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(Editor’s Note: We were pleased to receive the following post from one of our listeners. Thanks for joining us today jvoodoochild!)

Hello this is jvoodoochild of the Old Timers Guild.

Thank you for the shout out in episode 89.  Yes, I absolutely love my Celebrator mount as it is the right kind of silly gaudiness that makes me smile.  On the surface the thirteen to twenty US Dollar cost of the mount by itself is a bit much, but in some circumstances you can make that investment go further like I did.

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I like the looks of the Czerka Incendia.  Furthermore, I like the fact that it is a 110% mount with only a Piloting I license, which fits in nicely with my twelve low level crafting toons.  The mount is an account wide bonus when you have officially Recruit-a-Friend(ed) someone and that friend has paid for a subscription (even for a single month).


czerka-cr-17-incendia-speeder via dulfy


So I created an e-mail, and recruited that e-mail for a Free-to-Play account with SWtoR.  The F2P restrictions are very rough, especially for someone with a full subbed account.  Still with as little as a five dollar purchase you can get some significant unlocks to your F2P account.  For me, I purchased the $40 package which gave me a little more bang for the buck.  I used about half of it for the Life Day bundle which included the Celebrator which was my main interest, but also for some of the other fun toys like the Tinsel Bomb and a lovely outfit for Caliyo.  The rest of the Cartel Coins were spent on “Quality of life” type upgrades like Rocket Boost.

Since the new account was now Preferred F2P, I was able to mail the items of the Life Day bundle to my main account. I did keep the Piloting I license on my PF2P account which allowed me to have my first level 10 toon use a mount before level twenty-five.  I played with that toon until the account had reached Legacy 2, which unlocked the Legacy perk of Piloting 1 for 40k credits for future level ten toons.

Back to the Incendia. At some point before the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion is launched, I plan on subscribing for a single month on my PF2P account.  For that sub of fifteen dollars, I will receive a ten dollar discount for also purchasing the expansion, roughly five dollars worth of Cartel coins on the secondary account, some bonus Cartel coins on my primary account, AND the Incendia for every toon present and future on my primary account.

While not a factor after 1.7, having a second account was the only way to play with more than twelve toons on a single server.  For an alt-o-holic like myself this was a major limitation as it prevented me from participating in some of our guild events that required specialized toons.  Still to purchase six additional slots on my primary account today would cost twenty-six to forty dollars, which is more than the fifteen dollars on a sub (the minimum expense for the Incendia).  The downside of my six additional toons is that they do not share all the Legacy perks of my primary account.

So yes, I am spending more money with Bioware, which is their intention.  The value I get out of these purchases makes my game experience more enjoyable, so I consider it a win – win.  Of course your mileage will vary.  I hope that this article will help people, regardless of account type, work the system to get a little more from  whatever investments they make in the game.

Happy gaming,

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