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HoloNet Links #94

Darth Malgus contestHard to believe it is already May! Wow, where does time go? Seeing that it is May, I want to wish everyone an early May the 4th Be with You, as in “May the Force Be with You.” While we are speaking of May the 4th, not sure if any of you saw this, but I sure didn’t…BioWare with the help of SideShow Collectibles is having a contest! They are giving away not one, but two 1/6th scale Darth Malgus Statutes, that retails for around $185! In order to qualify for the contest, your entry form has to be in before May 25th, 2013, 11:59 PT, contestants must also be a registered user and lastly you must be a U.S. resident. For more contest details and entry form, please go to this link for the May the 4th Be with You contest.

Info on Update 2.1, Dirty Fighting 2.0, fan-fiction & more after the Jump…





  • Cathar are Coming in 2.1

In Game Update 2.1, theme and name is Customization. One of the ways BioWare will allow players to customize in 2.1 is the ability to create a Cathar character. Yes, this ability will cost 600 Cartel Coins, but this has been known for awhile.

cathar empirePersonally, I think the Cathar is a great species to be introduced in SWTOR. It may not be as iconic as others, but it was one of the species introduced in the original Knights of the Old Republic game. Below is the Cathar preview video and also to the right is a Cathar from the Empire side, seen on Makeb. It is a bit darker and less “Thundercat.” If you aren’t familiar with the Thundercat reference, it probably means you didn’t grow-up during the 80’s. Go to Youtube or Google and look it up 🙂

Are you going to create a new Cathar alt or even change one of your current character’s specie to that of Cathar? Either way let us know in the comment section below.


  • Character Customization Coming in 2.1

I’m sure many people have heard the buzz or even read the many threads burning up the SWTOR forums concerning Game Update 2.1: Customization. Currently, there is very little we know for sure and though we can speculate from now till it is released, let’s just stick with what we do know.

In April’s Old Republic Insider video, we heard from game producer Corey Butler about the exciting things coming in update 2.1. First, he discussed the recently added items to the Cartel Market. While these are added content for the Cartel Market, the new sets look great and they have really started to make an effort to bring more color and even different styles of clothes/armor, especially for those who need that special cantina outfit, rather than the same Operation armor set.

appearance kioskThe next big item he went on to discuss was the character appearance kiosk. As the video states, players will be able to change their appearance, like hairstyle, eye color, etc and even change the character’s specie. The big question on almost everyone’s mind, what type of currency will be used for these character appearance changes…will it be a one-time Cartel purchase, or Cartel coins for each change or will it be in-game credits? Corey Butler didn’t say in the video and since we don’t have the actual patch notes, to say anything else is speculation.

I believe this is going to be a touchy subject for many players, especially subscribers. Personally, I’m happy with the look of the characters I have already made, but the option to be able to make the changes is very appealing. I would like to see the majority of the character appearance kiosk be in-game credits with maybe a onetime Cartel Coin unlock purchase. This helps BioWare generate money for gameplay content and then players don’t feel like they are getting nickeled and dimed for cosmetic changes. Now, my one exception would be specie changes, I feel those should be Cartel Coins for every specie change.

The last item, Mr. Butler announced that would be coming in update 2.1, is the ability to dye/color armor in the game. Once again the actual details on this feature are not specifically known. So it is another wait and see feature, but knowing we can, in some way, change the color of our armor is awesome! This will make those trips to the Fleet, less like a meeting of various clones. Anything that allows players to personalize their character is a good thing. Be sure to check out the April Insider video and then let us know your thoughts on these new customizations heading to SWTOR, in the comment section below.


*an update to the dye/color system*

While writing the article, I keep a look out for new items and this is “hot off the web.” I came across an article by Massively’s Larry Everett about the new dye system for SWTOR. He reports that Dulfy, of, was able to talk to officials at BioWare and has the latest on how the system will work when update 2.1 goes live. It does appear crafters, artificers to be precise will be able to craft 20 of the available dyes, 25 more will be found in the Cartel Market and the final 3 dyes going to those with access to CE and security key vendors. To be honest, I can live with this type of compromise. In fact, this has me looking at the rest of Game Update 2.1 in more of a positive light. Thanks to Larry Everett and Dulfy, who I am convinced never sleeps lol, for a couple great articles on the new changes coming. Read through both articles to get all the exclusive details on how the dye system will work.



Star Wars Community News & Events

  • Corellian Run Radio’s Weekly Nav Coordinates

This has been a hectic week for many of the writers, especially our very own Maer, whose book is now out. Although it is not a Star Wars book, we have to show some love for someone who is such a hard worker and has achieved a major milestone by having the courage to go after her dream. For more information about her book, Relics, you can go to the book’s Facebook page, The Thulukan Agency for more details.

In the Community Checkpoint, I got the chance to meet a great RP guild/company, known as SerraTek Industries. They are a great group of gamers and their attention to detail in RP is amazing. I had a blast with the interview and encourage you to take some time to give it a read, especially if any of you are into RP or a member of the Jung Ma server.

As you read through any of articles or listen to the podcast, please take a moment and submit your feedback and suggestions in the comment sections. We love to hear from you. Thanks again, to you our loyal fans and followers, enjoy the links below!

04/29 Community Checkpoint featuring SerraTek Industries by Jason Taylor

Corellian Run Radio’s Youtube channel

Corellian Run Radio’s Facebook group


We are looking for people interested in helping on the Corellian Run Radio website. So if you would like to write an article or create a video guide or maybe you have another idea altogether, please contact us. You just need to send us an email with your idea and a small writing sample to explain your skills and why you want to help out at Corellian Run Radio. Submit your ideas, a bit about yourself and small writing sample to us at




  • SWTOR fan fiction

mandalorian girl2Mandalorian Girl has a new part of her ongoing SWTOR fan fiction story, titled Old Friends and New. We pick up the story just after the Jedi, Aiden has spoken with Saragus, his brother, who happens to be a Sith. We will see how Na’sha takes the news of Aiden’s friends will be joining her, but what about Aiden himself. There is also the mission Saragus keeps mentioning to her. What could it be and will this mission go against the Jedi or the Republic?

Mandalorian Girl, yet again, displays her writing talent. The edition is not a long read, but it is full of conflict about loyalties and also love…love between family members and possibly love from a Jedi?

Below is a small excerpt from this latest edition. Be sure to leave your comments below and go to her website to subscribe, so you will not miss an issue.

Saragus came into view, or I should say, Lord Saragus, but somehow he didn’t seem Sithy enough to have that title. I saw a wealthy, well groomed, family oriented man when I looked at him, not a Sith. I saw some of Aiden’s mannerisms in him, but the strength and charisma were all his own. He reached for my hand as he neared.

“I trust you are enjoying my home?”

“Yes, it is lovely. I appreciate your hospitality, but when are you going to explain what you need me to do? I would assume it is time sensitive, isn’t it?”

“It is, but don’t be in a rush to go to work just yet; enjoy yourself until your friends arrive.”

“My friends are on their way?” I glanced at him, my heart in my throat as I asked, “What about Aiden?”



  • Geldarion’s Dirty Fighting Build for 2.0

As promised last week, we have the Gunslinger – Dirty Fighting skill tree builds from Drew aka Geldarion. This build guide, like his past, is very thorough and not only covers builds, roles and rotations for PVP, but Drew also covers how the various Dirty Fighting skill tree builds can best be used in the PVE aspect of the game. The section on specific builds is great for those of us use to or prefer a certain style of combat. Nice job Drew and keep those guides coming! If you haven’t already, I urge you to subscribe to follow his blog, The Fanatical Swordsman.


That’s it for this week’s article. If you have a particular link, story, video, or topic related to SWTOR we would love to hear about it! You can send those to us here at Corellian Run Radio and we can place it in a future article. Just email us the links and/or the details for the event at, or you can also leave any link suggestions in the comments below, or in Corellian Run Radio’s Facebook group. See you all next week!



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