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  • Mandalorian Hunters – Sith Empire

Typically hunters are those that go out and seek their “prey” whether it is for survival or getting a trophy. In the Star Wars lore, one clan known for their hunting expertise were the Mandalorians. They sought reward and prestige for hunting/fighting the biggest, toughest opponents…be they beast or man. This week, we meet the Mandalorian Hunters. A guild whose goal is to seek out the biggest and toughest bosses SWTOR has to offer and eliminate them. They are not into an elaborate backstory or such. The guild’s sole purpose is to take down their PVE foes and the Mandalorian Hunters do just that.

We put the Mandalorian Hunters in our sights & learn more after the Jump…






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  • Guild Q&A

How did the Mandalorian Hunters get started as a guild? Did the guild or founding members know each other in other games?

The guild was started by a member who left a while ago so we can’t really say.  All of our current senior members (none of which were founding members) met randomly in this guild with no prior connections.

What faction and server are associated with the guild?

We are an Imperial faction guild and can be found on The Progenitor server.

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What type of guild would you consider the Mandalorian Hunters?

The Mandalorian Hunters is a PVE operations guild. No RP or any guild organized PVP events presently or at least any plans for the time being.

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For those that are not hardcore in raiding/operations, what does it take to be that type of player and that type of guild?

One needs to be self disciplined and:

– be prepared to research and learn operation tactics, character class advantages, limitations and how to adjust your playstyle accordingly

– learn rotations/skill trees

– know how and when to use your abilities and how they affect the team

– be good at teamwork

– more than anything else, have a burning desire to defeat the game content and a willingness to wipe repeatedly for as long as it takes to get that boss down



What tools or resources does the guild use and/or recommend for Operations? Are there some tools you would like to see added to SWTOR to help with gear, Operations etc.?

To date we use just the standard tools provided with SWTOR. We would like to see a ‘focus target’ for healers so that they can see who the boss is targeting without having to target the boss itself. Also the scalable buff/debuff icons which are coming in 2.0 is a must, very hard to see on ultra high res monitors. Also a ‘ready checker’ checkbox that players can tick just prior to commencing a boss fight would be nice, especially with 16 players it’s hard to tell who is afk or not ready to start.



How does the guild keep track of combat during Operations? How is this utilized for future Operations and aiding guild members to get better at their roles? 

We use Teamspeak – which is a mandatory requirement for joining our guild. We discuss all guild and raid matters between ourselves and post useful information on our website forums, such as character class guides etc.



As a hardcore raiding guild, what has been the biggest achievement so far in SWTOR? What are the future goals for the Mandalorian Hunters?

dreadtoothDenova Nightmare first three bosses and TFB HM are the achievements we are most proud of. Hopefully this Sunday we will get Kephess down. Our aim is to grow the guild large enough that we can form a team large enough to kill a 10 stack Dreadtooth.



With Patch 2.0 being on the Public Test Server, has the guild been able to check any of it out? What are some of the thoughts on upcoming changes your members have seen, as in class changes, achievement system etc.?

A few of our guild members have tried the PTS and the response is generally mixed. Some feel quite positive about the changes to their class while others feel they have been ignored or overlooked. It’s hard to tell at this stage.

We are really happy with getting a new, long operation. We are hoping that in future we will get more new raids more frequently than before.

We are happy that there will be no re-crafting of end-game gear as now you will really feel like you have earned something. The amount of full Dread Guard geared characters on the server that have never done even Denova HM or TFB HM is quite surprising.



Are the Mandalorian Hunters currently recruiting? Are there specific needs or requirements the guild is seeking?

Yes we are recruiting, but are only looking for people who are serious about raiding. Doesn’t really matter if they are new to it or not, they just need to have a desire to finish end game content. We have two minimum

requirements for joining MH:

– You need to be willing to use Teamspeak for raids

– You are well mannered and respectful of others

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Ready to raid with the Mandalorian Hunters?


How is the best way for those eager to apply or find out more information about or contact the guild?

MH screenshot2The best is to contact one of our officers by our website or in-game mail or chat. Officers are Krehea, Frulmyst, Raggaman or Seelan.

Our website address is Feel free to join us on our Teamspeak guild chat (link to connect on front page of website).



Has the guild been taking part in the Gree Event, since it has returned? What do the members of the guild feel about this event and the reputation system in SWTOR? 

The event itself is less boring than doing dailies while we wait for 2.0. Trinket-like stuff is fun, but we would rather have a new Operation to keep us busy in the meantime!



As a raid/operation heavy guild, what do you and the rest of the Mandalorian Hunters want to see in future Ops and “elder-game” content?

The upcoming new Operation looks like a good approach to us but hopefully we don’t have to wait a long time for the next new operation after this one – we could do with more new operations more frequently. Also we sincerely hope that the difficulty settings will continue to scale as they do at present so that operations remain challenging or even get harder than they are now.



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Don’t lose your head looking for a raiding guild
Check out Mandalorian Hunters

If you are looking for a serious raiding/operations guild on The Progenitor server, I would strongly suggest getting in touch with the officers of the Mandalorian Hunters. They tend to be very dedicated to endgame content and willing to help even the newest raider, provided they show the same dedication. Thanks to all the members of the Mandalorian Hunters for allowing me to research through their forums and especially Krehea and Frulmyst for all their help with this article. Corellian Run Radio wishes them all the best in-game and everything they do.


Would you like to have your guild, server event or even your SWTOR website highlighted on Community Checkpoint? If so, why not contact me, so we can share with the community about what you are doing. Just submit your guild/group’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, Here at Corellian Run Radio, I am looking forward to highlighting more guilds and the many of you working at planning events, contest, etc. Thanks and see you next week!


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