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  • Hyperspace Motivators – Galactic Republic

This week we welcome the members of the guild, the Hyperspace Motivators to Community Checkpoint. I had the pleasure of researching and getting to learn more about this great group of guildmates. The Hyperspace Motivators enjoy several aspects of the game including endgame Operations, but for them it is about having fun and killing the boss…they couldn’t care less about who did the most damage, as long as the welcome sight of the purple beam meaning loot is coming from the fallen boss. They might have had their start as “orphans” from other guilds, but they have formed bonds that led to their guild presence in multiple games including SWTOR, and most importantly strong friendships built on the principle of taking members “as is.”

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  • Guild Q&A

How did the Hyperspace Motivators come into being a guild? Is this a new guild or was it known by another name?

The Hyperspace Motivators are made up of, essentially, orphans. We were all in other guilds, and ended up unifying under the CLAW banner (a multigame guild I was part of in another game). Growth was difficult, and there were certain constraints we were bound by. Rather than defy the letter or spirit of those rules, we opted to form our own guild and move out on our own. That happened this past January.



What faction and server are the Hyperspace Motivators associated with? Does the guild have any formal presence with the other faction, even for alt characters?

Most of us are primarily Republic players, and have moved with the server merges from Kaas City, to Canderous Ordo, and then on the Jedi Covenant.  We do all have Imperial alts, however. We have organized our Imperial alts under the Ilum Swim Team banner. We play them less than we used to, these days, as we focus on S&V progression on the Republic side.



Even though this might seem like a smaller size guild, are there other games the guild has a presence in or looking to be a part of in the future? If so what are these games and are they a way to keep friends together or by associating with multiple games to help avoid player burnout?

From the outset, we all wanted to have a community. A group of people we like to spend time with, who take each other “as is”. And while our interest in SWTOR is common to most of the group, others have different interests. Hannock isn’t all that enamored with Sword and Sorcery games, so he doesn’t play Neverwinter with those of us who are. We have folks who play Defiance, we will have folks who try Wildstar, and others still who will try Blizzard’s Titan when it drops. The Vent server, acts as a clubhouse for the community and as often as not more than one game is being played at any given time.



What type of gameplay would best be associated with the Hyperspace Motivators? In this area or areas of SWTOR, what has been some of the guild’s biggest achievements to date?

The best description, to my mind, is casual with an end game focus. We don’t get too wrapped up in the parser as a measure of success. Did you kill the boss is the measure. If the boss enraged, but everyone is alive, then the healers did their job, and we need to find a way to up the DPS. If the boss didn’t enrage, and there’s a purple line coming out of him/it, then everyone did their part. Whoever did the most damage, or had the biggest hit is irrelevant to me. We want to win, and we do our level best every time, but even failing with my friends can be a roaring good time.

I think our biggest achievement, to date, is having remained together. Two server moves, multiple name changes, guild moves, folks having to step away for RL issues (school, personal lives, work, etc.), and the creation of a whole new guild would challenge any group. Through it all, we stayed together, we continued to play, and raid, successfully, and with almost no bickering or drama.  Of course, killing the droid in Toborro’s Courtyard, and dropping Kephess in Hard Mode EC was pretty sweet, too.

 Toborro's Courtyard Victory


Now that Update 2.1 is live and post first expansion- Rise of The Hutt Cartel is SWTOR heading in the right direction? What has been the best thing since the expansion and what would the guild consider the worst?

I really enjoy S&V, and the new HM’s are a real challenge. I personally think that some of the Quality of Life changes are a great step (we have some members who are avid about the same sex conversation options), but others are…not, and they take away from real issues that need to be addressed. I can frown? Great! But I still crash to desktop at the end of Esseles and Black Talon. Of the two, the crashing is a much bigger concern to me.

My single biggest pet peeve is never being sure if one person can grab the objective for the group, or if each member has to wait for the objective to respawn so they can claim it. The fact that it isn’t consistent points to multiple dev teams with differing directives, and few common goals, oh and the Dev’s “balancing” of the crafting skills. <shudder>



Speaking of Update 2.1, what are first impressions of the new customization features, from the character appearance kiosk, introduction of Cathar specie and new armor dye system?

Several of our members are very pleased to have yet another means to set themselves apart from the multitudes on the Fleet. The cosmetic dyes have been a huge hit with several of them. Let’s be honest, being able to change the hair, eye color, and tattoos of the character you’ve been staring at for 18 months is a welcome change. The Cathar is less intriguing for me due to the cost, but several of our members are patiently awaiting their monthly Cartel Coins to unlock the race, and change a character over. I’ll probably buy the race, and then roll up a character from scratch.



Are the Hyperspace Motivators currently recruiting? If so are there any specific class/advance classes the guild is looking for or certain requirements applicants need to meet?

We are always looking for more folks to run with us. We would very much like to have more tanks on the roster, but we don’t have what you might call a quota. Everyone is welcome…Subscriber, free to play, any level, and class. We have Vent, but there is no rule about being in it. One of our members is shy, and doesn’t care to speak in Vent. When you play with your friends, you adapt to their needs, as much as you expect them to adapt to yours. That compromise is part of why we are still running as a group. Our only real “requirements” would be know your class, be on time and ready to run, and be prepared to have a good time. One thing we do NOT tolerate is finger pointing and sniping. We’re all in this together, which means we rise and fall as a team. There will be some frustrations, of course, but singling out a party member for some kind of dressing down of their shortcomings, as you see them, is not acceptable.


“Honestly just being able to log in at night and play with people I like and get along with, the people are more important than the game, although the first time in the Theoretica with a small group of guildees was creepy, like going through a haunted house with friends.” – Hannock


The Hyperspace Motivators is looking to form a guild PVP team, is this correct? How is this venture coming along and what do you foresee this team being? Would you and/or the guild like to see the ability to queue in a full eight person Warzone team?

Not many of us are PvPers, as such. The PvP thread was to complete daily and weekly objectives in Defiance, not SWTOR. However, we do not oppose PvP for those who enjoy it, and I am always prepared to die gloriously if someone needs an extra meat shield for their PvP team.



While going through your forums, I noticed a series of events titled a “Week of Vik-tory,” can you tell us about this and how is the guild helping assist with this list of various SWTOR objectives? Has the new achievement system help bring out members wanting to complete lists similar to this?

Hannock has been taking a break from SWTOR since Defiance dropped, but has recently returned. The Vik-tory week is largely about acquiring comms, while also closing out missions he has been carrying around for months (speeder quests, HM Operations, etc.), while also getting geared. It may not all get done in a week, but it will certainly allow us to focus down on things to get on the schedule, while helping him accomplish his goal. In much the same way, he had a request from one of our members to complete Eternity Vault in Nightmare Mode, so we scheduled it, got everyone together, with someone from our friends list and a PuG, and went and knocked it out.

I’ll attempt anything in the game with these guys, regardless of outcome. And every single member is encouraged to speak up. Nothing is off limits. Anyone can discuss strategy changes, group composition, scheduled events, or guild management, it’s all fair game.



If there are players looking to become a Hyperspace Motivator or find out more information, what is the best way to contact the guild or its officers?

You can always find us by checking out our website. We have a very simple Application procedure, and I try to check every day to make sure no one gets left hanging. Any member of the Hyperspace Motivators can invite, so don’t hesitate to look for us via the /who command if you have any questions, or need an invite.



As the guild leader, what are a few things you would like to see added in the near future to SWTOR to help guilds?

I would love to have a Guild Ship in SWTOR. Have trophies drop off the bosses in Ops and Hard Modes, which can then be displayed on the Guild Ship. Allow members to shuttle to the Guild Ship, on a very short cooldown, and, if possible, a means to shuttle from the Guild Ship to any Ops or Hard Mode entrance.


Most importantly though, I think guilds should be able to communicate across factional lines. Having to log out of your Republic character to log in on an Imperial character to ask a question, or see of someone is around, is grossly inefficient.

Fixi brought up something I missed, which was a means to move quickly to your teammate’s location. You’re on Makeb and need a hand?


Group Travel
…Great idea!

I should be able to click to travel to your location, in the same way I can travel to your instance on Fleet. This would be another one of those Quality of Life enhancements, which make playing the game more enjoyable.

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That’s it for this week’s Community Checkpoint. I want to thank all the members of the Hyperspace Motivators for their answers and being gracious with their time. Special thanks to their GM, Patchbunny, for all his hard work in helping relay questions and answers and of course all of his time. I want to wish him and all the members of the Hyperspace Motivators the very best in-game and everything they do! If you would like to know more about this guild located on the Jedi Covenant server, be sure to go to their website or look for them in-game.

How exactly can you have your guild, like the Hyperspace Motivators, highlighted on Community Checkpoint? All you need to do is submit your guild/group’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, At Corellian Run Radio, we love to highlight members in the SWTOR community, from guilds to the many people working to plan events, contest, etc. We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks and see you next week!



  2 Responses to “Community Checkpoint”

  1. Thanks for the write up, Jason. My friends and I really appreciate the kind words, and the time you put into this. It was a pleasure working with you.

    And, to those of you looking for a guild, please come by and give us a look.

  2. @Patchbunny Glad you liked the article and thank you for the comments. The pleasure was all mine to write up articles about the great guilds in SWTOR. This is the MOST important part of any game…the players/community!

    I do hope players looking for a guild on the Jedi Covenant server, take a look at the Hyperspace Motivators!

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