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What happens when you take a SWTOR community website/podcast and create a guild? You get a bunch of SWTOR fans having loads of fun. Feel like winning lots of credits in events, even if it might mean “falling with style” and a bit of accuracy lol, or maybe you prefer to work on taking down World Bosses around galaxy or perhaps you seek the challenges from progression in SWTOR Operations…Well TORWars the guild has you covered in these areas and more. Let’s find out how they went from mild manner podcast site to starting a guild in SWTOR.

We talk to Co-GMs Roari & Aspis to find out more after the Jump…




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  • Guild Q&A

What started the idea to create a guild using the TORWars podcast?

It came from one of those fleeting “wouldn’t it be cool if?” moments between the three hosts of the TORWars podcast. They decided to put out some feelers for interest and were blown away by the number of folks who would want to come together from many different servers to create this new community.



Besides being associated with a well known podcast, what sets this guild apart from others in SWTOR or others you have been associated with?

Many guilds have a specific focus (i.e. Operations, Flashpoints, PVP, etc). Our guild is one that does a little bit of everything. We are a casual guild with pockets of high-end gameplay going on most nights of the week. Many of us enjoy the social atmosphere of hanging out on our Mumble server each night while we play too. Whatever your favorite focus in SWTOR is, we probably have a group of people in our community that like that too.



What faction and server are associated with the TORWars guild?

We can be found on the imperial side of the Shadowlands server. Our guild is currently thriving at over 450 members and adding more each day at a significant rate. In the future we will also look into creating a Republic guild, but this is not something we want to rush in to. The Imperial side was chosen by our own host Darth Sunshine and the server was chosen in a poll on the TORWars site that had hundreds of votes (though we suspect Carla had a hand too in making Shadowlands our home).



Having gone to one of your events myself, your guild has several planned guild events is this something the guild strongly believes in and how do these events impact the guild?

The leadership is constantly working on new events to keep the guild fun and enjoyable. We like to focus on events that are fun and creative in so much that they are ways to have fun that BioWare has not specifically provided in the game. For our hardcore raiding group, these events give players a chance to take a break from saving the universe. For our casual members this gives players a chance to step back from their class stories or PVP and just enjoy fellowship with their guild mates. We try our best to keep all events to something a lvl 10 character could do if they so chose. I can tell you right now we have at least three unique events in the works that will be coming up over the following months in addition to our regularly scheduled ones. The absolute most important goal of these events though is to build community.



Can you tell us about the event the guild had to mark St. Patrick’s Day? Are there in wild events TORWars has planned in the near future? How can people find out or participate in these events?

Our St. Patrick’s Day event was a very casual PVP event. It felt like the perfect time to have an event that played to the interest of the PVP crowd among our members. We had what we called “St.Patrick’s Day Drunkin’ Brawl” where on Sunday (St. Patrick’s Day) we all logged onto lowbies to take advantage of the double XP weekend, grabbed a pint of our favorite adult beverage, and created a raid to que up and PVP together. It turned out to be a lot of fun because so many of us were queuing we ended up against each other much of the time. I can tell you that members took great satisfaction in killing my poor toon over and over.

As for future events we currently have three in the planning stages. There will be events centered around Easter and the KY derby coming up for members to participate in. We also have a VERY exciting event coming up that I don’t want to talk about just yet (Wow, I just felt like an EA employee). Both the Easter and KY derby event will be “in the wild” and as close to the starter planets as we can, so level does not keep people from participating. We like to make our events available to as many people as we can so everyone feels a part of the TORWars team. This even extends to our greater TORWars listening community and the Shadowlands server for some events, while others (due to the size of the prizes or the nature of the event) we like to keep in guild. If anyone would like to join any of our open events check out for more info.



Now even though the guild has several social events, there are many other things the guild has to offer correct? Does the guild have an Operations team or teams? If so how are they progressing?

We are constantly doing our best to make sure every play style has a spot in our guild. We are a community first and an operations/PVP/social guild second.

For those PVP minded members there are constant Warzone groups going on every day. On Friday nights we hold a casual weekend PVP group where members like to unwind from a hard week of school or work and PVP their stress away. Some of these Friday night groups have gotten pretty crazy and you can really feel everyone unwind from their week. On Sunday nights we hold a more formal PVP event where we first break off into two teams, 1-50 and 50. The 1-50’s do Warzones while the 50 group ques up for ranked. We usually end up facing ourselves in ranked which is a lot of fun (we keep it real and both sides go for a win). Sometimes if we are lucky though other great PVP guilds will be queuing at the same time and that’s where the real fun begins. We have had the honor of being humbled by WOOK more than a few times.
For those who like to PVE we currently have 3 operations groups running and are considering starting a 4th.


We  have Jawa Pacification team who has cleared up to Operator in HM TFB before switching to PTS progression. Super Monday Morning Combat (for our stay at home members or those across the pond) is currently working on 8 man TFB. Then there is MXC who are progressing in 8 man TFB rather rapidly as well. All the groups have sort of gone into “expansion mode” and are testing new content on the open PTS / doing BH comms run in preparation for the Rise of the Hutt Cartel.
We also run an event on the 16th of each month where we run a different 16 man instance. Members who have not PVE’ed before are encouraged to join us to test the waters of PVE to see if they enjoy it. This is mostly run by our geared MXC members and it is an excellent way for casuals to see content they might not otherwise be exposed to.
We may not be on the bleeding edge of operations right now but members of all skill levels will find a home in one of our PVE groups or we will create one for them. One of the great things about having a guild our size is that no matter what your interests are in SWTOR, you are going to find like minded people to group up with.



What is one event the guild hosts on Wednesdays? How are these events going and what has been the biggest achievement so far and what goals are there for the future?

dreadtooth_zps38a4e7b8The event we run every Wednesday is called “World Boss Wednesday”. For this event we choose a weekly world boss quest to take down and then group up and kill them as an operation. We have gone from the lowest world boss up to Dreadtooth on these Wednesday nights.

Because the Gree event was going on, we were focused on killing the world bosses and the event boss that go along with the event. I think these events are going great and our biggest achievement has been getting players of all levels together to help each other out. It is a great thing to see our higher level members having fun and helping kill world bosses on planets like Quesh or Nar Shaddaa. Our goals for the future with this event will obviously be to take down new world bosses as they are created. This is the first time I have been in a guild that consistently takes down world bosses and it is a very fun time and way to experience content that I have not been exposed to before. The event leader Gatchet does an amazing job of running this event and everyone that shows up has a good time.



How has the guild been preparing for Patch 2.0, the Rise of the Hutt Cartel? Is the guild excited for this expansion? What is the one thing your members are most looking forward to or hoping to see in the new content?

Read, read and more reading…I know our Ops and PVP folks have been reading as much as they can and seeing what changes are coming down the line. The good thing about having a guild that formed from a SWTOR fan site is that most members are extremely informed about every new development. We are looking forward to what 2.0 and ROTHC has to offer!


As a guild leader, how would you say SWTOR ranks with tools for guilds? What are some ideas you would like to see BioWare add to help guilds?

Unfortunately we have to get real here for a moment. We love SWTOR, but the tools that are available to help manage a guild are lacking in several areas. Some tools that would be very helpful: guild mail system, ledger for guild kicks/invites, cross-faction guild communication for guilds that have both Imperial and Republic guilds, the ability to allow others besides just the GM to manage bank tabs/access, etc.


Is the TORWars guild currently recruiting? Are there specific requirements, or classes the guild asks of potential recruits?

We are always recruiting. Our philosophy is that we don’t pay your $15/month so we don’t get to tell you what class to play. Roll whatever class you enjoy and join us on the Shadowlands!


How is the best way for people to contact the guild or its officers? What steps does a player need to take to apply to the guild?

To join our guild, point your browser over to and join the website. A short registration at is required, and then you can browse some of our forums, send private messages to leadership or just stalk us. When you are ready to join, get an Imperial character to level 10 on the Shadowlands server, click the “Recruitment” link at the top of the site and fill out the casual 5 minute application and get ready to join us for some fun!



That’s it for this week’s Community Checkpoint. Best wishes to all the members of the TORWars guild and thanks for allowing me to be a part of their site to help research for this article. I want to also thank Aspis and Roari for their time and help in answering the questions. If you are looking for an Imperial guild on the Shadowlands server, that has a bit of everything…including some wild event, why not contact Aspis or Roari in-game or cruise over to their website and submit your application.

If you would like to possibly have your guild highlighted on Community Checkpoint…all you need to do is submit your guild/group’s website and some basic information in an email to me at,, just like the folks from TORWars guild did. We love to highlight members in the SWTOR community, from guilds to the many people working to plan events, contest, etc. We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks and see you next week!




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