmates more flexibility and the ability to enjoy all aspects of the game.

We have players that do nothing more than PVP, players that simply enjoy the story arcs or crafting, players that are extremely experienced in raiding and pursue end game content relentlessly, as well as players that enjoy all aspects of the game. This really makes for a much more interesting in game experience as you’re always able to take on the content of your choosing with like minded guildmates.

I would say that we tend to attract the more mature, team play orientated crowd. We have guildmates from all walks of life, ranging from professionals, military (active and retired), law enforcement, students, etc.




Now even though PVP is not exactly the guild’s primary focus, you still maintain a presence there correct? How does “The Sovereign Legion Code of Arms” come into play with PVP, especially warzones? Does the guild also believe this principle holds true in other aspects of the game?

We do run warzones often and have a number of guildmates grinding out Warhero and Elite Warhero sets as we speak. We also love open world PVP and often times form hunting parties to go out and eliminate enemy players throughout world. We’re quick to form up and offer assistance to guildmates that are in trouble, being ganked, camped, etc. I think that’s actually one of the most fun aspects to our guild, hands down. There’s nothing like being ganked repeatedly somewhere only to have twelve of your guildmates show up and eliminate the enemy forces for you. It’s pretty sweet!

The Code of Arms is an underlying notion / philosophy in how we do things. We set a high standard for ourselves and our guildmates in so much as how we conduct ourselves in game. We don’t believe in quitting and we always try to give our all in everything that we do.


As we discussed earlier, your guild is also into endgame as far as Operations. How is the guild doing in SWTOR Operations? How does the guild organize itself and the members for Operations?

We started clearing end game content, as a guild, very early on in SWTOR. I remember clearing Karagga’s Palace the week that the rest of the Boss fights were added. Before that, KP was literally just one Boss! Consistent raiding became a little more challenging, though, with server populations dwindling not to mention the fact that we had hit the content wall somewhat early on. We’ve run up to three Operations teams, consecutively, in the past and have recently rebooted our Ops program and started a fresh TFB Hardmode progression which we’re all enjoying.

TSL_Terror from Beyond

Our website is on the wonderful Enjin network. So, through Enjin, were afforded a number of really great raid tools including an events calendar which allows our guildmates to sign up and reserve slots for upcoming raids.


Can you go into detail about the different Ops teams in the guild? How does the Operations ranking and loot systems work?

Our general structure for our Operations teams as well as recruitment for those teams, has adapted over the last year. In the past, we used a strict application / trial process for potential raiders. We found this method to be a little restrictive and at times, intimidating, for new members, though. As a result, we dialed that back a little bit and opened the teams up to any capable level 50 guildmate that expressed an interest in raiding. Those guildmates are then put on our standby / trial roster for a period. Once a trial raider has shown that they will consistently sign up and show up for raids, prepared, they are generally given a reserved slot on our dedicated raid team as well as loot priority.

In terms of loot, it really depends on the content we’re running. If we’re in a progressive raid, we use the ‘ol one main spec, unlimited off spec roll/rule. We do give priority on loot rolls to dedicated team members over casual guild raiders as well.

  TSL_KP Loot roll


Does The Sovereign Legion have specific ranks or officers? What sort of tasks or roles do the guild officers play within the guild structure?

We do, in fact, have a number of ranks within the guild and I’m happy to share some of them with you. We find that assigning different roles to different ranks within the guild makes for a lot more variety within our guild’s structure.

Guildmaster: Leader of the guild.

Elder: Typically former officers and veterans of the guild. Elders enjoy a higher status within our ranks as well as greater access to guild resources.

Officer: These are officers of the guild who help run things, manage assets, events and personnel. There are several sub-categories to the officer rank as well.

Logistics: Guild officers that help plan, organize and maintain guild events.

Requisitions: Guild officers who primarily deal with guild assets, the guild bank, guild crafting, etc.

Intelligence: Guild officers who primarily write guides or articles for the guild.

Legionnaire: Guild members who have been with us for a longer period time and have distinguished themselves among their guildmates.

Member: The standard rank for new guildmates that have registered on our guild website and made it through the trial period.

Recruit: New members to the guild that have yet to register and/or be approved for standard membership.



Is The Sovereign Legion currently recruiting? If so are there specific classes or gameplay styles the guild is seeking?

Yes, we are recruiting and are always looking for good people to join our guild’s ranks. In terms of gameplay style, we have no particular requirements beyond maturity and the willingness to work together and learn.


The Sovereign Legion always cheer for new recruits

The Sovereign Legion always cheer for new recruits


How is the best way for potential recruits or players on the Bastion server looking to participate in one of your events or just hang out in-game to contact the guild?

The simplest way is to use the Contact Us form on our website. In game, players can type /who and then enter the word “Sovereign” into the search field in order to contact a member of the guild for more information or to get a hold of an Officer. Potential recruits can also send an in game mail to me, Braethor.

The Sovereign Legion Guild Forums can be found at our website.


I’d like to thank JT and everyone here at Corellian Run Radio for doing such a great job providing so much interesting SWTOR related content as well as for spotlighting our guild. Keep the good work and good content coming!

Braethor – Guildmaster, The Sovereign Legion



As we wrap up another week, I want to thank all the members of The Sovereign Legion. Huge thanks, also goes to the members/officers that helped with their quotes. A lot of the credit for all the awesome info and images goes to their GM, Braethor…not to mention the extra time, thanks.  All the best to each member of The Sovereign Legion.

Would you like to have your guild, server event or even your SWTOR website highlighted on Community Checkpoint? If so, why not contact me, so we can share with the community about what you are doing. Just submit your guild/group’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, jason@corellianrun.com. Thanks and see you next week!




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