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HoloNet Links #95

Some of you have noticed our podcasts have been delayed. It is not because we don’t love doing this or love SWTOR. Sometimes things just get crazy in life, whether it is a new job, travel, school, family, or even releasing one’s own book. We appreciate each and every one of our loyal listeners, readers and followers. We are working hard to get more info and podcasts out to you in a timely manner.

Now, on with the news and links, we have a couple important dates announced this past week by BioWare. Yes, you heard me correctly dates. No, coming soon, or near future, etc. they gave us actual dates for the next two updates!

More on the dates for updates& remembering a film legend after the Jump…






  • Dev notes

As I stated in the opening, BioWare announced actual dates for Update 2.1 and Update 2.2. Below is the official dev post by Eric Musco.

EricMusco 2.1 page update. Is this all? Nothing there for subscribers? | 05.07.2013, 07:44 AM

Hey everyone,
I wanted to specifically address the concern of “what is a subscriber getting in an all Cartel Market update?” Game Update 2.1 brings a whole lot of customization and convenience features to the game which have been requested for quite some time, such as character name changes etc. As we have stated in the past, we always design systems like this knowing that subscribers will be receiving Cartel Coins each month, and certainly more options for your monthly Cartel Coin grant can’t be a bad thing!
I think the core of some of your frustrations is that you feel like Game Update 2.1 is “eating up a slot” for our regular content cadence, and because of that, you won’t actually be receiving any new content in this “cycle.” I figure the best way to address that is to lay out a bit of a road map of what the next few weeks looks like! This will help especially if you are only looking at what you are getting within one “content cycle.” As I have done in the past, I need to make it clear that everything I am about to say is our current plan and that it is subject to change, but I want to give you as many details as I can! Here is our current plan:

  • Game Update 2.1 will release on Tuesday, May 14th
  • Game Update 2.2 will release on Tuesday, June 11th

If you are keeping track and we hit those dates, Game Update 2.2 will releasing 8 weeks and 2 days from the time we released Rise of the Hutt Cartel (so basically around our 8 week cadence that is often referenced). What that means is that even though I can’t yet tell you what is in Game Update 2.2, you are getting two Game Updates within that period. I will say this: Game Update 2.2 has no new Cartel Market features… Also, both of these Game Updates will come with the usual bug fixes, quality of life improvements, etc. which you have come to expect (reference the patch notes for more info).
I know many of you will reserve full judgment until you see what happens over the next few weeks. I hope getting a little bit more information on our timeline will help alleviate your concerns. I have stated before that our Cartel Market and content teams are two very different things internally, which is why we can have these two Game Updates release so close together. Hopefully that provides some insight into our plans!
TLDR – If you’re concerned that Game Update 2.1 is taking up space in our content cadence and only contains Cartel Market stuff, fear not, Game Update 2.2 is coming sooner than you would expect!
PS – The Gree Enclave wanted me to pass on that they will be returning soon…

I, for one, am soo happy they gave us dates for the next updates. This is a huge improvement to the old coming soon trademark used in the past by BioWare. Of course, the dates could change due to issues since there is no such thing as perfect software etc. The very fact they put themselves out there, with dates, makes me feel better about them keeping to their promise on content intervals. The other two things I took from this post were that the Gree Event will be returning to Ilum and the fact Update 2.2 will be primarily content outside of the Cartel Market. I would love to see some new Flashpoints, and of course you “raiders” would love to see new Operations modes or possibly a new Operation. Could the update have animal mounts, who knows, but it will be exciting to learn more over the next few weeks.



EricMusco lol bolster | 05.07.2013, 10:16 AM

Originally Posted by Hawkwalker

I think most of us knew the goal of bolster at 55. We just want it to work correctly. Any word on a fix?

Good question! I probably should have mentioned that in my post. The bug that players are experiencing in relation to augments in certain armor slots will be fixed in Game Update 2.1, which is currently slated for release next Tuesday, 5/14.

It looks like the PVP bolster bug could be fixed as early as next Tuesday, when Update 2.1 is launched May 14th. I’m sure this could not come soon enough for our PVP fans. Anything that keeps things fun and closer to the ever elusive balance issue is a good thing. Not to mention make PVP gear worth having, instead of players using a bug to gain an advantage.

 swtor voidstar_screenshot1


AmberGreen Companion healing bugged? | 05.07.2013, 04:46 PM

Hi folks!
There’s currently a strange bug that could be the source of your troubles: if you or a group member have a pet out and the pet takes damage, your healing Companion will stop healing players! Unsummoning the pet will make your Companion behave as intended. I’ll be sure to put this on the Known Issues with the next update.
Please post here if you find that your healing Companion Character isn’t doing their job and it isn’t related to your pet. When posting, please provide as many details as you can and we’ll be sure to investigate.


This is an interesting bug. I personally have not witnessed this bug in-game in groups or in my solo gameplay, but will be keeping an eye out for it. If you or I run into this issue, we need to make sure that we take a moment to submit a /bug in-game with as much detail as possible, as in where, when, and what was the situation when the bug occurred. The more information the devs have the better they can figure out what is causing this bug and get it fixed. Also Amber mentions about posting this same information in a post to this thread.



AmberGreen Universal Crafting Trainer Holostatue | 05.08.2013, 03:41 PM

This is a great idea, and it’s been passed along to the gurus of the Cartel Market. I know I’d personally love to see this!
Here’s my question for you guys: What character would you want to see as the Universal Crew Skill Trainer?

I like this idea also. Not sure if I’m all about having it be a Cartel item, maybe an unlock ability/perk like Rocket Boost etc. would be better. This would give players the ability to use Cartel Coins or in-game credits to unlock it. As far as what character to be the Holostatue, for me it is easy, make it a Jawa. They are the mechanics/crafters of the galaxy.

What would your ideal character for a universal crafting trainer holo be? Let us know in the comment section below.



Star Wars Community News & Events

  • Corellian Run Radio’s Weekly Nav Coordinates

This week we are catching up with not one, but two podcasts! As you read through any of articles or listen to the podcast, please take a moment and submit your feedback and suggestions in the comment sections. We love to hear from you. Thanks again, to you our loyal fans and followers, enjoy the links below!

05/05 Episode 94: Carla’s Back! – podcast

05/06 Community Checkpoint featuring Morningstar by Jason Taylor

05/07 Episode 95: April Writers’ Roundtable – podcast

Corellian Run Radio’s Youtube channel

Corellian Run Radio’s Facebook group


CRR Black AvatarWe are looking for people interested in helping on the Corellian Run Radio website. So if you would like to write an article or create a video guide or maybe you have another idea altogether, please contact us. You just need to send us an email with your idea and a small writing sample to explain your skills and why you want to help out at Corellian Run Radio. Submit your ideas, a bit about yourself and small writing sample to us at



  • SWTOR fan fiction

mandalorian girlWe have part two of Old Friends and New, from Mandalorian Girl’s ongoing SWTOR fan fiction story. The story picks up with Na’sha still at the estate of Aiden’s brother, Saragus. She had heard that her friends, except for Aiden, would be arriving soon. We see that Na’sha is seeing another side of the Sith and it is different than what she thought she knew. Is this a trick or could the truth about the Sith be different than she was told or possibly something else. Mandalorian Girl does a great job of conveying these thoughts and emotions felt in the characters. It is written so that all of this is done without giving away all the secrets/spoilers. At the end of part two, there is a gift given, a very exceptional gift especially in the eyes of Na’sha. Does this gift come with a price? Could it be part of the mission mentioned in part one? To answer these questions we are going to have to read this edition and those that follow to find out.

Below is a small excerpt from this latest edition. Be sure to leave your comments below and go to her website to subscribe, so you will not miss an issue.

“Now, what did you want to see me about, my lord?”

“Ah yes!” Saragus stood and walked across the room. He pulled a heavy looking box from behind his desk. “This is why I wanted to see you.” He smiled and motioned me toward him.

I stood and made my way to the large box. I looked at it and then at him.

“Go on, open it.”

I cautiously lifted the lid. I gasped as my eyes appraised the contents.

“I thought you’d need it soon. I hope you like it.”

Now I was at a loss for words.


  • May the 4th Be with You Contest still going on…

Darth Malgus contestJust a reminder, BioWare’s contest, in association with SideShow Collectibles, is still taking entries! They are giving away not one, but two 1/6th scale Darth Malgus Statutes, that retails for around $185! To be a potential winner, your entry form has to be in before May 25th, 2013, 11:59 PT, contestants must also be a registered user at and you must be a U.S. resident. For more contest details and entry form, please go to this link for the May the 4th Be with You contest.



  • Star Wars anime short

I have to thank my OTG guildmate for sharing this Star Wars video. It is short, but wow, it packs a lot into two minutes. Growing up with anime classics, like Robotech, Voltron, and even newer ones like Gundam Wing, makes me wish someone would develop a Star Wars anime for TV. Just because it is animation doesn’t mean it cannot have an appeal to more of an adult audience. Take a look and see what you think of this Star Wars inspired animation short.


  • Remembering a Film Legend

Today’s movies are filled with special effects, even the most “normal” looking filming usually has some computer effects or simply editing out imperfections etc. However, there was a time when the effects industry would go to pain staking links to get an action sequence or bring the impossible to life through the use of stop-motion filming. In fact, Star Wars owes its roots to this style of effects making.

ray harryhausenA few days ago, a legend in this medium passed away at the age of 92. His name was Ray Harryhausen. He worked on such classics as Mighty Joe Young, Clash of the Titans, Jason and the Argonauts, just to name a few.  These movies were all about creating the illusion and bringing it to life…that is the same as in today’s movies, but the difference is the amount of time. The social/entertainment section from, had an article that discusses his movies, some listed above, and the process of stop-motion. The article states that the film, Jason and the Argonauts took around three months to film! If you have not seen this movie, please go rent it or watch it online…the fight scene with the skeletons is amazing.

Now what does this have to do with Star Wars, good question…it is simply, if there were not legends like Ray Harryhausen, do you think Lucas or others in Industrial Lights and Magic would have been inspired to give us the effects possible to bring Star Wars to the big screen? I’m not saying he is responsible for Star Wars, but it should give us all pause to think of those who have paved the way in film, music, and even videogames as we keep going forward with technology.

Thanks Ray and to all those who help bring fantasy to reality in movies, TV, and videogames!

* source for this portion of article*



That’s it for this week’s article. If you have a particular link, story, video, or topic related to SWTOR we would love to hear about it! You can send those to us here at Corellian Run Radio and we can place it in a future article. Just email us the links and/or the details for the event at, or you can also leave any link suggestions in the comments below, or in Corellian Run Radio’s Facebook group. See you all next week!



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  1. It really should be Bao-Dur for the crafting trainer. Let’s be honest, he is the best crafter ever.

  2. @Geldarion Bao-Dur is another great choice. I also thought of G0-T0 as another potential candidate 🙂

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