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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the new operation has been the PTS for the last few weeks. For those of you who have not seen it yet, here is a preview of the environment and encounters you’ll see when it goes live. Those who don’t want to have anything revealed until it goes live you had best avert your eyes. The rest of you read on!


At first glance, the planet of Darvannis is reminiscent of a desert oasis and has elements of Tatooine mixed with Indiana Jones. In my eyes, the visual appeal of the operation isn’t as attractive as Asation due to the lack of color, but the details are excellent and it is well executed. The encounters vary between basic tank and spank fights to others that have interesting elements, but I must say that none of the encounters stood out in my mind as, well, fun. I still find the fights from the Terror From Beyond operation to be most enjoyable. For S&V it seems like BioWare was more interested in getting more encounters in the operation rather than mechanics.

Dash ‘Roode (-rude?)


The first boss you’ll encounter is Dash’Roode, a snaked faced rancor looking beast. The great thing about this boss is that there is no trash preceding it! It’s a very mobile fight with a lot of knockbacks and the need to move from position to position without getting lost.

Titan 6


After a bit of easy trash you’ll come up to the second boss named Titan 6, a monstrous droid that requires everyone to spread out. For the most part it is a tank and spank with a bit of movement thrown in as well as a burn phase. The interesting thing about this fight is that it requires you to utilize a duck and cover mechanic… unless you’re a sorcerer who can shield themselves.



The overgrown rhinoceros named Thrasher is the third encounter and counts for the weekly operation kill for Scum and Villainy. Again, mostly a tank and spank with some movement thrown in as well as trash mobs to kill. It’s a fairly basic encounter, but I am curious to see what the hard mode mechanics turn out to be.

Operations Chief


This is one of the more interesting fights in the operation. The boss itself is nothing but a tank and spank, however, the events leading up to the final fight requires the group to break up into pairs and defeat teams spread throughout the city without alerting the local constabulary. That aspect makes the encounter certainly different, but other than spreading out into teams there’s nothing particularly special about it.

Olok The Shadow


Olok represents the puzzle encounter for Scum and Villainy. It is a multi-phased fight that requires a bit of planning before starting the event. You’ll be allotted a set amount of tokens in order to purchase droids from a showroom to help you during phase one. In phase two, the droids you do not purchase you will have to destroy before Olok even appears. It is very faced paced and very creatively designed, but the fight with the actual boss is a bit dull.

Cartel Warlords


The Cartel Warlords are essentially the Dread Guard encounter from Terror From Beyond with an additional boss. It consists of boss burn phase, kiting, positioning and a bit of tank and spank. I can see this being a challenge on hard mode, but in story it was pretty straight forward. There is a lot of healing required at the start, but as each boss was killed the easier the encounter became.

Dread Master Styrak


Before you fight the Dread Master, you’ll have to kill his pet Kell Dragon that likes to spit acid and break dance. This means that he has a tendency to turn on his side and spin which throws the spikes on his back in random directions. Once defeated you will get to face Syrak which has elements to the fight that remind me of the Soa encounter in the Eternity Vault. During this fight someone will get put into a Mind Trap like phase called a Nightmare where they will have to battle a facsimile of one of their companions before being able to rejoin the fight. There are also burn phases on the images of himself that he casts which require you to have your DPS up to snuff.


We took your throne!

It seems like we’re still about a month away before 2.0 is released and, before we even see this operation, we have to level to 55 first. I am looking forward to seeing how the hard mode of this operation turns out, but so far the story mode seems like it could use a bit of spicing up. There are seven encounters in this operation, but, fortunately, the trash is relatively light and the place can be cleared in under two hours. This place in addition to nightmare mode Terror From Beyond should keep us all busy for a good long while.

Ready check done? Pulling in 3… 2… 1…

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