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By Ghoztt

I can hardly believe if myself, but it has been one year since I began writing articles for Corellian Run Radio. I’m afraid that I won’t have any Operation wisdom to dispense with this week. Instead, I thought I would ramble on about the last year and about what it has been like to be a part of the CRR family.

How I got the position

I had been listening to SWTOR podcasts since before the game was released and, like everyone else, I eagerly awaited for launch day. The timing could not have been more perfect. My wife was taking the kids to visit her sister out of town and, due to having to work during the holidays, I had to stay home and thus had all the free time in the world. I buzzed through the content and joined a guild in order to start doing operations. I poured through web sites and listened to podcasts looking for different strategies on how to take on each boss, but I found information sadly lacking. We progressed through operations by learning strategies on our own, but I wanted to get the knowledge that I had learned out to the players.

It was about this time I heard CRR advertising that they were looking for writers. I thought that it couldn’t hurt to try and so I applied for a writing position. I didn’t hear back from anyone so I just let it slide and looked forward to attending the guild summit that was to be held in a few weeks time. That was a fun event and it got me even more excited about the game. As luck would have it, Carla was at the event as well and I had the opportunity to introduce myself and chat with her a while. She had seen my email, but had not had the chance to move on it due to the guild summit so she asked me to get in touch with her after the event. A week later I got the position and took the opportunity to introduce myself.

The Articles

I had so many things to write about and felt that I couldn’t get the information out there fast enough. After each new operation that was released I had a plethora of articles I felt like I had to publish. I tried to gear them towards beginner and advanced players alike, though I tended to lean more towards the hard core audience since that was what my ops group focused on. I tried to focus on all aspects of operations such as gearing, strategy and editorial pieces in order to offer a wide variety of topics. With the help of some of the other writers on the team I slowly developed my writing and editing abilities month after month. I admit that I still miss a comma or other punctuation here and there.

The Podcast

I thought I would only be writing for CRR, but soon after I started, Carla decided to change her podcast format to offer a monthly Writer’s Roundtable discussion. I have to admit that I wasn’t prepared to be recorded and that certainly shows in my first few appearances. They are a ton of fun, however, and I look forward to chatting with everyone before and after the recording. I have been criticized by my ops team that I tend to speak in a monotone when directing and explaining operation fights, but I’ve been working on that and the monthly recordings definitely seems to help.


As proud as I am about never having missed an article each week in the last year, I’m afraid that things happening in my life are going to force me to cut back on my articles. I will be changing my format to publish AT LEAST every two weeks. That means if I have the time to write I will post an article between those two weeks I will, but expect a bi-weekly schedule starting this week. With the expansion due in two weeks time I’m sure I will have a TON of things to write about, but I didn’t want anyone to be surprised with the new frequency of my postings. I look forward to another fun year of SWTOR and keep posting comments! They are what keep me going, knowing that my articles are being read!

Ready Check Done? Pulling in 3… 2… 1… (Or should I change it to just /rc now?)

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