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HoloNet Links #85

GU20_screen_06If you haven’t heard, the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion is now on the Public Test Server. Yesterday, BioWare re-opened the PTS with the highly anticipated expansion on it. Along with a new planet, Makeb, new level cap of 55, new abilities/changes to existing abilities, new brackets for PVP Warzones, new Commendation system, and much more.

We will look more at details from the PTS after the Jump…







  • PTS expansion patch notes

Hmm trying “solo” this boss,
even in testing might be a bad idea

First off, all of the details regarding patch notes on the PTS are always subject to change. So, just because you read about it in the patch notes doesn’t mean it will remain when the official launch of the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion occurs. Now that said, on with the breakdown of some of the Patch notes for RotHC expansion.

AmberGreen posted on the Dev Tracker forum the official PTS Game Update 2.0 Patch Notes.

You can read through the entire patch notes for all the changes and adjustments to the different classes. I am going to highlight a few of the major announcements in the PTS patch notes that caught my attention.


Legacy Achievements:


Sarlacc Pit Survival Achievement or not…
“No reward is worth this”

We finally have some achievements in the game!!! This is a very good thing BioWare, congrats for listening to your community and finally making this happen. Completing achievements will combine your entire Legacy. That means each one of your Legacy characters will benefit as well as help to gain achievements in this system. According to the PTS patch notes, the rewards from completing these achievements can include new titles, items, or even some Cartel Coins added to the player’s account. It states to earn achievements can come from missions you complete, defeating specific enemies, to clearing Flashpoints and Operations and many other activities. This is definitely something many, including me, have wanted to see added to the game for awhile now and here it is.



New Level 55 Operation:

“Scum and Villainy is a new Operation which takes place on the seedy Outer Rim world of Darvannis, where mysterious forces are gathering an army of warlords and mercenaries. This Operation is available at level 55 in four difficulty modes, and it contains seven boss lockouts. It can be accessed from the Ziost Shadow or the Gav Daragon on the Imperial and Republic Fleets.”


This is something many players had wanted to know when the new expansion was first announced…was there going to be a new Operation when the expansion released. Now, we know there is one, where it is located, that it is going to be ready at level 55 in four modes, and that it is where “someone” is gathering an army. Who is behind this gathering army, and why they are gathering, are some questions we will have to wait and see if they get answered when the Operation is completed.



New Level adjustment to some Flashpoints:

We also can read in the PTS patch notes for Rise of the Hutt Cartel that some Flashpoints are having changes to their Hardmode level. This means the following Flashpoints, in Hardmode, will be balanced for those at level 55:



Hammer Station

Mandalorian Raiders

Now there are two ways to read into this. One, these Flashpoints will be balanced for level 55 to test how balancing for the new level cap goes. The second way you could read the patch notes is that the above listed Flashpoints will be the only ones balanced for level 55 players. I have not tested any of these, but in my mind I had envisioned a possible Nightmare mode for Flashpoints. My reasoning for a new Flashpoint mode is what about those not at level 55 or just turned level 50. It seems there is going to be a gap, gear-wise for those that were unable to run current Flashpoints in Hardmode balanced for level 50. What do you think? We would love to see your comments on level adjustment to Flashpoints in the comment section below.



Crew Skills level cap increase:

Every one of the Crew skills has had their level cap raised from 400 to 450. That is all we can gather from the PTS patch notes, but I am eager to get into the PTS and see what has been added, changed and/or fixed to the Crew Skills…possibly improvements to re-engineering would be welcomed by a large segment of the community.



Item changes and Set Bonuses:

Set Bonuses

All set bonuses are now stored exclusively on Armoring mods instead of equipment shells. Players will now be able to transfer set bonuses shells between equipment shells by simply moving the Armoring mod. The rules are as follows:

Set bonuses can be extracted from a shell by removing the Armoring mod.

While Armoring mods are not applied to any items, they retain their extracted set bonus. The bonus is tied to the type of gear the mod was extracted from (Chest, Legs, Head, etc).

When Armoring mods with a set bonus are placed in another item of the same type (Chest, Legs, Head, etc), the set bonus will then be transferred from the mod to the piece of armor.

Modified gear with a set bonus applied will receive a notification when attempting to overwrite the Armoring mod with another Armoring mod with a set bonus. If confirmed, the new mod’s set bonus will overwrite the original set bonus.

The ability to remove mods and place them in any style armor the player wants to wear, while maintaining the set bonus, has been wanted by the entire SWTOR community. This is a definite plus that cannot get here soon enough. Being able to wear armor, which the player likes to wear, instead of being forced to wear something only because of the set bonus, is awesome. Also putting the set bonuses in the armoring mod, helps simplify the process. The addition of a warning for players who are about to change one set bonus for another set bonus may seem silly, but if it saves you from that one wrong click makes the warning worth it.



Changes to Commendations:

Here are the exact notes from the PTS Rise of the Hutt Cartel.

“Weekly limits are now enforced on Commendation gains for each Commendation type. Players will not be able to obtain any Commendations beyond the weekly limit displayed in the Currency Window. This limit is reset on a weekly schedule that corresponds with the weekly Operations lockout reset schedule.

Basic Commendations, Elite Commendations, and Ultimate Commendations can now be earned from content at levels 51-55. These commendation types can be used to purchase increasingly more powerful gear at level 55. The Basic Gear Vendor will prepare you for group content at 55, the Elite Gear Vendor will prepare you for Operations at level 55, and the Ultimate Gear Vendor will prepare you for the most challenging Operations bosses in the Galaxy.

Commendations from individual planets have been converted into a single “Planetary Commendation” type. Vendors that previously traded items for specific planet commendations now trade the same items for Planetary Commendations.

Tionese Crystals have been converted to the new “Planetary Commendation” type and no longer drop from any content.”


Thank you BioWare, for creating a new currency unit that combines all the old planet commendations. The new Planetary Commendation can be used as a character levels on whichever existing vendor that used the old planet specific commendations. This system is even better than the old conversion system that was around before the launch of the game. What are your opinions on this new system that will handle planet commendations?


Now these are just a few highlights that I found in the patch notes for the PTS. There are plenty more details on a new bracket system for PVP Warzones, changes to the bolster system in PVP and all the changes/additions to the Advance Classes. Be sure to read all the PTS patch notes and let us know what you think sounds positive or what could potentially be a negative change in the comment section below.


If you have not been a part of the Public Test Server in the past, I urge you to take part of this testing. The more people that are able to test the new content, means more people to help catch and report bugs to BioWare. This is an opportunity for you to help improve future content coming to SWTOR. I understand not everyone can do this, but for those of you who can spend a few hours a week testing, it can really help the quality of the game. For details on how to access the PTS and how to copy your character to the test server, read the latest new update on Game Update 2.0 from the SWTOR website.


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That’s it for this week’s HoloNet Links. See you all in testing and let us know what you think of Update 2.0 on PTS. If you have a particular link, story, video, or topic related to SWTOR we would love to hear about it! You can send those to us here at Corellian Run Radio and we can place it in a future article. Just email us the links and/or the details for the event at corellianrun@gmail.com, or you can also leave any link suggestions in the comments below, or in Corellian Run Radio’s Facebook group. Thanks and see you all next week!



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