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  • White Wolves – Galactic Republic

Community Checkpoint has interviewed many different guilds, and though they may vary in their faction, playstyle, casual vs. hardcore and etc. the one main thing they all have in common is teamwork/camaraderie. This week’s guild has the same attitude. In fact, not only do they embrace the social aspect of being a guild, but it was something they took from the wolf…the pack mentality. Wolves, in nature, work together to bring down bigger game, but wolves also are a very social creature. How exactly do the White Wolves achieve this, is part of what we will learn today.

We “run with the pack” & learn about the White Wolves after the Jump…







*captions: The / means that they were in on an alt, but the underscored names are what they are usually called by fellow guildmates*


White Wolves guild banner


  • Guild Q&A

How did the White Wolves come together as a guild?
That was more than 13 years ago – no one can remember that far back…NO ONE! It will forever remain a mystery unsolved. We know that it involved Ultima Online and some geeks / British people – but we have very few relics from that ancient past.


On the guild website, you are referred to as an “Online Gaming Community.” How does this differ from a guild and what does that reference mean to you?
Well first off, an online gaming community can host several guilds. Our website is the common platform, which is the “base” for our different guilds. But in essence the gaming community is about bringing people together from all over the world, who are interested in gaming – though not one particular game. That means that there’s room for discussions about and playing of single player games, as well as different multiplayer/MMOs. Currently we have people active in SWTOR, GW2, TSW and LOTRO – but we also have some very active community members that are not playing any of those games.


The guild has been around since around 1999, what games have the White Wolves been a part of and what games is your community playing currently?
Well the community started in 1999 in Ultima Online and was called the Knights of the White Wolves back then. Around 2004/5 it moved on to Star Wars Galaxies which became the main game of the community, and in many ways is where the core of the current community met each other. Since then The Wolves have been present, with varying strength, in Age of Conan, EVE Online, Star Trek Online, Warhammer Online, Lord of the Rings Online, The Secret World, Guild Wars 2, War Z and not least of course Star Wars: The Old Republic. SWTOR is currently the most active MMO within the community.


The guild/community has embraced the pack mentality of wolves with your slogan, “Alone we’re Deadly…Together we’re Unstoppable!” How do the White Wolves apply this to games, specifically SWTOR?
The social aspect of playing is very much at the core of what we do. As such we are an inherently casual community that poses no attendance or gear requirements to our members. Rather we believe that everyone should be allowed to play the games the way they want and feel most comfortable with. This is the deadly lone wolves. But where it become ridiculously fun to be a member of the White Wolves is in the things we do together – and we are ensuring that we have a high rate of common activities. This can be everything from the approximately three weekly organized ops, to leveling Imperial characters together, doing the impromptu world boss or assisting another’s alt. All the while we banter on our mumbles server. This is where you can also feel that it is really a community – currently SWTOR is the best vessel for us to come together and do crazy stuff. Another game might come along in the future and provide a better vessel and then some will move on to that while others will stay. And we will still all be part of the community.

Colonel Vorgath Hard Mode

Colonel Vorgath Hard Mode:
Davhek, Makk, Lu’ka, Bru/Massie, Nijinsky, Artucrus, Aleesia/Antze, Rieko

If someone were to ask what type of guild, the White Wolves are as far as playstyle, what would you tell them? How does the guild’s playstyle reflect the community and “pack” attitude?
Well I touched upon in the previous question – but there is no doubt, that our focus is to ensure that we have fun. This entails seeing as much of the game as possible as well, which is why we are also pushing end-game. But we are careful never to let the process of getting to endgame sour our experience. People who join the Wolves, should first and foremost be willing to be part of a community where we help each other, talk crap to each other on mumbles and generally be ready to engage on a social level not just as co-players in a game.


I was reading the White Wolves Twitter feed and saw that the guild was making progress in the Explosive Conflict Operation. How is it going and how soon do you think Kephess will meet the “teeth” of the White Wolves?
Muahahahaha – Kephess was overwhelmed by a pack of White Wolves on Thursday 21 February 2013 – on Hard Mode that is. We even made two videos. The members involved in taking down Kephess in Explosive Conflict Hardmode: Nijinsky, Artucrus, Mákk, Rieko, Massie/Bru, Ldd/Lddowser, Val’ar/Cuti, Davhek

The White Wolves doing a little victory celebration…”Harlem Shake style.”

To see how they accomplished this feat, be sure to check out the two videos that shows them taking down Kephess in Explosive Conflict Hardmode:

White Wolves Kephess video #1 posted by Youtube user Alexander Ege

White Wolves Kephess video #2 posted by Youtube user pramsdale

Now we have our eyes set on new horizons…Terror from Beyond Hard Mode, Eternity Vaults Nightmare Mode or something completely different. Time will tell, but we are looking at pushing to the end-game content, as we have a lot of experienced players that have been with SWTOR from the start and want to see it all.

Operator IX

Operator IX:
Nijinsky, To’am/Lu’ka, Mákk, Rieko, Gaggali/Murrue, Antze, Artucrus, Byvoa/Byv


Terror From Beyond SM:
Rieko, Juli’ana/Artucrus, Antze, Mákk, Byv, Lu’ka, Davhek, Massie

Along the lines of gameplay in SWTOR, how has the guild found the new Reputation System & the Gree event in Patch 1.7 to be? Are there some areas you would like to see BioWare change or improve in future events and/or reputation?
There is quite a lot of differing opinions amongst the White Wolves members. Generally I don’t like that the reputation system per se is applauded much. It doesn’t diminish the game, but also adds very little. The new Ilum area and the Gree events are another story – it is new content with new quests and World Bosses – something that is always welcomed. As for what Bioware should focus on? Well, for one they should be wary to just copy from a certain World where there is War (and crafting!) – now they are adding achievements?! Personally I really look forward to seeing the class missions progress. Also one thing that they have excelled at is creating Operations that have interesting and tricky boss fights. The really master the way to make good mechanics in these fights – something they have also translated into some of the missions in Black Hole and Section X. They should continue to do this, and not be afraid to demand a little from the players in case of puzzles and team work.

Section X world boss

Section X World Boss – Dreadtooth:
Byv/Byvette, Artucrus/Juli’ana, Mákk, Antze/Aleesia, Vlugtski, Lu’ka, Rieko, Nijinsky, Terranus/Massie, Lddowser, Arakal, and Tri’ol

Are the White Wolves looking to recruit new members into the pack? Are there any specific requirements that potential recruits need to meet or do? What faction and server can these potential new members locate the White Wolves in SWTOR? How is the best way for players to contact the guild if they are looking to join or learn more about the White Wolves Online Gaming Community?
The Wolves are always accepting new members – for all the different games, not just SWTOR. And for SWTOR we accept both level 50’s and those that have just started their first toon. Whether you have plenty of MMO experience or this is your first. You need to be older than 18 but other than that there are no particular requirements. If you are looking for a hard core guild, the Wolves will probably not be your place. But if you are looking for a fun, crazy, social guild where we are aiming to see as much of the game as possible, but insist on having fun while doing so, we might be something for you. We appreciate quirky behavior and encourage you to be yourself and play the way you want to. You are amongst fellow Wolves after all.
The best way to contact us would probably be to go to our website and write on the forums, which is serving as a “focal point” for all our activities. Otherwise you can contact our esteemed Guild Leader Mákk (alts: Karrina, Davadd, Dackard) or one of our officers Artucrus (Alts: Offengodt, Juli’ana & Bob’oh), Nijinsky, Rieko (alt: Eding), Massie (alt: Bru, Louis, Braithe & Terranus), Cuti (alt: Val’ar, Biif), Lddowser (alt: Ldd & Superld) and Byvoa (alt: Byvette & Byv). We are on the Red Eclipse English EU server and on the Republic side. We do have an Imperial guild on the same server called the Black Wolves but that is more for a bit of fun than anything.



Thanks to the members of the White Wolves, especially their guild leader Mákk and the officers of the guild. Although he might not want to take any credit, I need to thank Artucrus for all his help in correspondence and gathering the responses. If there is anyone on the Red Eclipse server looking for a Republic guild, why not contact the Whites Wolves and run with the pack.

Would you like to have your guild, server event or even your SWTOR website highlighted on Community Checkpoint? If so, why not contact me, so we can share with the community about what you are doing. Just submit your guild/group’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, jason@corellianrun.com. Here at Corellian Run Radio, I am looking forward to highlighting more guilds and the many of you working at planning events, contest, etc. Thanks and see you next week!




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