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cantina-smallWelcome to Community Checkpoint. Over the past week, I was able to meet and correspond with the Siths of Technology guild. They thought it might work better to have more of an informal meeting at a cantina. So without out any further ado, let’s get to meet their guildmaster Albert and a few of his fellow guildmates and toss back a few Corellian Ales.

Sit back as we meet Siths for Technology after the Jump…





Siths for Technology logo

Jason: Hi Albert! I’m glad your organization, the Siths for Technology was able to sit down for an informal little Q&A.

Albert: Hey there thanks for allowing our guild or band of space pirates to show up for the Corellian Run Radio after party talk show. I brought along some guest characters from our guild to join me. After all, I may be the guildmaster but I am nobody without my fellow toons.



  • Guild Q&A

Jason: How did the Siths for Technology get started?

Albert: Originally, Siths for Technology is a recently revived guild which has expanded greatly beyond its original scope. We were a group of local friends such as Etau and Vyoger who lived in the Salt Lake City area and met at a LAN party set up quarterly by my brother-in-law John S. A lot of us are technological nerds who work in the software development arena. For example, Etau does video game development in real life. So it was pretty much a small guild late in winter of 2012 before I took off about four months to try out Guild Wars 2 which did not sustain my interest as much as I had hoped. I then returned back to Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) because I felt there was more of a social community and it was just easier to find a guild to hop on board with. For awhile Siths for Technology was pretty dormant with me being the only guild member online. I wandered around SWTOR pretty much even on a European server to hang out with some jolly British people there. After a week break, I decided to return back to playing exclusively on the Shadowlands server. Three weeks ago I made a very protracted decision to resurrect Siths for Technology not as a small guild of a few real-life friends but as an open leveling guild with an eventual focus of getting all of us up to snuff with both operations and ranked warzones. With full immersion into the Star Wars universe, I began an upbeat and fun campaign to see whether any other Empire characters would be willing to join our jolly band of folks for our space opera adventure. This strategy included putting up recruitment posters on the pin-up boards on the planets of Hutta and Korriban where I knew that the maximum number of people would be checking us out there. Okay well, I am going to let my guild speak now since it’s their turn.

Siths for Technology - member Isadora-hsingIsadora-hsing: Oh, hello there Jason. How are you doing today? I am a young bounty hunter who got discovered by Albert on Hutta about two weeks ago. I got into the Siths for Technology gang because I really dig their casual play style and the way that we know how to balance fun and serious endeavors. After all, we are the same group of folks that can dance and boogie on the Vaiken Space Dock just as well focusing intensely on the harsh mission of Athiss. I found these guys just by reading the Empire newspaper ran by the Imperial office and the manager mentioned how friendly and helpful this team of guys was. So I took a risk signing on the dotted line and met with Albert to discuss my prospects as a recruit. Then it became my wildest dreams. Albert promoted me to guildmaster status so now I’m leading a full army of characters. As of this week, we are over hundred toons strong and ready to help out with the Empire causes.

Skarlack: Yo, just let me interrupt man. You gotta let an original founding member of the guild speak his heart, right, Izzy D? I’m a forthright and kick-[beep] Sith warrior just swinging his light saber through any Jedi knight that tries to cross me. You know, a lot of Public Enemy songs banging in my Walkman while I’m going at it against a few Republic enemies. I just like this awesome guild because everyone here is diverse. A few of us like to go out and get some forty ounce beers smuggled by the agents from Hoth. You know ice-cold brew for the crew eh?

Isadora-hsing: Awwww… thanks for butting me on me, Skar!

Skila: I am Skila and probably the most serious character in this guild. I am a Swedish woman who has about ten years experience working for the now defunct Imperial head agency. I found out about the Siths for Technology group of guys from my university engineering class. I was working on a paper regarding partial differential equations and my professor took me to his office to discuss my future. He mentioned that I had a good eye for equations and he thought that I would make a wonderful sniper based on my sharp eye for detail. So he referred me to Albert who was kind enough to take me under his wing even when I was with my old guild before I switched over to this current army of fun persons.


Jason: What is the idea behind the “technology” side of the guild’s name and backstory? Does this mean the guild has members that roleplay in-game? Is RP supported by the guild or encouraged?

Skarlack: RP? Huh? Are you talking about the latest wine from Nar Shaddaa?

Albert: Technology. Wow, that’s a pretty huge word. How it related to our guild name was that Etau selected it since our early band of friends was a bunch of technological nerds. But our guild has expanded way beyond the original scope of just a few buddies to include a guild that promotes Empire technological advances. One of the best things about SWTOR is that it allows the user to use that technology for good intentions which is the light side or evil intentions which is the dark side. This mirrors our everyday life where we encounter difficult ethical questions. Examples include the use of military technology to create biological weapons versus detectors to help save lives.

Isadora-hsing: RP. I think that you are referring to role playing there. Um, yes. We are accepting of that. We do encourage it if you feel that it helps you enjoy the missions better.

Albert: Indeed. I know that in the chat it would not surprise me if I see some of our members jump into their characters whereas others do not. Seeing the two types of players converse in guild chat often leads to great amounts of humor which we are glad about.

Whichcraft: I agree about role playing a lot. I really dig being “myself.” Oh, by the way, I’m an aspiring Sith warrior too just like Skarlack.

Skarlack: Technology is always a blessing, dude. I just like playing with the latest gadgets. Being able to test those in the field is a total blast when I get to thrust that blade into an unsuspecting Jedi knight. Although, I spare those from our sister guild named the Psych Ward Sirens. They are the only Republic guys that I can stand, you know?

Albert: Technology is a huge part of the Star Wars lore. I won’t delve into too much detail, but certainly the idea of technology appears so much throughout the franchise that one cannot ignore its presence. SWTOR does and is not scared to allow the player to make hard ethical decisions of whether to use technology for the purposes of furthering humanity in the broadest sense for all species or for destroying its viability.

Isadora-hsing: Wow, well said, Albert. Well said.



Jason: What server and faction are the Siths of Technology associated with? Does the guild have a presence on the opposing faction?

Albert: We find ourselves on an East Coast server called The Shadowlands. Siths for Technology is running on the Empire side there…a great place, fun times. We also have a Republic army of characters called the Psych Ward Sirens ran by guildmaster and fellow officer Mad-milkshake. She is great fun so talk to her if you want to hook up over there on that side. We all get along and even hang out together for drinks on Hoth or Belsavis, even after opposing each other in PVP.



Jason: Siths for Technology is best described as what type of guild? How does the fun/casual play style work in SWTOR?

Skarlack: Undoubtedly, the type of guild we are within the Sith is umm…. a band of jolly good space pirates, full of song and hefty amounts of Voss beer smuggled into our capital city. We are truly a great bundle of fun as you may have guessed.

Isadora-hsing: I think that after that answer that it would be best to defer to Albert regarding to the exact type of guild that we are.

Albert: [laughs] We tend to be, primarily, a leveling guild with preparations for endgame raiding and ranked warzones. The guild leans towards casual the approach with an evolving structure in terms of building up groups to focus on specific events such as guild flashpoints or team-based PVP.

The reason we are casual is relatively simple. If SWTOR is meant to be like Shakespeare combined with space opera, then our guild has to be a reflection of the widest section of humanity (and aliens too). For example, in our guild chat you will find a lot of random conversation ranging from jokes to in-depth discussions regarding skill trees and even cultural allusions to even My Little Pony. The variety is what keeps our guild strong and progressing to self-organized groups to do things. Just ask and generally we all tag along for a great adventure on any planet. As a guildmaster, I am taking a laissez faire approach. The only basic rules are to respect your fellow guild members and to not cheat or be a jerk to others. Anyone who joins up with us as a guild member will find us to be a very open-minded and helpful group of people willing to assist a guild member to achieve any objective/achievement they may need.

Skila: Shhh… I really do think that we are a shadow syndicate guild, something like from Assassin’s Creed doing in some bad Republic folks going medieval on them.

Isadora-hsing: Right…Skila. [giggles]



Jason: Some feel casual is less likely to get through endgame, do you find this true? How does the guild work to disprove this generalization?

Albert: A casual approach certainly does not preclude our teams being able to do endgame Operations or Flashpoints, although due to our guild population we do not yet have enough level 55 characters to execute those as a team yet. Whether or not any specific type of guild is able to get through content, depends mostly on how strong and willing the guild leadership is. For example, Rhiadi has been invaluable to our website, which allows us to plan events, discuss subjects such as crafting that are not easy to talk about in guild chat. I feel confident that our guild can finish an Operation once we get to that point. Considering that we have only been actively in existence for less than a month, I am extremely pleased at the progress that our guild has been making since its inception.

Siths for Technology - Hammer Station

Skila: I can confirm that Albert is on point. I managed to complete The False Emperor last week with a bunch of random folks discovered through group finder. It was spectacular to gain confidence from completing that Flashpoint with my sniper. So being casual is a matter of attitude to be honest. We do not kick out people for inactivity or attendance. In fact, we are the most inclusive guild or so we hope on the Empire side by embracing the wide gamut of characters which we meet at Kaas City each and every day.

Isadora-hsing: Agreed. Family time is very important to us. Considering that I’m Albert’s daughter (Note: proxy in-game in case the reader is confused), I know that spending a lot of invaluable time with my father is very good if the rules are relaxed and people are allowed to be themselves. Then they can focus on learning about how to be inside this universe and not be so obsessed with technique that we forgot to look at the awesome scenery around us. We may defeat the enemy, but we also make sure to experience life on all of these planets. I certainly can’t wait until I get up to Makeb someday.



Jason: How does the guild help its fellow members that might be novices to SWTOR or MMOs, fit into the guild and this particular gaming environment?

Albert: In our guild chat, we encourage people in our team to help each other by explaining how to play the game to novices. To be honest, even expert players will still have questions due to the fluidity of the game. For example, I had to ask another member about whether certain dye colors such as pink could be crafted or only available on the Cartel Market. Our casual guild approach allows anyone who plays and enjoys this game to be part of a larger community. Siths for Technology members are not judgmental but playful and encourage each other to explore all that SWTOR has to offer. We encourage this by doing things together as a guild…bonus series quests, planetary Heroics or Flashpoints, etc.

Siths for Technology - helping each other

Skila: Our motto is “All characters welcome.”

Skarlack: Indeed, indeed. Although I really still relish a good prank on the others once in awhile…Right?

Isadora-hsing: That’s hilarious!



Jason: Is the guild currently recruiting new members to join your ranks? How is the best way for players to get in touch with you or other officers about becoming a guild member?

Albert: Of course, we are recruiting always! Just two weeks we were just a group of six friends and now our membership is over 110 characters. Until we reach our limit, the guild will continue expand aggressively. No requirements are necessary and in fact, our players range from kids to older adults like me. Ideally we would like players to register their characters on our official Empire website or visit our Republic sister guild’s website. After checking out the sites, fill out an application, so that we can organize our guild events more easily. To get recruited, feel free to whisper to the guildmaster Isadora-hsing or her assistants Skarlack, Skila, Katheter, or Whichcraft.

Whichcraft: Uh, someone mentioned me?

Albert: Of course. [laughs]

Whichcraft: Yes, but I’m not the only one. Feel free to join us through Rhiadi, Xerxa, Syshuk, Etau, Vyogor, Askltlusk, or Thaimashoo as well. They all serve different functions ranging from assistant guildmaster to guild banker to recruitment officer. Those titles are loosely defined as you may guess.



Jason: Your guild is also working on getting a PVP team started correct? Who is helping to head up this guild group? Speaking of PVP, what is KoS and how did this get started? This seems hardcore, are you sure your guild is casual? lol

Albert: Yes eventually, right now Askltlusk is our PVP officer. Syshuk, the assistant guildmaster, is helping us spearhead the various PVP activities as well. Feel free to talk to either one if you want to jump in on the action. Here is Rhiadi to explain KoS!

Rhiadi: KoS (Kill on Site) is a small game within the guild where you post a player that has done something that you did not appreciate and the rest of the guild hunts the player down and drops all the Sith technology possible on his A!@. Once you kill the target you return to
the guild site and enter in the kill information and claim your reward put up by the poster. Anybody can post a KoS. While building the website on Guildlaunch, I noticed it under the PvP page once I added it. So I did a little research, and thought it would be a good tool to use to encourage members of the guild to register on the site and return on a regular basis to see what was next. It is not mandatory to participate, but does provide a chance to earn extra money and items of value such as Advanced Equipment Mods, Cartel Packs, or whatever I decided on providing as a reward. In the future when we start running raids, I plan on adding ways for members that don’t like to participate in PvP, to still have a chance to earn the same rewards. Have not quite decided on what that will be yet, but have a few ideas already.

Isadora-hsing: Indeed, and I pretty much am only doing PVP matches all day long with the occasional flashpoint or helping out on individual planets for my fellow guildies.



Albert: And thanks to you Jason for asking our guild to answer some questions. I hope that people can check us out on the Shadowlands server and our websites and for some jolly good times. We are just a blast to be with.
And may the Force be with you. Psychh…


Jason: Why did you join and would you recommend Siths for Technology or their sister guild – Pysch Ward Sirens.

“Wangster: I really like the fact that as a card-carrying member of the Psych Ward Sirens that I can play some awesome pranks on my Empire-loyal daughter over there eh? In fact, we may be the only pair of guilds that enjoys time together as factions having fun. We all have ninety-nine problems and the guild isn’t one of them, you know?”

Vyogor: I would recommend this group to other players, based on the friendliness of the members alone.

“Thaimashoo: I would recommend this guild to everyone if I could…Friendly community, active in game, helpful and just good minded people.”

“Etau: Good atmosphere and focus on friendly guild support.”


Kudos goes to all the members apart of the Siths for Technology. A special thanks to the ones that came along with Albert, to this “cantina interview.” This was their idea to have the article’s Q&A set in a cantina environment and it was fun to write up. I want to also give a lot of credit to their guildmaster for emailing me about their guild and helping with the emails and gathering up the responses from the membership. All the best to each of you in-game and everything you do!

How exactly can you have your guild highlighted, like Siths for Technology? All you need to do is submit your guild/group’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, At Corellian Run Radio, we love to highlight members in the SWTOR community. We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks and see you next week!



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