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This week we meet a role-playing guild, known as the Sky Wardens. They enjoy various aspects of the game from Operations, to PVP and of course guild hosted RP events. Their beginning is actually a rebirth of sorts, during the server mergers. Despite the how, their goal of focusing on forming friendships and building a strong guild community is the why behind this SWTOR guild. We will learn how the guild helps to encourage this community atmosphere through events, lore/backstory threads and friendships.

Sky Wardens share their backstory, ranking system & more after the Jump…




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  • Guild Q&A

How did the Sky Wardens come to be? Is this the first game the guild has played together?

The Sky Wardens started as a collection of players that were a part of a dying guild on a dying server.  When transfers were allowed a small group of us decided to get a fresh start under new leadership on a more populated server.  It was our goal that remains today to be a truly community run guild.

 Sky Wardens line up


How would you best describe your guild, as far as being into Role-playing, Progression, and PVP etc.? How does the guild balance these different aspects of SWTOR?

Our guild focuses on making sure we offer all available aspects of the game to all of our players.  We use a simple schedule that repeats weekly so members always know what’s going on in game.  Tuesday through Thursday we run PVP groups.  Friday and Monday are our operations runs. The weekend is saved for RP/World events as well as groups doing different things.  It’s become common to see a group of four running PVP and a group of eight running a story mode operation.


What faction and server are associated with the Sky Wardens?

We are a Republic Guild on the Jung Ma Server.

Sky Wardens line up


Being that the Sky Wardens are on a RP-PVP server, how much actual role-play does the guild participate in and promote? Does the guild have a backstory & can you share that with us?

The Sky Wardens have a group of players that create individual stories for their characters.  Our RP takes place on a continuous basis as we develop our story as we play.  Utilizing the site as a journal more than a place of organization we have created threads for our toons to develop this story in writing as well.

Our Back Story:

Using subtle methods and never disclosing our true allegiance, we travel the galaxy in hopes of protecting those that utilize space travel.  Thought to be a myth we hide in the shadows and work alone to protect our true identities.  Derived from the original group known as the Wardens of the Sky, we have come together to provide a sense of security throughout the Universe.  Times have changed and we are forced to work collectively to continue to defend those in need.  We have decided to create a central organization and to develop a council and focus our efforts in the Jung Ma Galaxy.  Times of War are upon the Jung Ma Community and together the Sky Wardens work together to defend all that have a cause.


When trying to role-play, be it in SWTOR or other games, how much does lore factor into it?

Utilizing the mind of our RP/Lore officer Aerencor is always a priority when we build upon our story.  We are happy to have someone who surprises us every day with unlimited amounts of knowledge and lore in the Star Wars Universe.  His ability along with all of our creativity make role playing simple and entertaining.  While leveling our newer alts in an ongoing event known as “The Four” he continuously brings lore into our conversations making it easy for those that are trying to enjoy this relaxing and entertaining aspect of SWTOR.


Does your guild have a ranking system or specific officers? If so how does your system work & what jobs do the officers perform?

We have a very simple ranking system based on the fact that we utilize a community effort.  We do have staff officers for each aspect of the game which includes PVP (Kyroze), PVE (Calic), RP/Lore (Aerencor), and Recruiting (Rendur).  We also have an Elder Warden (Emerentius) responsible for the day to day operations as well as the guild bank.  Our Executive Warden (Clyemene) is responsible for the staff and is the right hand man to the Head Warden. The Head Warden (Kordeed) is the overseer to all guild activities as well as guild relations.  From there we have Warden which is our regular member and our Notable Wardens who demonstrate their dedication to our guild as well as the website and participate in guild activities on a regular basis.

Sky Wardens Ranked


One of the positions in the guild is Elder Warden and one of their tasks is helping to organize guild events correct? This past December the guild had an event called, Jedi Teachings: Combat and Force Study. Can you explain this event & was this created by an Elder Warden?

This event was a role playing event planned and organized by our RP/Lore Officer Aerencor.  It was created by our Elder Warden who oversaw the event itself.  This event was to get a bunch of our newer members who like RP together and learn valuable lessons about being a Jedi as well as a member of the Sky Wardens.  This event was also run in preparation for bigger plans in our near future to include ambassadors of the Sky Wardens on each of the planets.


How often does your guild host events? Are there some specific events the guild favors over others?

The Sky Wardens plans in house events on a regular basis.  We actually enjoy many different types of events including multi-guild events which include RP as well as smaller events between much smaller groups.  World events have not been something we have done ourselves however we have been planning an event to take place in the near future for all guilds to participate in which will utilize every aspect of the game into a centralized location.  Expect to see this popping up on the community forums in the near future!


Speaking of events, how has the Sky Wardens been doing with the latest in-game event, Relics of the Gree? How would you compare it to other events in SWTOR? Is there one idea you would like to see SWTOR use for an in-game event?

The Gree event has to the best thing in the lore section ever. Now we know who the Gree are, what they look like, how to respond, and more over, their unique architecture. Compared to the Rakghoul event, we expected continuity but it is a big galaxy out there! One particular idea or event is an arms event portraying the latest or black market stuff from the Hutt Cartel and gaining rep also! Imps are not the only ones who travel the galaxy to expectantly meet a Hutt!

Star Wars The Old Republic-02-14-2013 22-37-30


Are the Sky Wardens currently recruiting? If so what classes/advance classes are needed by the guild?

The Sky Wardens are always looking for new members to join.  We welcome all who wish to join as long as they enjoy a community style guild built on loyalty, honor, integrity, pride and most of all friendship.


How is the best way for players seeking to join one of your events, or submit an application to join the guild, to contact the guild officers?

The best way for anyone to reach out to us is through our website.  It is our centralized location for all event planning, as well as our recruitment and RP/Lore.


What is the best part about the Sky Wardens guild?

The best part about our guild is that we are a community driven guild.  We all come from different walks of life and have many different personalities but being able to log into a game and feel like you are a part of something great is always welcoming.



Why did you choose to join & be a Sky Warden?

This is a question that we asked all of our members and received many responses.  Some members joined for the community style, some for a certain aspect of the game, some for our friendly atmosphere and of course those of us who have been here from the beginning.  The one thing that we all have in common is that, although tough to accomplish in an environment where you may never meet the people you play with, we all are proud to log into this great game and enjoy being a part of something that means more than just playing a game.


Thanks to all the members of the Sky Wardens. I would like to especially thank Kordeed for all his help in gathering the information for this week’s article. If you are on the Jung Ma server and looking for a Republic guild, I would suggest contacting this guild. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for upcoming sponsored server events by the Sky Wardens.

Would you like to have your guild, server event or even your SWTOR website highlighted on Community Checkpoint? If so, why not contact me, so we can share with the community about what you are doing. Just submit your guild/group’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, jason@corellianrun.com. Thanks and until next week, game on!



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