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By Ghoztt

Whenever an expansion is announced in any game it seems that running operations slow to a crawl. Players have either gotten tired of the content, gotten all the gear they need, or plan to wait it out until the new gear becomes available. This is where groups will tend to struggle as you will find some players will no longer want to play while others will continue to raid no matter how tired they are of the content. So what can you do to keep things going?

You may be tempted to take a break from operations until 2.0 is released, but I would discourage that thought. As I mention in previous articles, playing together as a team is important to having a successful operation group. The synergy you develop with the others is essential to keep up as you may notice when you don’t play together for an extended period. When that vibe is lost you tend to lose focus and end up wiping to the easiest of bosses and mechanics. You may not be ‘rusty’ in playing your own character, but you lose that anticipation you built up when you play regularly with eachother. Instead, consider cutting down your days and/or duration that raid. Once a week is still better than none at all.

Alt runs are another good way of making sure you keep playing together. Some players, like myself, are not big on alts, but I do have off-specs I can run just to change things around a bit. Sure, you may not be playing your normal roles, but I feel it is important to get in there with your regular group members. You may not advance as far as you normally would, but remember that it’s just for fun!

Another great way to mix things up in operations is to challenge yourself. Do things you wouldn’t normally do to challenge each other. Playing around with trash can be amusing and can liven things up a bit. DPS could attack different targets and see if the tanks can pick out who has agro on which mob and take agro back. Conversely, tanks can let the DPS hold agro and see if they can use their own cooldown abilities to survive. You can even do oddball things during boss fights. During the Colonel Vorgath fight, our healers like to chase after people when they get the bomb on them. It definitely keeps you on your toes!

Of course, if all this fails to keep your team playing there is always the PTS you could play on. I realize that some people like to take their time in figuring out mechanics on their own, but the fact remains that it is something new to play with and sometimes that’s what it takes to keep people interested in playing. Besides, it never hurts to play around with the story mode version just to get an idea of the encounters you’ll face. It’s the hard mode and beyond where the real challenges lie! So get out there and stay active! You only have a few more weeks to go!

Ready check done? Pulling in 3… 2… 1…

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