Apr 232013

Photo-Receptor Focus on: Post X-Pac: Pro or Con

By Maer

We’ve had a couple weeks to play around with the new expansion and many of us zoomed through to level 55 within the first day or so. How is the game holding up? Did the X-Pac meet, exceed or fail to meet our expectations?

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To be honest, I’m so busy with the release of my book next week that I was one of those who zoomed through to 55 in the first two days. Since then I’ve been raiding, but not much else. I really want to get to crafting because I know it’s needed by my guild for those MK-9 kits. I spent the time before the launch getting several of my lower level alts to 400 on their crafting, but little time to get any of my characters through to 450 since launch.

My impression for the first few days was very positive. I enjoyed the quests on Makeb, although I still need to finish them. But after those first two days, there’s only a little bit of new content from quests for me to do. At least they were fun quests and I really enjoyed them.

I’ve gotten some nice upgrades to my gear and I’m looking forward to the new Ops. And yes, I’ll be paying close attention to Ghozzt’s articles about “Scum & Villainy.” So far our group is doing the old Ops getting our 16 man raid geared up. Since we are a casual progressive group, we don’t race, but we are almost ready to move into the newer content.

One note: I still think repairs are too high. Especially when we get into wipe fests on the difficult content, it’s going to make me very unhappy. I’m not looking forward to that and wish Bioware would understand its player base better. I still think they don’t get a lot of things, but that’s nothing new from me.

I’m hoping Bioware will actually meet its efforts to put out new content every six to eight weeks. They will definitely need to do that if they hope to keep the momentum going. And I don’t consider new content to be like their non-event over Christmas. That was where the “event” consisted of us getting to buy new stuff with Cartel Coins. I still think that kind of content is pretty bogus, to be honest, and I hope they up their game in that regard.

Overall, I’m happy with “The Rise of the Hutt Cartel”, even though the content went by pretty quickly. So, I’d have to say that 2.0 met my expectations in quality, but barely met them in the amount of new content offered.

That’s my two credits. What’s yours?


Editor’s Note: Maer’s new book, Relics, Book 1 of The Thulukan Chronicles, is an Urban Fantasy that will release on May 1, 2013. You can find it at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and follow updates for it on Goodreads. You can also view the book trailer on Youtube.



  3 Responses to “My Two Credits: Post X-Pac: Pro or Con?”

  1. I think that is this expansion in a nutshell: Good quality, very lacking in quantity.

    S&V is pretty dam long however.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Bob. I haven’t gotten into S&V yet.

  3. Well I hasvemt reached 55 yet … only 53. I love the free gear I got at 50 (prior to rothc) and some of the things in 2.0. At first I was bummed about the cap on planetary commendations. then to my surprise I was “in love” with thw consolidation of PC’s. For instance, just finished Balmorra with my BH, and was able to update my gear with armors, mods and Enhancements gathered from balmorra and all the planets before at Nar Shadda mod vendor… getting gear updates appropriate to my level. My BH is a badass now … and even Mako benefited some. This was so far the thing I liked best.

    Bad thing for me as 50 assissan …. belsavis area X Daily’s seem to have gotten a bit more difficult …. was easy (well sort of) first try but now that Makeb is out I die a lot. Oh well just have to soldier on to 55. Smile everybody … It’s still star wars 🙂

    Cannot see how anyone who would buy cartel packs (I am sure more than 10 bucks worth) could complain about value recieved for rothc. (drops 2 cents on post.

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