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Writers' Roundtable2 This week’s segment covers the Gree event, Update 2.0 on the PTS, and other related topics from the perspective of our writers, Jason, Maer, and John who join Carla & Drew.

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DISCUSSION TOPICS: Roundup of the most important announcements and news.

  1. Have you participated in the Gree event, and if so, what did you think?
  2. What reputation level will you be with the Gree when the event ends? Are you stocking up?
  3. How did you like the Open World PvP aspects of the Gree event?
  4. What do you think about the reputation system as a whole? Have you worked on any besides the Gree?
  5. What do you think about the changes to the search engine on the GTN?
  6. What do you think about the spike in repair charges with Update 1.7? What do you think about Bioware’s approach to fixing it?
  7. What do you think about the bombshell that animal mounts are on their way?
  8. Quickly, have you gotten a chance to play Update 2.0 on the PTS? If so, what did you think of any changes that you saw?


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  5 Responses to “Episode 90: February Writers’ Roundtable”

  1. A good chunk of this roundtable was kinda bashy. Not sure why people would hate reputatiion and daily quests unless you are already burned out from other MMOs, and that’s not really Bioware’s fault.

  2. It was a touch critical, yes. I think we are not overly critical though. There were good things said about the event, but there were definitely problems. It was better than the Chevin event, but definitely not as good as the Rakghoul event.

    The main beef I have is not the grindiness of the “daily-aspect” of the event. It was with the ridiculousness of the “PvP quests.” I am not just bashing it either, I even tried to start a thread for constructive changes that could be implemented next time here. I am a PvPer at heart, so it was frustrating to have quests that have [PvP] attached to them, but don’t actually require any PvP. In fact, the most efficient way to complete them involves LINING UP lol! Justified criticism. That being said, I did enjoy the event for the most part, but we have to report on the bad as well. We will try to emphasize the good a little more, maybe, but the bad does exist and we won’t ignore it.

  3. Oh, I was just referring to the “hate” for daily quests and reputation grinds in general, the Gree Event was kinda meh, but it is supposed to be a recurring event so the format is different, the rackghoul event was great but a big part of it was the surprise factor, most of the quest were actually super obscure, I would have never gotten the Crimson Rakling if it wasnt for Dulfy.

    I was formerly a dedicated PVPer in swtor and I was sad when they shut down the Ilum and the new iteration does nothing to incetivise PVP, at least the former quest involved killing people and collecting crates. Maybe it’s time to realize that we’ll never see large scales battle in swtor and the best we can hope for are some medium size battles, maybe a 20vs20 Warzone, but that’s about it.

  4. @Chaz Thanks for the comments! Personally, I don’t mind doing Daily quests, now saying that, an event to me should probably be something different than typical gameplay. I’m not saying they need to create a new game mechanic, but if you want to include PVP in part of the event, make sure there is a reward for actually PVPing. The reward could be valor, it could be reputation…can you imagine the fighting that would have taken place if players could have gotten rep for killing opposing faction members? Yes, I said opposing faction members. That was another element that me scratching my head…you attack fellow faction members??? How does that fit in lore etc.? Now you have that in Outlaws Den, but the name clearly states what type of area it is, and it fits being an underworld type area…where only the strong survive.
    I will agree, BioWare seems to be in a position they get bashed for anything they do. Bashing or putting down a game or they people working on a game is easy. However, if you can find a legitimate problem and offer constructive criticism, that should be done. Being able to give BioWare feedback in a constructive manner should be something any player should be doing. That is what will help make the game better in the long run.
    Thanks again for your comments and we will strive to not bash as much as offer constructive suggestions 🙂
    p.s. I love your idea on a 20 vs. 20 instance. In the podcast I mentioned something like that. The winner then would get the right to fight the PVP area World Boss. Who knows maybe that type of thing will happen…let’s cross our fingers!

  5. Well I like the podcast and I like SWTOR but I don’t think the game is going in the direction of large scale battles or sieges like we saw in previous games like DaoC, WAR or currently in GW2, and for the record just because a battle is big it doesn’t mean it’s good, I hate it when a siege devolves into banging on a door/wall for 10 minutes, I enjoy combat against other players not against stone or wood ( unless it’s a stone giant or a treeman).

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