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As many of you, if not all, know Update 2.1 went live Tuesday. The update titled Customizations, features many new ways to personalize your characters, both current and/or future alts and not to mention and entire new species. There is also a new armor dye system, to assist players getting their characters and companions to look more unique. This update is not without its share of bugs or issues that has the player base divided on what exactly is considered good and bad in this latest content offering from BioWare.

My look at Update 2.1, dev notes & more after the Jump…





  • Update 2.1: Customizations – My thoughts

Many of you that know me understand I rarely bash, but I’m not a fanboy, even though I choose to not be overly judgmental. I say that because, I believe you can discuss, critique, even find fault without being negative. Update 2.1 is all in all a good bit of content. It is like any other similar Cartel Market update. The reason I mention the Cartel Market is because this update is very Cartel Market heavy. I’m not saying that is a bad thing, because facts being what they are, the Cartel Market is a major revenue source for this game and despite my personal feelings it helps keeps BioWare and EA producing content for SWTOR.

Okay, all that out of the way, let’s look closer at some of the elements included in Update 2.1.

cathar1The Cathar species are now available as a playable character. Yes, it costs 600 Cartel coins, which is not news, but does not sit well with some. Personally, paying the Cartel coins for the unlock is not unreasonable. The specie itself looks great. I went through the various appearance options just to see what variations of Cathar could be created. I was pleasantly surprised at the variations in patterns, facial looks by selecting the different head choices, the fur colors are good, but could probably have added a couple more for variety. The one area I did find a bit perplexing was the complexion choices. These typically change, just as the choice would suggest the complexion of the character. For the most part this is true, but a few of the complexions added more spots or stripes. So, when you add that with patterns already containing spots or stripes, it looked “busy” on the character’s face. In the complexion selections, I would liked to have seen more variations between light and dark shades of the fur color, or patches or tuffs of lighter fur or even darker fur, or even missing spots of hair from fighting or old age lol.

The next thing and the utility that allowed me to see all the Cathar variations is the Character Appearance Kiosk. SWTOR now has a way for players to change the appearance and even species of the characters.

customization kiosk

customization designer UIOkay, let’s get this part out of the way…all the changes cost Cartel coins. I was hoping for a Cartel unlock to use the kiosk, but it is what it is. I will say subscribers do get a pretty substantial discount for using the kiosk, but it is still costing Cartel coins. Again would I rather it use in-game credits…yes, but that is not my real issue with the appearance changes. I could accept paying even Cartel coins for changes, if I didn’t have to also pay unlocks for new hairstyles, hair colors, and skin tones for certain species extra. It is the paying twice that I have the real issue with on new appearance items. Yes, it is true once you make a purchase for new unlocks of hairstyles, hair colors, etc. they are good account wide for future changes to any character or new one you might create. The way the kiosk looks and operates is great and I had no issues with it. I would love to see the character creation get the same makeover.

Another area of customization that was introduced in Update 2.1 was an armor dye system. The system now has several pieces of armor that has one or two color dye slots available. One slot is for a primary color module, and it colors the area that would be the larger areas on an armor piece. If there is another slot for a color dye, that is for a secondary color module, and colors more of the accent areas or smaller portions of an armor piece. There are different ways to acquire the color dye modules. One is buying directly from the Cartel Market. These are similar to how the Cartel packs work; you pay 200 Cartel coins and get a random color dye. Vendors also carry the color modules. Collector’s Edition vendor, Security Key vendor and even reputation vendor, like the Section X vendor, all carry certain color dye modules. Artificers can also craft certain color dye modules. Of course you can also find many of these color dye modules on the GTN. This is nice for those who do not wish to pay Cartel coins for armor dyes. First off to be positive, we have a color dye system that allows us the ability to change out armors to be even more unique. However, not everything is well thought out in this color system, at least in my opinion. If you use a color dye module and perhaps you get that rare armor drop, you cannot remove the color module and use it again. These armor dyes are one time use items. Why is this, an issue? Well, for one, most of the neat colors or rare “drops” are the armor dyes from the Cartel Market. Yes, you can buy them on GTN, but that is only if someone is selling them. Sadly, the colors Artificers get craft are not very exciting, in fact two of the schematics are a brown and a pale gray…I thought the idea was to get color into the game.

amor dye module

image via

Now so far, those points could be viewed as minor or even whines, but why didn’t BioWare use the same system they already have in-game for removing mods, augments etc. from armor and add the color modules? If there is a developer with a good answer as to why dye modules were not able to be removed and reused, I would love to hear it.

Now as I have said, there are a lot of great things going on in SWTOR. It is a good game and I believe it is heading in the right direction. However, that does not mean we can’t slow down and evaluate certain things. I love the added customizations and even can understand making some require Cartel coins. However, I would like to see the armor dye system adjusted, so colors can be removed and reused, just like the system for removing mods from armor pieces currently in-game.

What are your thoughts on the customizations found in Update 2.1? Please let us know in the comment section below. If you do have an issue, what would you do to constructively change it?



  • Dev notes

EricMusco Change species overpriced? | 05.14.2013, 02:18 PM

Quote: Originally Posted by Shingara

So why did you say it was 800 cc before.

This is actually kind of interesting. Our plan, as we stated before, was for the cost for subscribers to be 800cc. Not to get all “programmy” but basically the math of applying a % discount from 1200 got pretty complicated and was working out to fractions, etc. Those are kind of a bad thing when it comes to spending “even” amounts of coins.
Our plan was to apply a 33.3% discount for subscribers which would have hit right around 800, but as stated above, the math didn’t work out. So instead we moved it up to 34% to get in the players favor, which gives you slightly off (but whole) number of 792.
Hope that makes a bit more sense!

There was some confusion on this, but it happens that in this case it benefitted the subscribers, according to the discounts allotted when using the character appearance kiosk. These discounts also apply even if you are not making a species change to your character. It is important to remember, that if you are making a species change that if a species is not unlocked you will be charged the Cartel coins to unlock this species besides the 792 for the species change. During the species change you can select any body type, head choice, and any other character creation selection except gender change, without being charged more than the price of the species change.




AmberGreen Character name change question? | 05.14.2013, 02:06 PM

Hi there skarvika!
The tooltip for Renames seem to indicate that the item can be reused and has a cooldown. However, renames are consumable items, and name changes can only be applied once every 30 days. Sorry for any confusion; we are going to look at clarifying the tooltip in the future.
On a side note to clear up another question: one free Character Name Change will be given to each subscriber account at a later date, but this is not yet available.

Hopefully this clears up the issue on whether the rename Cartel or GTN purchased item can be reused. It is a consumable and there is also a 30-day cooldown before being able to use another rename consumable. A bit of good news, all subscribers will be given one free Character Name Change sometime in the future. It might not be much, but I’ll take the free consumable.



AmberGreen Safe to Vendor Hollinium and Perfect Carbonic Crystals (devs please respond)? | 05.15.2013, 02:14 PM

Quote: Originally Posted by LetoAtreidesII

In this patch (2.1), the credit values of Hollinium and Perfect Carbonic Crystals were increased, ostensibly because they were previously useless and to compensate for the credits we spent acquiring them.
So could a developer please confirm that these items will always be useless and never be used for crafting anything and that we should definitely vend them all? Thanks.

Hi LetoAtreidesII,
As was pointed out in this thread, the reason these materials were increased in vendor value was because we removed them as rewards. I’ve confirmed with the developers that we do not intend for them to ever be used again. Sell away!

Hmm, this was an oddity when reading patch notes and dev posts leading up to release of Update 2.1. I’m not sure how extra materials all the sudden become obsolete. It’s not like they got rid of schematics that had once used these materials, they never were used for anything. Yet, they were obtained through crew missions. Were they going to be used in color dyes or possibly other new schematics and then changed their minds? Who knows, but looks like sell what stacks of these two materials you have.


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In this week’s Community Checkpoint, I got the chance to meet another great guild, known as Dracon Trading Company. They are a great group of gamers and even if they might be a smaller guild, it doesn’t mean their drive and motivation for fun is any less. I encourage you to take some time to read through the article, especially for those of you on the Jedi Covenant server looking to join a guild.

As you read through any of articles or listen to the podcast, please take a moment and submit your feedback and suggestions in the comment sections. We love to hear from you. Thanks again, to you our loyal fans and followers, enjoy the links below!

05/13 Community Checkpoint featuring Dracon Trading Company by Jason Taylor

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  2 Responses to “HoloNet Links”

  1. I don’t understand why you have to gamble 200 per try to get the color you want. I wish they just put the pallets out there and let us buy the ones we want.

  2. @Ahnog Thanks for your comments!
    I can see your point, especially the gamble part of the Cartel Market dye packs. My biggest issue with the armor dye system is even the colors you spend Cartel coins or in-game credits on dyes through vendors or GTN are one time use. There is no palette dye for your character once a color is used. Heck, even if they wanted to stay away from the color palette system, they could allow the color modules to be removed like any other augment, enhancement, mod, etc.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of being able to change the color of your character’s armor, but I think BioWare should have given this system some more thought before adding it to the live game. Just another reason the Public Test Server should be up to test every system before it goes into the game.

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