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  • The Imperial Brotherhood

After a week off, Community Checkpoint is back. This week we get to meet the guild The Imperial Brotherhood. In Star Wars, there is the constant conflict with factions on both sides with their own military units. These units have been portrayed in many different ways, but there is the sense of brotherhood found. That bond and trust each of them have for their fellow comrade in arms, is this premise behind this week’s guild. Several members know more about these bonds from those that they formed in their real-world military service. How does this translate into the guild’s organization and gameplay?

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In this week’s Q&A several members help us learn more about The Imperial Brotherhood and also some quotes about why they joined and why they would recommend you try The Imperial Brotherhood.

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  • Guild Q&A

Can you share a bit how the guild got its start, and is this the first MMO for the guild?

Original ThreeI started the Imperial Brotherhood guild after I came back from Afghanistan. I had experienced a difficult time while I was deployed and found an escape in SWTOR. I figured if I found an escape in the game maybe other people of similar backgrounds would as well so I decided to create the Imperial Brotherhood.  This is the first MMO for the guild but we have plans to branch into multiple upcoming and present MMO’s as well.  – Mephilias



The guild’s backstory is filled with lore and self sacrifice, how do those two elements factor into the guild? Does the guild promote RP or encourage others to expand upon this story in their own words or characters?

We want our members to enjoy their time with us whether be it 1 hour a day or 10. Sacrifice or as we call it unselfishness is one of the cornerstones of the Brotherhood, we believe that we are only as strong as our weakest link and so we strive to ensure we are providing all the help we can to all our members. As far as the RP element goes we have some serious RP players but the majority do it to pass time and aren’t very serious. We want the backstory to focus on our history and the struggles we have been through, the names mentioned are former and present members who without them and their actions we would not be where we are today. We are always looking for opportunities to expand it as well. – Mephilias


IMB IconWhat faction and server  is The Imperial Brotherhood associated with?

You can find the Imperial brotherhood with the “Sith Empire” faction on the “Harbinger” (US west Coast) Server. – Makesta



What type of guild would best describe The Imperial Brotherhood? Along that focus, what has been the guild’s greatest achievement thus far? What is a current goal the guild has its sights set on in the future?

The Imperial Brotherhood is a PVE guild with a small interest in PVP. The biggest achievement thus far has been completing Terror from Beyond Hard mode as a guild. The current goal of The Imperial Brotherhood is to equip all its raiders in the highest leveled gear and complete Terror from Beyond 16 man Nightmare Mode.  – Voslen

 IMB taking down Karraga NIM


Were there many guild members able to experience Early Access for the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion? What has the guild’s opinions been on the new expansion, just after the release?

Yes, many members did have early access to Rise of the Hutt Cartel. The opinions thus far with the new expansion are that we have a lot of work to do if we are going to max our gear and raids. My personal opinion is, A Hutt that speaks Basic? I didn’t see that coming. – Voslen



The guild through backstory and membership has ties to various military backgrounds, correct? How did this impact the guild’s formation and organization style?

IMB Icon 2Our ties to various military backgrounds have assisted us in forming a guild that can work together through any circumstance. Having the same mind set and understanding of squad tactics allows us to advance through the game content, also it helps us to help others to complete set goals and content so that they may enjoy their game play. It also brings a sense of camaraderie that most guilds do not have because of our prior and current military members and our family concepts also play a big part in our guild. For example we have various members that also have wives and children who also play along with us in the guild. It has assisted us in establishing a rank structure that helps us to complete tasks within the game. Those guild members that are not military or do not have a military background take a few runs to learn and understand our terminology which makes it fun and entertaining at times. – Yinsu



A few quotes from the membership as to why they chose you join The Imperial Brotherhood.

I joined while leveling an alt and loved the organization and community. – Aman’thul


Well at the time I wasn’t actively seeking any guild, the one (and only) prior I had been in left somewhat of a bad taste in my mouth. Long story short I was running HM flashes and was told by a pair of gilded players from The Imperial Brotherhood  not only that I was a solid tank but also made very constructive and may I say Polite criticisms on how to improve, intrigued I joined. When actually in the guild what I immediately noticed, not only was everyone super helpful and friendly (not to mention very active players) I had noticed I was placed as an “initiate”. Upon further asking about this to my welcome surprise  was that everyone joining has to clear this process to see if they make a good fit into the guild by all or majority of guild officers. Knowing then that the Imperial Brotherhood cares enough for the guild and all the members inside enough to adhere to “quality over quantity” in new recruits, I had in fact found a new home inside SWTOR and now very happily reside there in.– Kurosumi


Why I joined The IMB, the first thing that got my interest was the name of the guild, I wanted to know if this could be all about all the members or like 90 % of the guilds just a few, I found that this guild was all about every member No member is left behind if they show up and want to improve their toon. The brotherhood and sisterhood here is nice and you just want to keep coming back, hell most of the time I do not want to leave. The GM and officers are 5 star in fact they almost all the time put the members here first, And they get you geared like they say, it is an honor to be here and be with such fine people. – Bullet


I was not a guild person, but, I received an invitation from Mephilias (our guild master) to join the Imperial Brotherhood. I still don’t know why, but on an impulse, I accepted the invitation. Just to check it out. I was amazed, when, calling for assistance to complete an Heroic mission, several of the members present, immediately dropped what they were doing, traveled and changed planets, to come to my help!…They dropped everything for Me, a “nobody newbie” who just signed-up 10 minutes before! I was hooked, incredibly grateful, humbled and hooked! – Makesta


Having been in a few republic guilds that after the server mergers the guilds dissolved so I was running solo for a bit had made a Juggernaut tank called Yinsu I ran a few times with Mephilias at the time was Euroxe and Aman’thul and Vectate I liked the way they played and their play style they made feel like I fit in they asked I joined and have enjoyed playing the game with them and they also put up with my dry humor its sort of like running with family. – Yinsu


I was alone in game… and happened to join an EV story mode. As we were battling, I chatted a bit with Yinsu and Aman’thul and afterwards I was asked to join their guild. I explained I was an older player and if they did not mind that would be great. I have been helped greatly by all members of the guild, especially in gearing and adding mods. I love the respect of the guild and the maturity of the members. – Pieti



As part of organization in a guild, there are usually defined terms for loot, in regards to upper level content like Operations and even Hardmode Flashpoints. What system does your guild utilize and how does it work within The Imperial Brotherhood?

We use a DKP (droid kill points) system, DKP is earned by doing Ops/HM FP’s with the guild and is then spent to purchase loot items acquired.  – Aman’thul

The guild utilizes a DKP and loot master system for Operations. When we run an op all the gear is collected by the Loot Master and passed out at the end via DKP points. If we have a pugged member they can take whatever gear they want at the end or whenever they leave. – Voslen



There has been added in to Patch 2.0, a guild perk of plus 5% bonus XP if you are a member of a guild. How does the guild feel about this perk and if you could add another guild perk what would it be and why?

Well I’m sure most if not all members’ love this perk, I really cannot image anyone scoffing at the chance to gain a bonus 5% xp… So Bioware did well here. One guild perk I would add would be one of bonuses to guilds that had higher standings on the server (such as bonus 10%xp/ higher crit chances on crafting ext.)  Not only would it create interesting rivalries but also fuel those guilds to further better themselves. – Kurosumi

This is a very handy ability for members trying to level alts to help the guild fit different needs. Another ability that would be helpful is something to do with increasing the likely hood of reverse engineering chance for equipment based on the guilds rank or something. – Voslen

 IMB taking down WB's


Is The Imperial Brotherhood currently recruiting? If so what classes/roles or requirements do potential recruits need to met before applying?

We are always looking for potential members; we will accept all classes and levels. The main requirements are no drama, 18+ years of age, and wanting to be a part of a close knit group. – Aman’thul

Check out their backstory and recruitment video.


If anyone is interested in learning more about The Imperial Brotherhood or wishing to contact an officer for more information, what is the best way for them to do so?

The best way to do that would be to go to the forum at www.imperialbrotherhood.com – Voslen

IMB biker Gang

ready to ride with The Imperial Brotherhood?


 More quotes from the guild membership…would they recommend The Imperial Brotherhood guild

I recommend the Imperial Brotherhood to any player wishing to do endgame content with a fun and lively crowd. – Aman’thul


The Imperial Brotherhood is exactly that a Brotherhood, we are friends in game and out and will always have each other’s backs. We are a guild that resides on Quality over Quantity when inviting new people, if a person has a good attitude but isn’t the most amazing healer we’ve ever seen that’s ok we are here to teach our brothers and sisters if they so want it and need it. People may think twice about a Guild that has leanings in the Armed Forces, to them I say “DON’T”.  Without a doubt it’s one of the most inspiring things about us it cuts out any serious drama most guilds crumble under. It also gives us an “unwritten” structure we can abide by and adhere to. Our officers are people too and some Officers in real life, I’ve seen other guilds give some people this same responsibility and power to people and the second the get in a position of power start to abuse it.. That being said it’s never happened here and I’m sure wouldn’t be tolerated. At the end of the day I not only Recommend joining the Imperial brotherhood but seriously suggest it to anyone else that hates drama, loves having fun, meeting and developing great friendships with funny, friendly people in a selfless progressive endgame guild. This is already your home just apply first… just hurry up already we need you for a raid 🙂 – Kurosumi


Yes, I would recommend this guild to anyone that is a team player and puts others many times ahead of him or herself, I’m 67 years old I knew nothing about raiding and in 1 month time I made it to the top raid time in almost all Dread Guard gear, and now I found out I can play this game and it’s all because of the people here…I will say this to all Gamers if you want to have the best time and fun and really be a part of something so special then come,
to where truly the best of the best are…The Imperial Brotherhood. – Bullet


Yes, I would definitely refer the guild to anyone who asked and I recommend our guild. We are honest, fun, helpful and respectful of others. When we run ops or Flashpoints, we take it serious and get the job done. Yet we always fine time in between battles to laugh and tease and enjoy each other’s company. – Pieti



That’s it for this week’s Community Checkpoint. If you are on the Harbinger server and looking for a guild you should get in touch with the members of The Imperial Brotherhood. This guild is all about forming bonds and helping each other constructively to get the most out of SWTOR. Thanks to all the members of The Imperial Brotherhood and those who gave their time to help answer the questions and offer their quotes. I want to especially thank the guild’s GM, Mephillias for his time and help gathering all the information for this week’s Community Checkpoint.

How exactly can you have your guild, like The Imperial Brotherhood, highlighted on Community Checkpoint? All you need to do is submit your guild/group’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, jason@corellianrun.com. At Corellian Run Radio, we love to highlight members in the SWTOR community, from guilds to the many people working to plan events, contest, etc. We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks and see you next week!



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