May 052013
goofy_854x480 This week Carla & Drew discuss the Makeb, bugs and fixes, the Vice Commandant’s Cartel Pack, Update 2.0.1, and more!FACT OR FICTION: Can you pick out the true fact? This week’s fact or fiction is all about bugs!

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FROM THE NEWSNET & BEYOND: Roundup of the most important announcements and news.

  1. Update 2.0.1 Cartel Market additions
  2. Update 2.0.1 Patch notes
  3. Bugs and issues
    1. Pet for Macrobinoculars droids achievement
    2. Dark and Light Jaesa required for achievement
    3. Bolster bugged with empty slots in Custom gear
    4. PvE gear superior to PvP gear
  4. Crew skill adjustments
  5. World PvP even harder
  6. Class-specific blogs
    1. Smuggler/Agent
    2. Knight/Warrior
    3. Trooper/Bounty Hunter
    4. Consular/Inquisitor


Don’t forget to check out the great articles on CRR this week!


SITH OR JEDI: Test of the Displaced Laundry

Thanks to @DarakCampbell for this week’s Sith or Jedi!

You are doing your laundry at a community laundry at your apartment. You leave your laundry for a bit to go run back up to your apartment to get something you forgot. While you are gone, a person stops your load in the middle of the wash cycle and puts their load in. You come back to an empty room, your sopping wet and soapy load left in a pile on your clean and folded stack of clothes. Do you:

  1. Sigh, and wait for another washer to finish to continue your load.
  2. Stop their load mid-cycle and throw their wet clothes out into the snow to freeze solid. Leave a note like so:
    darakcampbell sith or jedi
  3. Take a red shirt you weren’t terribly fond of anyway and add it to their load of white laundry.


Community Buzz

Makeb and Carla’s reflections!

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Thank you, EVERYONE, for listening!

  3 Responses to “Episode 94: Carla’s Back!”

  1. Enjoyed the show. Why did you take so long to post it.

  2. TYVM for (another) great podcast.

    I interpreted the biochem changes differently.
    There were purple crafting mats – Hollinium, Perfect Car Cry, Viral Residue – that have ZERO items that are made with them. I.e., if your crafting mission crits, you get less valuable results. The changes seem to be that H & PCC will be removed. Rather than remove VR, they are changing the bio recipes so that it will be used

  3. Real life was kicking our butts!!! Sorry! 🙁

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