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  • The Phoenix Unit – Galactic Republic

If you are new to the game, you may not fully understand the conflict that envelops SWTOR galaxy. In short, The Sith returned to Republic space and during peace negotiations they attacked the Republic’s seat of power, taking control of the planet Coruscant. This forced the Republic to sign a treaty with the Sith Empire. However from this devastation, many felt they needed to take the fight to the Sith. This is where The Phoenix Unit gets its name and storyline for their RP guild. We will learn more about this guild, their structure and how they strive to have “something for everyone.”

More on The Phoenix Unit & why members chose this guild after the Jump…




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guild banner

“Today we stop standing by, today we fight, we will raise the Republic from its ashes, and we will strive to send the Empire back from whence it came!”
His emotion spread to the surrounding jedi and they cheered, the sound filling the hall,


from The Phoenix Unit timeline, titled Beginnings.



  • Guild Q&A

Being a RP guild, how does The Phoenix Unit utilize this type of gameplay to better the experience for your members?
We maintain a log (called the Timeline) of most RP events or other important occasions, which members can browse to get an idea of the things we’ve done. We interact, OOC in guild chat and usually stay IC when we run into other guildies, certainly for RP events. We maintain a guild calendar with events in it that people can attend. We mix RP into PVE and PVP game types too. Our leadership structure is RP based; leaders are officers IC and OOC. We don’t stand around on Tython bowing and meditating like a lot of other guilds seem to do these days. We get out and about, having various events and scenarios on different planets!


How did The Phoenix Unit begin? What server and faction are associated with the guild?
We had a specific idea of what we wanted a guild to be like; and it emphasized having a repository of guild lore and teacher/trainee RP structures that enable progression within the guild’s ranks. It took us one or two months to plan and set everything up (during the summer). The Phoenix Unit can be found on The Progentior server. We are a Republic Based guild.


Does the guild support members or give them areas to showcase their own story ideas for their characters?
We allow our members to showcase their own stories and ideas. We want to see creativity and let them be who they want to be. If they need help, of course we will give any assistance if needed. The guild has an area on our site where our story writers can post their creations and ideas. Most of our members try tie their stories to the guilds one.


How does the guild help members enjoy the other aspects of SWTOR? How does the guild support the statement, “there should be something for everyone by being a part of TPU (The Phoenix Unit)?”
Essentially we’re a casual PVP, PVE and RP guild, with a day set aside in the calendar for each of these things, with spare capacity to plan more on other days. Sometimes guildies come to us and say, ‘I’d like to see more RP’, or, ‘why don’t we do more Ops’? Then we’ll encourage them to create their own event and put it in the calendar, or we’ll create one for them if that’s out of their comfort zone. We have people in charge of each area so nothing is under-valued or forgotten.


The guild has a very unique system known as “Occupations.” Can you explain better explain the idea beyond “Occupations” and what the various different ones are?
We’d call these occupations a “job” (but a fun job at that). Each member is given a chance to help out the guild either by recruiting, planning events etc…
Our current occupations are:
Recruiting –
As simple as it sounds, a recruiter is a part of the recruiting team, always looking for interested people to join TPU.
Archiving –
Archivers write notes, take pictures and write our most historic events on our timeline.
This way, new members can read what we’ve done and see what kind of stuff we do.
Eventing –
A member of the eventing team takes part in planning various new events. But it’s not only that. Together with the event itself we need a backstory. People in this team link everything together. Events can be of any type, but they’re usually PVE, PVP or RP.
Strategy –
This occupation divides into 2 different aspects: PVP & PVE. Strategy teams/officers plan organized PVP/PVE runs. This includes setting up teams, leading them and providing additional info.
Also with PVP the leader is in charge of creating bonds between other guilds – for ranked games etc.
They also answer questions about tactics and provide guidance on things like gear etc.
Diplomacy –
Diplomacy members enter into talks with other Guilds, via in-game meetings for both initial contact and to further relationships, and over forums to both keep TPU informed with what the situation is and other Guilds forums to invite them to events. Working with the other occupations is a bigger part of the role than some others…For example, talking to the Events team to sort out an event involving another/several other Guilds.Screenshot_2012-09-28_18_29_22_218518_zpsd77616aa

These occupations are also included in our ‘teacher/trainee’ relationships. For example, if a Private wants to progress to Jr Sgt, their teacher might assign them a Recruitment mission to ‘recruit 3 smugglers’ as one of their trials.


The Phoenix Unit also has another system of guild structure with the different member ranks. Can you explain this system and how each phase, from Initiate to Councillor General, works?
All new members start off as Initiates. Once we see that they’re a good fit, they’re getting involved and contributing in some undefined yet meaningful way, they get promoted. The Councillors hold weekly guild meetings and the promotions are done then. They become padawans or Jr Sgt’s, and then they get assigned to a teacher and their ‘training begins’ (RP). When they finish their training, usually by successfully completing three missions, trials or tasks set by their master, they are promoted to Knight or Sgt; and they then take on their own students. Sometimes a few of them are particularly strong in certain areas (e.g. they’re known on the server for their PVP skill, or they are passionate about a new thing they want to bring to the guild). Then they get promoted again, to Master or Captain. If they contribute at a leadership level and we realize they’re influencing the guild by their very presence, then we consider making them Councillors, and they help us run the guild.


Is The Phoenix Unit currently recruiting? How is the best way for those interesting in joining The Phoenix Unit to contact the guild or its officers?
We are recruiting, and accept all classes. Only requirement is you are a social, active and involved player who will contribute to the guild. We’d invite them to please fill out an application form at our website and an officer will get right back to them. Feel free to contact any officer in game via whisper!


What sort of experience should new members be prepared for when becoming a member of this guild?
Guild members are respectful, considerate and funny. Our members are helpful. All nationalities, creeds, sexualities and so on are equal. Members are expected to make their own fun – this is a game after all – but there are always interesting events on the calendar that they can check out. Ultimately this is a guild that provides a base that people can call home in SWTOR, then lets them get on with it. We also have an energetic PVP contingent.


Members are respectful, considerate, helpful…

…and they also know how to have fun!

Why did you join The Phoenix Unit and how has your experience been within the guild?
We asked some our members to give some opinions on what they thought of the guild without telling them why we were asking. Here are some of the responses…

“I joined the guild because I like roleplaying and I like to play with other people and everything I value I has experienced in this guild. That has been a very great thing for me. The experience has been very great. I have made some new friends, and we are having fun and I like that so much. I love being a part of this guild and I can never imagine myself without you guys. You are the best guys and people, so nice as you is hard to find. So keep up the good work you are doing.”
~ Padawan Learner Omurril


“I joined the guild, as I have been away from SWTOR for a half year now. I recently spoke with Ycoga, whom was the one who told me about the guild. I enjoy being a member of a community, where people are able to stand up for each other. This seems to happen very well in TPU. I also joined the guild due to the fact that we do have some RP going on. I myself have been RPing for the last five years of my life, and I enjoy it every time. I am happy as the RP community around SWTOR is growing rapidly, though I miss a bit more RP inside the guild. Else I am very happy by the fact of staying inside TPU. Great members, great leaders and most important fact -> A nice tone between everyone.”
~ Initiate Tharock


“I found TPU on my own. Since I was looking for a good guild, I was trying out some of them. Reading a little about TPU I tried to connect it. If I’m not mistaken, Marlie was the one who told me I where to fill out a form and such. You really have grown onto me and I am really happy with my choice to join. My experience here is top grade. Really fun people and helpful. Even with some bumps in the road people still maintain they’re positivity. Kudos and keep on rolling”
~ Padawan Learner Marop


“I joined the PU because I used to be friendly with many of the founders back when I was in a different guild. After I left that guild, Master Tomius (who I’d previously known when he was knee high to a padawan) invited me to come to the PU and, in fact, that invitation is what got me playing SWTOR again! My experience has been really positive – as a member of the Council I feel my opinion is valued by the other Councillors, that I’m able to contribute and help improve other people’s experience of the game, and also that there’s a really easy-going, friendly bunch of people to hang out with. The council is quite highly organized and honest, two things I value.
I like that we balance PvE, PvP and RP. We have some top grade players of all these game types and they’re always willing to teach others and pass some knowledge on. What can I say? The PU brought me back to TOR and I certainly stayed for the ride.”

~ Master Ycoga


“Most of us Councillors came from the same guild previously, which was not just living it up to our expectations and so we set out to create the Phoenix Unit to “raise the Republic from the ashes” like a phoenix! One of the things we decided early on was that the responsibility of the guild should not fall on one single person and we decided to keep up the idea of having a “ruling council” if you will, just like the Jedi Order. I had some personal problems early on and left the game for a long period, but once things settled I was eager to come back because my co-councillors are great people in every way and I wanted the chance to get to know the guild I helped create! Aye, we have met a few bumps, but all in all, the guild is a great experience. I think we are one of few guilds that try to have a go at all aspects of the game, PvP, PvE and RP, even if some aspects are focused on more. The guild is still growing and we are learning new things every week! I am very happy to be here! In other words, I was there at the start-up of TPU!”
~ Master Rikochet


“You guys are dedicated to fighting the darkness, friendly, helpful, loyal and patient, even giving out your comms to non-members to help with Ranked warzones or not. Due to this, if you guys quit the game I would lose all draw to STOR and would just play Skyrim or The Secret World. This clan enables me to have fun doing PvP, PvE, RP or anything, a true community. Thank you!”
~ Sergeant Swing


“I never thought that I would help create something as amazing as The Phoenix Unit. It’s been a long road but worth every second spent putting this guild together and leading it. I was voted for GM at the beginning of TPU and led as best as I could (with the help of my superb, fellow council members) for 7 months. And it has been an honour to do so. Currently we’ve introduced a new system of rotating GM leadership among the council so every leader can have the chance and honour of acting as GM, and being the “spearhead” of the guild. Through this guild I’ve learned a hell of a lot. And not to mention gained so much. Things that are so special, I never wish to lose them. All I can say is thank you to all the members who have helped made this guild what it is!”
~ Master Tomius


“I’ve joined TPU when I received an invite from Tomius if I would be interested to join the Guild. At that time I just quit a previous Guild which focused primarily on RP. I like that we have a broad interest in PvP, RP and PvE. And we even go stronger as a unit with our Alliance towards the Ancients. For me it’s about having fun and be able to progress in the game as a team. I’m confident that we can all contribute to a positive experience in SWTOR.
I hope to learn even more and level up more chars with my friends in TPU.”

~ Captain Parvival



Najeeke & Tomius

That’s it for this week’s Community Checkpoint. Thanks to all the members of The Phoenix Unit for sharing more about your guild. I would like to also thank two members of the guild’s council, Master Najeeke Sky’dian and Master Tomius Nu’vada. Both of them helped me with contact information, correspondence and sending me the images for the article. I want to wish them and all the members of The Phoenix Unit all the best both in and out of character!


How exactly can you have your guild, like The Phoenix Unit, highlighted on Community Checkpoint? All you need to do is submit your guild/group’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, At Corellian Run Radio, we love to highlight members in the SWTOR community, from guilds to the many people working to plan events, contest, etc. We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks and see you next week!





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