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  • Twisted – Sith Empire

There is a sense of renewal in SWTOR with the expansion: Rise of the Hutt Cartel. Some people are joining the game for their first experience in SWTOR, while others are returning to see how the game has improved. While, there are some that have remained with the game and like the direction SWTOR is heading. Members in today’s highlighted guild, Twisted, are ones that for the most part fall in the group that has felt this is a good game. Twisted is a guild that has been a part of other MMOs and enjoys the thrill of endgame progression raiding/operations. We will learn more about how they got started and what drives them in their endgame pursuits.

Are you ready to get “Twisted” after the Jump…?





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  • Guild Q&A

Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got into gaming?

twisted-screenshot2 - mes

Twisted’s GM – Mes

My name is Josh aka Mes. I would say gaming got into me rather than me getting into gaming. It all started with Atari that my parents had and they purchased a NES when they first came released. I guess I was fortunate enough to have young parents that were interested in gaming as well. At about the age of 8 I got my first PC and I have never looked back.



How did the idea for the Twisted guild start and is this the first game for the guild?

I love playing MMOs and being in guilds is such a huge part of them. Twisted started back in Burning Crusade of WoW. I was leading a guild with my younger brother and it was really taking a toll on us. The constant turnover of members at that time really soured our taste for running a guild. When Lich King came out we decided that we would just join a good guild on our server rather than keep running ours. It didn’t take long to realize that our best times playing MMOs came when we were running Twisted. Somehow we had formed a tight knit family of gamers that just loved gaming together. It was always more about the group and the fun we were having than the progression or raid instance we were working on at the time.



What server and faction is Twisted a part of? Was this the guild’s original server?

Twisted is on The Bastion server and part of the Sith Empire faction. We were on Warriors of the Shadow but that poor server died an early death.



Since the mergers and now with the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion, how do you think the game is progressing?

Most people hear server mergers and just assume that a game is horrible and there is no reason to stick around. I however, think it was long overdue and that if Bioware had merged sooner they may have kept more people. SWTOR was never a bad game. People rush to judge too soon. WoW is 7 years old and still has just as may bugs if not more than most new MMOs. Most people weren’t around for WoWs launch or first 12 months, but that game had issues. If WoW 7 years ago had to release against WoW of today I bet it would have has server mergers and gone F2P just like SWTOR. Okay off my soap box. I feel like this game is progressing great and that alone is why Twisted has come back to the game. We left pre-1.3 because our server died, and now we are almost all back and re-subscribed.



Speaking of the new expansion how does the guild like RotHC? What part of the expansion does the guild like the best and what part of it does the guild feel it likes the least?

swtor-makeb terrainI think it may be too early to know what we like the least so far. As far as what we really like I can tell you that we all feel Makeb is amazing. The graphics, flow of the quests, and overall game play out there is a lot of fun. I also feel like Bioware did a great job with adding in new abilities to each advanced class without completely changing the style of play.



Each guild tends to have a specific gameplay associated with them, what would be the gameplay or style Twisted is mostly into? What has been the guild’s greatest achievement in this area to this date?

Twisted has always been a PVE guild that strives to be at the leading edge of progression. I don’t know what I would call our greatest achievement in SWTOR, but I can tell you that we are achievement whores and love pushing ourselves to get them all!



In regards to the area of raiding/Operations, how many times a week does the guild make Op runs? What days and times are usually set aside for raiding?

Like I said we love to be on the front of progression, however, we only raid 2 nights per week, Wednesday and Thursday nights from 9pm-12am PST. We have never and will never treat any game we play as a job and that is why we only raid 2 nights a week. Twisted is also a guild geared around family time and careers, which is why we play later than most other guilds.



Now when it comes down to raiding/operations, it is all about having fun and conquering new enemies, but there is also the wonderful. How does Twisted go about distributing loot and how does the system work?

We use a loot council made up of our officers and each week a random raid member gets moved up a rank so they can see officer chat and participate in distributing the loot. We focus heavily on keeping our loot council transparent so no one ever feels like certain people are favored. When deciding on who gets to look first with tier tokens and such we always gear out our tanks and healers before DPS. From many years of experience we find that geared tanks and healers make progression easier.

 loot council - sith


Your guild stresses each member of the raiding team to know basic strategies for each encounter correct? How does the guild help each member learn these fights to be ready for the next op run?

We post videos of the encounters with the strategies we are going to use on our website in the forums. In here we also open up discussions around the encounter to see if people may have other ideas on how to tackle the encounter.



Is the guild Twisted currently recruiting? If so are there specific classes/advance classes the guild needs or other requirements that potential recruits need to be aware of?

There are no real requirements other than get ready to make friends you will probably game with for many years. We are always accepting new members into our community



How is the best way for those interested in joining Twisted’s ranks to contact the guild or its officers?

In game, I can be reached on Mes or Volixi. They can also email Josh@twisted-gaming.com for guild information. If people are just looking for an invitation to our guild feel free to talk to any member, any of them can invite you into our group! Also go check out our website for details of the latest news with the Twisted Gaming family.


I want to thank all the members of the guild Twisted for allowing me to learn more about them and share a little about this guild with you. I also want to thank their guild leader, Mes for his help with gathering the answers for this article. In light of recent events, I would like to take a moment to also thank all the members of the civil services from those in medical professions, from ER staff, first responders, to the nurses and doctors. Also thanks to the police and members of the military that perform their jobs without always the thanks they deserve. This may sound odd in a guild article, but it is people in jobs like these and many others around the world that make up the membership of this guild and the many that are a part of this game and several other games. Thank you.


Does your guild have a specific focus when playing SWTOR or maybe something that sets your guild apart from the rest? Hardcore or Casual, PVP or PVE or RP let us all hear about your guild! Or maybe you are looking to let the community know you are recruiting, if so, why not contact me and see if we can tell the community about what your guild is doing. Just submit your guild’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, jason@corellianrun.com. Look forward to highlighting more guilds here at Corellian Run Radio. Thanks and see you next week!




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