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By Ghoztt

I hope everyone enjoyed their march to 55 as much as I did. Even though it was only five levels, the amount of work that went into the planet of Makeb was evident in the story, scenery, missions and operations. Now that you’re at level cap you’re ready to tackle the old Terror From Beyond revamp to 55 and the all new Scum and Villainy on Darvannis. Let’s take a closer look at what these operations have to offer.

Something Old

Terror From Beyond

The Terror From Beyond operation has been scaled up to level 55 and, if anything, it is even easier now in story mode than it was at 50. You could easily go in with the previous tier gear such as Campaign and Dread Guard and breeze through the entire thing in about an hour. This is good news as it allows your ops members to gear up in the new tier which is called Arkanian. You’ll definitely need your team to be geared up in the new tier before tackling hard mode. The Writhing Horror and Dread Guard are manageable in Dread Guard gear, but Operator IX and beyond is a bit of a challenge without having some new pieces in place.

Something New


The new operation hotness is called Scum and Villainy and, for the first time, it boasts more than five bosses to kill. Seven to be exact. I posted a preview last month while testing on the PTS and, for the most part, the encounters remain the same. This ops is also able to be done in the older tier, however, I recommend having at least Dread Guard before going in. I’m excited to see how hard mode turns out and I’m looking forward to the new challenge.

This long awaited expansion seems to be just what was needed to inject new life into the game. I’m seeing some players that I hadn’t seen since launch return to try out what has been changed and what is new. I look forward to seeing what these new operations have to offer, especially the nightmare version of Terror From Beyond. That being said, the expansion isn’t without it’s problems. We ran into a bug in both Terror and Scum where trash mobs kept respawning randomly. I also have an issue with the new gear and set bonus configurations, but I think that rant will have to wait for another time. In the meantime get out there and enjoy yourselves in the new shinies that we have!

Pulling in 3… 2… 1…

^New signoff 😉

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