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By Lysalina
Edited by Ghoztt

My series on How To’s continues with the Marauder/Sentinel DPS next on the list. This article was written by my guildmate Lysalina so direct all complaints to her! Just kidding! If anything she should be thanked for giving me the idea of starting this series as there doesn’t seem to be a good collection of class guides all in one place.

Gearing your Marauder (and Sentinel)

Armorings: You want to make sure you are using the advanced might armoring 27 and not the advanced guardian armoring 27. While this seems like really obvious advice, a lot of the Black Hole gear comes with the Guardian Armorings (like the black hole foestoppers mk 1 headgear). It’s unfortunate, but if you bought the gear without looking at it closely, you will have to replace your armorings.

Mods: For this, you will want to use a combination of Deft Mod 27s and Potent Mods 27s. You do not want the 27As or 27Bs. While more of your main stat can be tempting, you are actually losing out on bonus damage. Each point of strength gives you 0.2 bonus damage, each point of power gives you 0.23 bonus damage. So advanced deft mod 27a gives you 17.39 bonus damage, while advanced deft mod 27 gives you 21.32 bonus damage. It might not seem like a lot, but it does make a difference over a whole set of gear. Now, strength does contribute a small amount to your crit, but it isn’t significant enough to make up for the extra bonus damage power has. The advanced deft mod 27b has less strength and less power in favor of endurance. You want high dps! Your survivability cooldowns, healers, and awesome raid awareness will be enough to keep you alive in most cases. You aren’t a tank, so you don’t want to stack endurance.

Enhancements: You will mainly be using advanced initiative enhancement 27, advanced adept enhancement 27, and advanced battle enhancement 27 to flesh out your gear. These enhancements are best because they have lower endurance and higher secondary stats. The advanced assault enhancement 27, for example, is not as desirable because you are sacrificing dps stats in favor of endurance. You’ll want to make sure you are using one of the better low end/higher secondary stat enhancements.

Hilt: You want the advanced might hilt 27 and not the advanced guardian hilt 27.

Implants: For Black Hole, either the black hole foestoppers mk 2 packageblack hole pummelers mk 1 package, black hole pummelers mk 2 package, or black hole pummelers mk 3 package is fine depending on which stats you need to build. For Hazmat, hazmat foestoppers mk 2 packagehazmat pummelers mk 1 package, and hazmat pummelers mk 3 package are acceptable. All the others have too much endurance.

Earpieces: The black hole pummelers mk 1 deviceblack hole pummelers mk 3 device, black hole foestoppers mk 1 device are all fine. For Hazmat, hazmat foestoppers mk 1 device, hazmat foestoppers mk 3 device, hazmat pummelers mk 2 device, hazmat pummelers mk 3 device can work for your gear. The others have too much endurance.

Relics: BiS relics for Annihilation marauders are dread guard relic of boundless ages and Dread Guard Relic of Elemental Transcendence. The elite war hero relic of boundless ages has 120 static power, but the Dread Guard relic will give you 134.5 power if used on CD. For the proc relic, you want the elemental one, because the elemental/energy ones go off of your force crit (internal/kinetic use tech crit). The energy relics are mitigated by boss armor, so this one is only really decent if you have a class with an armor penetration debuff.

Augments: Since marauders don’t get a % main stat bonus like other classes, the advanced overkill augment 22 will be better than the advanced might augment 22. You will get an extra 0.54 bonus damage per augment that way (adds up).

Consumables: Exotech might stim, exotech attack adrenal. If you are pushing new content, don’t use the prototype or rakata equivalents. 16 strength and 6 power (diff between rakata and exotech) = a lot of bonus damage. If stuff is on farm, I guess it’s up to you.


Crit: Get your melee crit to around 30% buffed. You’ll notice that your force crit will be higher than that. A lot of your attacks will go off of your force crit. These attacks include: Deadly Saber, Rupture (DoT), Force Choke, Smash, Force Scream, Savage Kick, Pommel Strike, and Force Crush. The rest of your gear should stack power. Also, berserk will give you a 100% chance to crit on your burn attacks, so crit rating becomes less important.

Accuracy: You want around 100% melee accuracy. Your force accuracy will naturally be higher.

Surge: You will want to be around 75% on surge..

Power: As much as possible!

Datacrons: You should get the endurance, strength and willpower ones. Endurance is nice when it doesn’t come at the cost of dps stats. Strength will up your crit and bonus damage. Willpower will help your force bonus damage and force crit.

Marauder Spec/Rotation

The spec I normally run with on my marauder is the classic 31/3/7 Annihilation spec as seen here:
Annihilation Build

For this spec, you want to be in Juyo Form.

Abilities Priority List:
1. Vicious Throw: When target is under 30% health. It’s your kill shot.
2. Deadly Saber: This is your highest damage burn, use it on cooldown.
3. Rupture: Refresh it when it falls off, if possible. It lasts about 3 GCDs, so that’s an easy way to track.
4. Annihilate: Highest damage direct attack.
5. Vicious Slash: Rage dump. 33% chance to reset the cooldown on Rupture.
6. Battering Assault: Use off cool down whenever your have less than six Rage.
7. Force Charge: Rage builder plus mobility plus interrupt.
8. Assault: Builds Rage.

My initial rotation usually goes something like this:
Force Leap -> Deadly Saber -> Battering Assault -> Rupture -> Annihilate -> Ravage -> Vicious Slash/Assault depending on rage.

For your Fury abilities, you generally want to use Bloodthirst near the beginning of a fight so it will be up again by the time the fight is over. It’s better to get to use this twice a fight.

When it’s not time for Bloodthirst, you want to use Berserk whenever it’s available unless the fight calls for Predation at certain points. On the Kephess TFB fight, for instance, Predation is helpful when the raid needs to get near the pylons. Berserk will cause all your bleed effects to crit (100% ) and heal your group with each tick.

Use attack adrenals and the Dreadguard Boundless Ages relic on cooldown.

Wrapping up

Ghoztt here again! My little Sentinel is only 37 so far, but I’ll definitely be taking advantage of this guide once I get him to ops condition. Once again a big shout out to Lysalina for starting the thread up on our guild forums. She has over half a dozen 50’s so maybe I can get her to write some of the others as well! See you next week!

Ready check done? Pulling in 3… 2… 1…


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  5 Responses to “Operation: Information – How To: Marauder/Sentinel DPS”

  1. Might want to take out the bits like ” Lysalina can make the Might Armoring 27s.” Not really relevant to people not on your server.

  2. Thanks for catching that! 🙂

  3. There’s still one in there about the mods. 😉

    “Lysalina can make the Potent and Deft Mods 27.”


  4. It’s been a long week! 😉

  5. This article is incorrect. Theory crafting shows that Advanced Might Augment 22’s are better than Overkill Augments by a 36 dps difference. Annihilate is your highest priority attack, followed by Deadly Saber, Vicious Throw then Rupture. After that, it’s ravage if more than 3 seconds on the CD on Deadly Saber and Annihilate and Assault/Battering Assault if less than 6 rage when Annihilate or Deadly Saber is off CD. As for credentials backing up my claims, I have several of the world records for marauder dps in both current raiding specs, and currently on the PTS the highest straight DPS in the world.

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