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  • Moe’s Swoop Garage- Galactic Republic

Has your speeder had one too many hits by bosses or just doesn’t have the speed you thrive for…well fear not bring your swoop bike or pod-racer by Moe’s Swoop Garage. They are here for all your fabrication and engine needs. This is the heart of this week’s guild, a small swoop garage shop located on Ord Mantell. However there is a bit more to this swoop garage than meets the eye. So park your speeder in one of their service bays and get to know a bit more about this RP guild.

Moe’s Swoop Garage, not only fixes speeders, but is also a guild after the Jump…







Unfortunately, modifying speeders or swoop bikes is not an option in SWTOR…at least for now. Please BioWare gives us customizations! However Moe’s Swoop Garage is a real guild. Not only do they take on the role of a garage, but they have a hidden side to the guild. Let’s get into this week’s Q&A and find out all we can on Moe’s Swoop Garage.


Moe's Swoop Bike Garage Banner



  • Guild Q&A

Love the backstory and idea behind the swoop garage. How did this idea become the backstory for your guild?

The idea formed over a discussion of Sons of Anarchy with a few people from our old guild, <Merasska>.  Since Swoop bikes and gangs are prevalent in the TOR universe, it only made sense to recreate dirty bikers in space.



When did Moe’s Swoop Garage get started as a guild in SWTOR?

Moe’s started as a side-guild project for our alts from our main guild <Merasska>.  It was a way to promote RP and keep people interested in the game.  Plus, we wanted to be in a Swoop Gang!  Eventually we decided to make it our main guild.



Where can people find Moe’s Swoop Garage, as far as server location and what faction is the guild?

<Moe’s Swoop Garage> is a Republic guild on the Jung Ma (US) server.  People can also find our “shop” in Oradam Village on Ord Mantell.  Ji’etoh’s orange Swoop is right out front!



The guild tends to be more of “underworld” based guild correct? Would you or the guild ever like to see a third faction, sort of a neutral playing, for both sides, etc.? Do you think this will ever happen in SWTOR?

Mantellian Outlaw Element (MOE) does most of their work in the “underworld” behind the cover of a legitimate Speeder-Customization Shop.  The “Club” itself is neutral, having no specific loyalties to the Republic or the Empire, but tends to do more work for the Republic.  We also have loyal Republic Jedi in our guild, and Troopers.  These people aren’t part of the “gang”, but are part of our Galactic Network of Contacts.

That would be great if there was more neutrality in the game.  The original plan was to have an Empire-side guild to be a rival Swoop Gang, but we’ve just stuck with the Republic one so far.  It might be a stretch to say that they’ll have a third faction, but at least cross-faction chat channels would benefit the game greatly, and would make it easier to coordinate neutral events.

A customer of Moe’s Swoop Garage
taking their speeder for a ride

The guild is a RP based guild, but how do you encourage or help guildmates with the PVE and PVP elements in the game? Is it hard to find that balance between the different gameplay mechanics?

We are frequently running flashpoints, dailies, datacron hunts, social runs, etc.  We love leveling alts together and running warzones together.  Also, when a member gets to 47 or so, we offer our hand in running them through Belsavis and Ilum dailies to level them to 50 quickly.


We are starting to hold weekly running of flashpoints of the harder tier (Lost Island at the moment) to get people geared up and ready to run operations.  After doing a few runs of the recent Ilum Boss, Xenoanalyst II, we have gotten more interested in the end-game operations and will be running those on a weekly basis.  A few of us have quite a bit of experience with operations, already, and it is looking hopeful for the future.  Also, due to being a Guild centered on the mounts in this game, we will be downing world bosses and various tiers of operations left and right to get those fancy Aratech vehicles.

As for PVP, we have a few members who are very interested in Warzones and open-world PVP.  We do not yet have a ranked team set up, but our members are very smart and have great situational awareness, so this is something that we would like to set up as we grow in numbers.


The guild has a ranking system for members in RP. How does this work and what are the different ranks?

When we invite someone to the guild, it is assumed from an in-character standpoint that they have been by the shop for repairs or have done some business with us in the past.  The basic rank is “Customer” when someone joins the guild.  They are quickly bumped up to “Galactic Contact”, which our rank with full access to the guild bank, officer chat (in-character comm channel), etc.  This is the rank for all members starting from a roleplaying standpoint.  From there, we have two trees of ranks.  Except for a few officers and guild leaders, ranks are all equal as far as privileges go, though, and are purely for roleplay.  They are as follows:

Gang Ranks—

Prospect – A prospective member of the Mantellian Outlaw Element Swoop Club, are members that have come by and shown that they have certain skills or the attitude to become part of the club.

Patched – A full member of MOE, who has done something extraordinary for the “Club”, such as brought in a lot of business, or proven themselves in some of our “seedier” workings are issued our Cut (kind of like a leather-jacket with our symbol on it).

Road Captain – An officer rank of the gang are people that have been around from the start, or have shown that they have our Guild’s interest at heart.  This rank is issued to people who have shown an affinity for instigating RP or otherwise organizing guild events.

uftThe Brute – Uftax.  “The Muscle”. (Co-Leader)

jiPresident – Ji’etoh.  One handsome devil. (Guildmaster)

Non-Gang Ranks—

Contractor – This is the non-gang officer.  These people are close friends of our Mysterious Benefactor, and are people who have shown an affinity for instigating RP or otherwise organizing guild events.

The Old Man – Our Mysterious Benefactor “Moe”.



Can you explain the benefits of full membership in the club? What is the unique item members are encouraged to wear? Would you like to see BioWare help guilds in this area, with the ability to create emblems or better customize armor colors?

Gaining the “Patched” rank in the gang makes you eligible to wear the “Death’s Claw Armor” chest-piece from Taris’ social vendor (Social IV required).  It has been deemed our “Cut”, and it is required for all Patched members during roleplay.  It is purely in-character, though, and is not required to be worn outside of roleplay.  We also do Social Runs and provide boosts all the time to help new members obtain Social IV if their character intends to become a gang member.Death Claw armor

Color customization and emblems would be great!  MOE colors are Dark Red and Gold (to fit the Death’s Claw Armor), but there are some great skins of that armor in the game, already, seen on NPC’s around Hoth and Ilum, and Mako gets a starting chest-piece that is a recolored skin of the same armor.  The ability to customize colors would help us associate members of the Club even if they are not wearing the Death’s Claw top.



Is Moe’s currently recruiting? If so are there specific classes/advanced classes the guild needs?

We are recruiting all characters, classes, and specs.  We are primarily an RP guild, and we are looking for anyone who is creative and has interesting characters.


For PVE and PVP, we could always use more tanks and healers.  Miles/Ji can do either of these roles, but if we could get solid backups to get an off-tank or healers, that would be ideal for Operations and Warzones.


How is the best way for players to get more information about Moe’s Swoop Garage? What steps do potential recruits need to follow to apply to the guild?

We have an Enjin website where you can join and apply.  There is a “Join Website” button on all Enjin sites, and that will give you updates to our site.  Clicking the “New People Click Here” button at the top will allow you to fill out a quick application.



Since the guild is based around swoop bikes, would the guild like to see a form or swoop bike or pod racing added to the game?

An actual race would be great!  Maybe a warzone (instanced or open-world) or something that involves mounting up and trying to get to certain objectives.  Right now, though, there is a weekly Swoop Race put on by <Seelund Trading Co> in Outlaw’s Den on Tatooine that started almost exactly at the same time as when we formed the guild.  This is a cross-faction roleplaying event complete with credit prizes and great fun.  <Moe’s> is setting up our own tracks on Alderaan as a monthly and seasonal race with cooperation from our friends at Seelund.



That’s it for this week’s Community Checkpoint. Thanks to the great folks at Moe’s Swoop Garage. I want to thank their guildmaster Ji’etoh for all his help. It is great to see players having fun and enjoying themselves…bottom line that is what gaming is all about! If you are on the Jung Ma server with a Republic character, why not “speed” on over to Moe’s and see if you have what it takes to wear their colors, not to mention lots of fun 🙂

If you would like to possibly have your guild, like Moe’s Swoop Garage, highlighted on Community Checkpoint…all you need to do is submit your guild/group’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, We love to highlight members in the SWTOR community, from guilds to the many people working to plan events, contest, etc. We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks and see you next week!



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