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By Ti’kory
Edited by Ghoztt

This week we continue our ongoing guides with the Mercenary/Commando healing mirror classes. This guide is Empire specific, but can easily be adapted to for Republic players. As I’ve said before, I’ve never been much of a healer, but fortunately, we have some talented individuals on our operation team who are willing to share their experience and knowledge.



Armoring:  Make sure you are using the advanced reflex armoring 27 and not the advanced commando armoring 27.

Mods: The main mods you will be use are the advanced agile mod 27 and the advanced nimble mod 27.  Those are the good power and crit mods respectively.  Do not use the A or B variants of these mods due to the lower heal coefficient. The coefficient for power is .17 bonus to healing whereas the coefficient for a main stat is only .14.  The relatively small crit chance provided by the main stat is not enough to offset the bones that power gives to healing.

Enhancements: You will want to use a combination of Insight, Quick Savant, Battle, and Adept depending on how you built your gear. I do not use the Insight enhancement because I have place my crit in other parts of my gear.

Barrels:  Remember to use the Advanced Reflex Barrel and not the Commando Barrel.

Implants:  For BH, the Med-tech’s are the only option you have.  The Demolisher implants are for tanks and the Annihilator’s have accuracy which you do NOT want.  Going from BH to Hazmat implants for Merc healers is a hard sale and I’m not just referring to the minuscule stat increase

The power/alacrity Med-tech Mk-3 has more endurance then Aim so you do not want it. The Med-tech Mk-1 also has higher Endurance than Aim.  This leaves you with the Med-Tech Mk-2 System which is power/surge, but you should have min/maxed around having the BH Med-tech and changing to two Hazmat Med-tech Mk-2’s will require you to change your mods/enh around to get back the alacrity you will lose.  I chose to stay with my BH implants as I did not want to start changing enhancements around for very minimal stat increase.

Earpieces:  With the BH earpieces you are seemingly left with only one option again. The Med-tech has higher endurance than main stat, and like the implants, the Demolisher is for tanks.  That leaves you with the Bolt Blaster’s Mk-1 Device which is the crit/surge with higher Aim than Endurance, but it has accuracy which you do NOT want.

So once again, I suggest waiting until the next tier gear comes out before updating your earpiece.

Relics:  BiS is arguably the dread guard relic of boundless ages combined with and elite war hero relic of boundless ages.  I have read on forums that people have replaced their PvP relic with the dread guard relic of ephemeral mending.  I have yet to run this setup through SimC, but I am probably not going to change from my PvP Relic.

The Dread Guard Relic of Boundless Age increases power by 350 for 30 seconds and should be used every cool down during a boss fight or at times when you know healing will be intensive.  If you take the .17 coefficient and multiply it by 350, it gives you a 59.5 increase in healing every time it is activated.

Augments:  Use the advanced overkill augment 22.  As stated above, power provides a higher healing coefficient than Aim does.

Consumables: Use the exotech reflex stim and the exotech triage adrenal.  Please make sure you use the Triage adrenal as the exotech attack adrenal adrenal reduces healing!  You can also use the Rakata equivalent if you are Biochem.  With the Dreadguard relic and the adrenal, you can boost your bonus healing by 150.45 [59.5 from the relic and 90.95 for the adrenal].

I find alacrity adrenals to be pointless because when activated, they put you past the DR. I  wind up only seeing a tenth of a second decrease in cast and channel times when using the Rakata alacrity adrenal.  Not to mention the increased stress on heat you will get from using your abilities more often.


Crit – You want your Tech crit to be at 35% buffed.  None of your healing abilities are based off of ranged crit.

Surge – 75%

Power – Stack as much as possible, there is no diminishing return for power.

Alacrity – The dr for alacrity is 12%, if you have more, drop it for another stat.  You should only gear for 4% alacrity because you can talent in 4% with system calibrations and you receive another 5% from the critical reaction buff from crits on any heal.

Datacrons: Endurance, Aim, Cunning, and Presence [if you prefer, it is not needed for raiding]

Mercenary Bodyguard Spec/Rotation

This is the spec that I use: Bodyguard Build [31/8/2] – I talent in Alacrity, but if you want to get enough from building it into your gear, you can drop Systems Calibrations for 2 point in a different talent.


There is typically not a rotation in healing.  Most healing is done through a triage type method where you heal whoever needs to be healed.  With that said, there are certain abilities that should be used before others in order to take advantages of different procs. For Merc healers, your main concern is staying under 40 heat and building 30 stacks of Super Charge.  When converting the stacks you gain an incredible boost in healing performance.

1. rapid shots: This is a freebie heal and is the easiest way to build SuperCharge stacks.  It gives you 1 stack per shot for a total of three. The best aspect of this ability is that it can be used on the move and easily grants your Critical Reactions.  While using the DG Relic of Boundless Ages or a Triage Adrenal, this ability can easily crit of 600 per shot [1800+ healing in a spamable heal].

2.  healing scan [16 heat]:  This is your smallest heal and should ALWAYS be used before Rapid Scan as it will reduce the heat cost of Rapid Scan by 8.

3.  rapid scan [25 heat]:  This is your biggest heal.  Do not spam this unless you’re having an “oh shit” moment and you have Vent Heat available.  This ability should be preceded by Healing Scan whenever possible and give yous 6 stacks of SuperCharged Cylinder.

4.  emergency scan:  This is your medium heal and it happens to be free.  Use it on cool down.  I tend you use this ability in between a healing scan/rapid scan rotation to allow some heat to dissipate.

5.  kolto missile [25 heat]:  Heals up to 4 people and leaves Kolto Residue on those players healed by it, giving them a 3% increase in all healing done to them for 15 seconds.

6.  kolto shell [25 heat]:  This is the closest thing a Merc has to a HOT.  It has 10 stacks that last 5 minutes or until they run out.

7.  Super Charged Gas:  This is the Merc healer’s bread and butter. Once you have built up 30 stacks of Super Charge, you can activate this ability to start a mini rotation.  This ability increases all healing and damaged dealt by 5% for 10 seconds.  It also removes the cool down of Healing Scan allowing you to spam the hell out of it.  It also allows Kolto Missle to place a shield on players that reduces damage taken by 5% for 15 seconds.  It also reduces heat cost for Unload and makes Power Shot spammable.  You cannot build more stacks while Super Charged Gas is active.

8.  Thermal Sensor Override/Power Surge:  I use these abilities as my ultimate “oh shit” save.  I activate them both at the same time and then use Rapid Scan.  This allows your biggest heal to be cast instant and while on the move.

9. Kolto Overload – Self heal…better than nothing.

10. Energy Shield – Use this every cool down while fighting or save it for high damage moments.


I’d like to tank Ti’k for taking the time to write this article. Keep in mind that this is written in a way to describe what works best for him. There are different ways of playing and this isn’t the only way to play so branch out and try different things to see what works best for you. See you next time!

Ready check done? Pulling in 3… 2… 1…

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  8 Responses to “Operation: Information – How To: Mercenary/Commando Healing”

  1. There is a great misconception that overkill augments are better than the reflex augments. With the 5% bonus to aim from the inquisitor buff along with another 9% from the skill tree there is very little difference to the additional bonus healing by going with overkill vs. reflex augments. What you do gain is a increase to your crit chance from the reflex augments. The slight loss of bonus healing by switching to all aim augments can be easily overcome by swapping out a cit crystal or mod and replacing it with power, you still will have a higher crit chance and higher bonus healing.

  2. I just want to add that i found out about this the hard way after i had bought all overkill (power)augments and had to replace them all with reflex (aim).

  3. I would tend to agree with you, but as it is a healer perspective I really couldn’t say. I only can speak for DPS where main stat augments are definitely the ones to get.

  4. This is Ti’kory here. At first I used solely Reflex Augments. Then I read about the difference in the healing coefficient for power vs main stat. I changed all the augments to overkill and my bonus healing was higher and according to SimC my overall hps was higher. Remember that there is a DR for main stat but not for power. The the amount of crit you gain from the added reflex is minuscule. It wasn’t even enough to take out a Nimble mod to have it replaced with an Agile. If you haven’t built a character on I would greatly encourage it. You can switch out all your augments (without the cost you would have in game) and see the result. Then you can import your profile into SimC. The only draw back to is the amount of time it takes to set up your toon’s profile, but in the end is well worth it.

  5. Don’t know if this link went through the first time i posted it, but here it is again:

  6. Here’s a read on main stat vs power. There is also a supporting piece on MMO Mechanics, I’ll trying to find that one so I can post it as well:

  7. Actually I misspoke in my reply. Main stat adds crit chance which is calculated separately from crit rating.

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