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By Mitsuru
Edited by Ghoztt

I’ve always been of the opinion that healers are a special breed. I feel that it is the hardest role to fill in operations and, to be honest, I’ve never had the talent for it. Fortunately, I’ve met someone who does and he graciously wrote this piece so that I could share a healer’s perspective in not only operations, but the game in general.

What is the best healing class in SW:TOR?

Having trouble deciding which class to level next in SW:TOR? Perhaps a healer would be a worthy choice! Now that you have decided to play as a healer, which healer class will you play as? Well, here is the tricky part. You may find yourself asking, “What is the best healing class in SW:TOR?” Well, I am going to proceed and burst your bubble. There is no “best” healing class in SW:TOR. However, there is a “best” healing class for you! Each healing class has it’s own unique abilities and play style and it is important to choose the right one for yourself. On that note, I am going to compare and contrast each SW:TOR healer class in hopes that it will help you to choose the right class, or further improve your current knowledge on each healer class.

Things to consider when choosing a healer class

1.)    What is your play style preference? (ex: a lot of movement, a lot of activation time abilities, high-maintenance, burst/HoT healing, etc)
2.)    Which class looks the coolest to you? (playing a class that is also aesthetically pleasing is important)
3.)    How experienced are you as a healer? (some healer classes may be easier to play than others)

SW:TOR healing classes compare and contrast

Sith Sorcerer/Jedi Sage

  • Play style: Mostly stationary casting, casting out damage absorbs on the move. Very powerful burst heals. Situation dependent best multi-player heal of any class.
  • Looks: The Sith Sorcerer is a healer that uses dark forces to heal others, abilities are centered around a lightning theme with a lot of purple coloring incorporated into healing spells. The Jedi Sage is a healer that uses light to heal others, abilities are centered around light color force abilities and earth-crumbling attacks. Both wield a single light-saber.
  • Ease of play: This is a great healer for beginners as they have the typical “mana pool” type of resource, which is much easier to manage than the energy/heat resource of the other healer classes. Although this class may better suit beginners, experienced players will definitely shine when playing this class.

Premier Abilities

Static Barrier/Force Armor
Absorbs high amount of damage, no cool down (if spec’d into), INSTANT CAST. Very important mitigation ability, always use on cool down for tanks.
– Important to use preemptive to damage occurrence.
-Can use while moving, take advantage of this as it is one of your only instant cast abilities.

-Heals up to 8 allies that remain within 8 meters of where the heal was placed.
– Most powerful multi-target heal in the game, most useful when group is stationary.
– Not as useful when group is moving around frequently.
– 15 second cool down.

Force Speed
– Increases movement speed by 150% for 2 seconds.
– Important to use when moving from point A to B quickly, in order to MINIMIZE time spent not casting.
– 30 second cool down.

Pulls a friendly (group/op) target to you.
– Important in certain situations to pull someone away from something.
– 60 second cool down.

Cool Downs

Recklessness/Force Potency
– Grants 2 stacks, increases next abilities chance to crit by 60%.
– Best used in high damage situations or as an emergency cool down.
– 2 minute cool down.

Polarity Shift/Mental Alacrity
– Grants 20% alacrity and immunity to interrupts for 10 seconds.
– Best used in high damage situations.
– 2 minute cool down.

– Best for beginners.
– Great multi-target healing in most situations.
– Exceptional burst heals.
– Damage mitigation on the move with static barrier/force armor.
– Overall a versatile and enjoyable healer.
– Forgiving recourse management. If you lose a lot of force, it is easily regained.
– Ranged (30meter) interrupt.

– Not the most mobile of healers.
– Lack of survival cool downs


  • Play style: Very mobile healer, has powerful healing over time abilities.
  • Looks: The operative healer is centered around technology and working for Imperial intelligence. Scoundrel is a bandit themed character that is centered around smuggling. Abilities are not very graphic. Both Scoundrel and Operative use a lot of knife attacks. Operative uses a blaster rifle as a weapon. Scoundrel uses scatter guns/shot guns as a weapon.
  • Ease of play: An energy bar is used as a resource for abilities, much like a rogue in WoW. This can be sometimes hard to adjust to, especially in high damage situations. I would rank them a medium ease of play. A lot of up time is required for keeping HoTs up, you will always be doing something as an Operative/Scoundrel healer.

Premier Abilities

– Speaks for itself. You go invisible unless someone comes very close to you.

Cloaking Screen/Disappearing Act
– Immediately puts you into stealth and pulls you out of combat.
– Great to drop aggro if something comes after you while healing.
– Wonderful in PvP to get away last second.

Kolto Probe/Slow-Release Medpac
Stacks up to 2x, has a chance to grant TA/UA.
– Instant cast, 15 energy cost. Healing over time.
– The ‘bread and butter’ for operative healers.

Surgical Probe/Emergency Medpac
Instant cast/no cool down, consumes Tactical Advantage/Upper Hand. Heals target for a moderate amount. 0 energy cost.
– If spec’d into, becomes a free heal if used on players below 30% heal as it restores TA/UH in that case.
– Great to keep players up in emergency situations and in PvP.

Recuperative Nanotech/Kolto Cloud
Multi-target heal that affects up to 4 allies within 10 meters of the targeted player.
– Instant cast heal over time, can be used on the move.
– Great for fights in which there is a lot of movement.
– 15 second cool down.

Orbital Strike/XS Freighter Flyby
3 second cast, on ground for 9 seconds. Does damage to any enemies inside its AoE (area of effect). Great to keep players from capping nodes in PvP.

 Cool Downs

Evasion/Lucky Dodge
Instant cast, 1 minute cool down. Increases your chance to dodge all melee/ranged attacks by 100% for 3 seconds. Best used before Cloak Screen/Disp. Act. especially in PvP.

Shield Probe/Defense Screen
45 second cool down, instant cast – DOES NOT RESPECT GLOBAL COOL DOWN. Absorbs moderate amount of damage.

 Adrenaline Probe/Cool Head
Restores 50 energy over 3 seconds, as a healer, if spec’d into it, restores 66 energy.
– Important to use if you fall into an energy deficit or in times of high damage.

– Great mobility.
– Very good sustained healing through healing of time abilities.
– Can stealth.
– Can break out of combat to drop aggro, or escape in PvP.
– Great burst single target healing (Kolto Injection+surgical probe).

– Energy resource, easy to fall into deficit.
– Sometimes struggles with a lot of multi-target damage if players are not pre-HoT’ed.
– Melee (4meter) interrupt.
– Somewhat lacking in survival cool downs.


  • Play style: Somewhat mobile, great single target healing.
  • Looks: Heavy-tech, somewhat bulky armor. Very tough look. Mercenary uses dual-blasters as weapons. Commando uses a giant two-handed cannon as a weapon.
  • Ease of play: Probably the hardest healer class to properly master. Triage will play a major role in your healing priorities and even in group healing due to their lack of multi-target healing. Mercenary uses heat as a resource on a scale of 1 to 100. Your goal is to keep your heat as low as possible (basically a reverse of the operative healers energy bar). Commandos use an ammo resource which is on a scale of 1-12 but scales to end up being very similar to heat.

Premier Abilities

Kolto Shell/Trauma Probe
Instant cast, has 10 charges. Each time the targeted ally gets hit with damage they are healed for X amount. Can only occur every 3 seconds.
– Great low maintenance heal. Just be sure to keep it up on tank (in most situations).

Kolto Missle/Kolto Bomb
Instant cast, 6 second cool down. cost 16 heat. Heals 4 allies within the targeted area for X amount.

Supercharged Gas/Cells
– Proc-able when 30 stacks of Supercharge is built. Temporarily grants certain abilities bonus effects, decreased cool down.
– Increases healing done and damage dealt by 5% for 10 seconds.
– Vents 8 heat(merc.) and restores 1 ammo(commando).

Cool Downs

Power Surge/Tech Override
2 minute cool down, instant cast. Next ability that has an activation time will no longer have an activation time.
– Adds another element of mobility and great when a quick heal is needed to save someone.

Thermal Sensor Override/Reserve Powercell
– 2
minute cool down, instant cast. Next ability cost no heat/no ammo.

Energy Shield/Reactive Shield
– 2 minute cool down  No heat/ammo cost. Reduces damage taken by 25%. Overall a great cool down to mitigate damage in intense situations.

Kolto Overload/Adrenaline Rush
3 minute cool down. Self benefit only. Restores 15% max health over 10 seconds. Useful for high damage situations to help out with healing on yourself.

Vent Heat/Recharge Cells
2 minute cool down. Restores 50 heat (merc.)/Restores 6 ammo (commando). Best used if you fall into an heat surplus/ammo deficit or in high damage situations.
– Vents and additional 16 heat(merc.)/Restores an additional 2 ammo(commando), if spec’d into.
– Total of 66 heat vent, or 8 ammo restored.

– A good amount and variety of cool downs.
– Medium mobility.
– Great single target healing.
– Mild damage mitigation for group.
– Somewhat short-ranged interrupt (10meters).

– Lack of multi-target healing (is not as lacking as many put it to be)
-Somewhat a lack of healing on the move.
– Hardest (in my opinion) to truly master because of the overall dynamics (heat/ammo management, single target group healing, reliance on triage healing, etc.)

I do want to take a moment and stick up for Merc./Commando healers. They are sometimes said to ‘hinder’ a raid (ops) group due to their “lack” of multi-target healing. However, this is not true so do not be misled by the biased people. I have seen many successful progression guild use a merc./commando healers in operations. (Editor’s Note: This is absolutely true. Our Nightmare EC group clears with two of the so-called ‘handicapped’ classes, a Mercenary healer and an Operative dps. It’s not what you play, but how you play it. -Ghoztt)


When it comes down to it, you should play the healer class that appeals to you the most. There is no ‘best’ healer in SW:TOR, the ‘best’ healer is one who can properly play their class. Do your research, ask questions! There are many great sites, guides, videos for each class. Study up, have fun, and play your class to the best of your ability. I hope that this guide/article has been a help to you. Thank you for taking the time to read it. If you have any questions feel free to contact me in game, Facebook, or YouTube.

Contact Information

SW:TOR – Server: Jedi Covenant — Faction: Empire — Character Name: Mítsuru (the “í” is alt+161)

YouTube –

Facebook (the weird “í” is not used for Facebook address, use a normal i)

With the best of luck to you,



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