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  • SerraTek Industries – Sith Empire

Behind almost everything is a corporation, someone that funds an enterprise or even activities. This week we talk to one such entity that not only helps, but even participates in assisting the Empire. Help me welcome to our Community Checkpoint, SerraTek Industries. We will talk to one of their executives, Ordaerus. How long has SerraTek Industries been in business? How have they helped the Empire, and if so, are they presently helping them?

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  • Guild Q&A

How did the guild get started? Is SWTOR the only game being played by the guild?

Our founding members met through another group whose interest in the game was waning.  However, we couldn’t get enough of it and eventually decided to branch out and start our own thing which became SerraTek.  As of right now, SWTOR is the only game we’re playing.



Can you share some of the SerraTek Industries’ backstory? How did the “conglomerate” backstory idea come about?

We got together and brainstormed the idea of a war conglomerate.  This suited us well because not a lot of other guilds were doing it, and it was versatile enough to allow for all sorts of RP backgrounds and game character classes.  Basically you could either be an Imperial patriot or just in it for the money and both would work perfectly well.  The guild’s backstory isn’t particularly in-depth, mostly because we wanted to keep it as realistic in a Star Wars setting as possible.  SerraTek Industries is owned by a particularly shady fellow who doesn’t show his face or interact extensively with his work force.  Instead, he relies on his Executives to deal with the daily chores of running a company.  In SerraTek, the backstory serves as a jumping off point for all of the things which the guild does in RP.

 Big Numbers


Can you tell us your name and what your position is here with SerraTek Industries? How long have you been with this company? What sort of benefits does the company have for their employees?

You may call me by my Sith name, Ordaerus.  I have been with the company for roughly a year or so, and I am one of a handful of Executives that operate SerraTek Industries at its highest level.  We decide where accumulated funds are distributed, delegate the training of our staff as well as recruitment, and conduct business deals with parties interested in our services.  As far as benefits go, our employees are paid to do as they’re told.  I myself believe this to be more than adequate, as I do not understand this senseless pandering and bribery of the work force.  Likely a despicable trait inherited by our less-than savory Republic neighbors…though I hear we have a dental plan on the way.


A few employees were gracious enough to tell us how they have benefited since joining SerraTek Industries.

“My galactic contact-base has doubled since I joined SerraTek.” – Miles Hawkril

“There is money, there are weapons, and there is fun. Also, there is no shortage of work.” – Gaizus Lyn

“I stay because it’s an active group and I’ve become friends with many people here.  It’s even gotten to the point where I come into Vent to speak with them even if I’m not on SWTOR.  I could see myself being friends with these people in real life.” – Erzulie Degas


Where is SerraTek Industries located, as far as server? Where do the company’s loyalties lie when talking about factions, even during this period since the Treaty of Coruscant?

We are located on the RP-PvP server Jung Ma.  SerraTek Industries is loyal to the Sith Empire and no others.  While we are of course concerned about profit margins as well as general growth for ourselves, our ultimate goal is to see the Empire wrest control of the galaxy from the Republic and bring about a new era of order.

Soon To Be Dead

Okay on 3…
Do we go on 3 or 3 then go?


Does the company idea carry through to the guild’s leadership and organization? If so how does SerraTek Industries operate and what roles are there for membership?

SerraTek Logo-smallEach Executive is in charge of a specific branch within the company.  The branches’ basic functions are Diplomacy, the Academy, Research and Development, Bio-Medical, and Quality Control, “our field testing division.”  There is room for promotion for all of our employees who show promise in their respective fields.  As for our CEO, while he prefers to remain anonymous, he entrusts the workings of the company to his Executives.



While researching your guild, I noticed that there are Recruit Events. Are Recruit Events directly correlated to SerraTek’s Training Academy? Can you explain more about these events?

They are indeed related.  While our recruitment process is lengthier than most, it is simple and straightforward.  First we take an application and see whether the applicant is a good fit for the company.  If not, we will explain why, and leave it up to the applicant to decide whether they would like to pursue their application further.  If they do decide to pursue their application and make it to the next stage of our recruitment process, we mail them our comm frequency (Vent information) and hold a verbal interview to go over the rules once more, and get a vague idea as to what kind of person they are.  At this stage they are considered probationary members who can be let go should it appear that SerraTek Industries is not suited for them.  They must attend an undisclosed amount of Recruit Events which are held once a week.  We like to begin with an orientation for our newest recruits to familiarize them with company policies.  After that initial event, the following ones may be any number of tasks to establish the employees’ strengths and weakness so that they may determine which of SerraTek’s numerous branches they would like to work in on a more permanent basis.  It also provides a chance for new recruits to get to know their fellow employees in a comradely, low-pressure setting.



What other sort of corporate events does SerraTek Industries sponsor? Does the company have a calendar of events planned? Are there internal corporate goals, as far as potential new events?

We hold all sorts of events.  On occasion, we are contracted to deal with some rather large monstrosities that find their way into the wild via genetic tinkering or crashed transports.  We also run training simulations of some historic victories by the Empire. (World Bosses and Operations).  As we develop new weaponry, there naturally comes a point where field testing becomes a necessity.  Our employees certainly do earn their pay during these events (PvP).  Sometimes we host company dueling nights.  The arenas can be anything from a fairly generic setting, to a series of industrial pipes fitted perilously high from the ground.  I enjoyed this one more before we were forced to install a safety net.  Most importantly, we sometimes receive contracts with enough importance that all combat-personnel must be dispatched to fulfill it.  Naturally I can’t give you any specific instances as we respect our clients’ privacy, but SerraTek has been asked to do a great number of different tasks.  These range to combat, espionage, interrogation, data retrieval.  The list goes on (RP).



Besides events, what other areas does SerraTek Industries find themselves engaged during the unrest between the Republic and the Empire? Is it true the company has had involvement in Warzones, Operations and even Open World battles?

As one of the Empire’s foremost innovators of arms and armoring technology, we are sometimes called upon to field test our products to ensure the utmost quality.  Our quality control team has been dispatched throughout the galaxy and into numerous warzones, to field test our products in a realistic setting.  For example, the new SerraTek Industries’ D-9000 Heavy Repeating Blaster has already proven to be able to blast through standard issue Republic armor and Twi’lek chest cavities at 500 rounds per minute without jamming, fouling, or overheating.


Check out the latest weapon research video from SerraTek Industries:


Speaking of new employees/recruits, is SerraTek Industries currently accepting job applications for positions within the company ranks? If so are there specific positions or classes the company needs?

SI researchSerraTek Industries is always looking for willing men, women, and aliens to take up arms against the enemies of the Empire, whether it is with a blaster, a vibroblade, or a spreadsheet.  While we do have a heavy emphasis on our squads, there are plenty of non-combat roles that need filling within our other branches of the company, such as scientists, doctors, mechanics, engineers, etcetera.  A war is not won with arms alone.  We also allow Sith to join our ranks who may wish to further themselves within our society but do not wish to deal with the politics and….ahem, other problems that come with using the usual channels.



How is the best way for potential new employees to contact SerraTek for more information or seeking to submit an application? What are some basic requirements potential new employees should have when submitting their application?

Anyone interested in traveling the galaxy, working with weapons, or taking a simple desk job, (all at competitive wages) will find it a simple matter to get into contact with us.  All of our employees are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns.  Everyone in the company is well-versed in how you’re supposed to apply, but leadership names to look out for would be Vurumai, Cinders, Decidus, Alexiss, Ozel, and of course me, Ordaerus.  As for working on an event, asking for me or Alexiss would be the best choice.  Setting up relations with those outside of SerraTek is our specific job.

If the applicant is a shy sort, information on our company can easily be found on our holonet site. This is also where we look over applications.  As far as basic requirements, all we ask is that some effort be put into the application.  We are far more likely to accept someone with good spelling and grammar than someone who’s been doing this for ten years and still spells “you” as “u”.  While we do Raids and PVP, we are an RP guild first and foremost.  If you’re interested in joining our guild but haven’t had a lot of experience, don’t feel bad.  We don’t mind if you’ve never role played before in your life, and to be quite honest we consider it to be an exciting project.  We are more than happy to teach you the deeper details of any planet, species, or whatever it takes to deepen your connection to your character or your enjoyment of the game.


SerraTek Industries new promotional video:


Every corporation has a measuring stick for success, how does SerraTek Industries measure success, as a company and as a guild?

As a company, success is measured by the hard work of our employees.  By the accomplishments this provides.  By the expanding size of Republic graveyards…By the sphere of influence our Empire has over the galaxy.  As a guild, we measure success by the enjoyment we provide our members.  As one of SerraTek’s guild leaders, the greatest joy I get is when we’ve completed a guild RP and the answer to my question “Did everyone have fun?” is a resounding “Yes!”



That’s it for this week’s Community Checkpoint. I want to thank all the employees and executives of SerraTek Industries for allowing me to share their company with the SWTOR community. I especially would like to thank Ordaerus for all his time and help with the interview. I also want to thank him for the “security clearance” to gather resources for this article. If you are part of the Jung Ma server and looking for a fun RP guild/company to apply to, look into SerraTek Industries for a potential guild or place of employment.

How exactly can you have your guild highlighted, like SerraTek Industries? All you need to do is submit your guild/group’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, jason@corellianrun.com. At Corellian Run Radio, we love to highlight members in the SWTOR community, from guilds to the many people working to plan events, contest, etc. We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks and see you next week!




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