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Archon Contraband packWe are less than a week away from Game Update 2.2. It releases on June 11th and will feature the new Nightmare mode for Terror From Beyond Operation, New Guild Bonuses, and one Fleet channel for each faction etc. If you received an email from BioWare about upcoming new items and new rewards, you might have noticed there will be new pack, Archon’s Contraband Pack, added to the Cartel Market June 11th. It has some interesting looking items, including what looks like a Huttball inspired armor set.

Character Transfer Details, Cross-server que answer & more after the Jump…






  • Details on Character Transfers

In a dev post, by Eric Musco, it outlined more of the details, including the cost of character transfers when they do go live in SWTOR. I think it is good to get as much of this information out to players before transfers go live. This allows people to be better informed and not be caught off-guard on price of transfers and what is or is not included/able to transfer to a new server. Below you can read the specific details from Eric’s post.

I know there have been quite a few questions around paid character transfers so I spent some time rounding up the answers to the more heavily asked ones and here they are! If there are any that I missed please feel free to post them in this thread and I will see what I can find out.
CartelCoinHow much do transfers cost?
Paid character transfers cost 1800 Cartel Coins per character. The purchase must be made using Cartel Coins.

How do I transfer a character?
Once the service is live in 2.2, you will be able to go to your account page here on swtor.com and transfer from there.

What happens if there is a name collision?
If your character name is already taken by another player on your new server, you will need to rename your character. Your character will be “flagged” for a rename once you login.

Will my Legacy, Achievements, and Collections all transfer with my character?
Yes! All of your Legacy unlocks, Achievements earned, and triggered Collections will be waiting for you.

image via lorehound.com

image via lorehound.com

What happens if I have a Legacy on both my source and destination servers?
Whichever Legacy is of a higher level will take precedence and become your new Legacy. This has no affect on unlocks, the unlocks from both Legacies will combine. For example: You are transferring a character from the Bastion to the Harbinger. The character you are transferring from the Bastion is in a level 27 Legacy. Currently on Harbinger you have a level 13 Legacy. After the transfer you will now have a level 27 Legacy on Harbinger which combines the unlocks from both servers.

Is there a way to transfer a guild?
There is currently no method in place to transfer an entire guild at one time. Each person must transfer their characters individually and recreate their guild on the new server.

I hope that clears some things up! Let me know if there are any major questions still pending that I missed.


After reading through the outline of how character transfers will work, what do you think? Personally, I think this is allowing players to move characters to the server they want and still allowing them to bring their Legacy, unlocks, perks and all bank items associated with a specific character. The only area, I feel lacking is with guilds. The only thing it clearly states is the entire guild cannot transfer as one unit. What does that mean for a guild wanting to move? Will there be any compensation for purchased bank tabs? I know that transfers are not being forced, but as expensive as guild bank tabs are it might be a nice jester on BioWare’s part to help those guilds transferring to have the banks tabs they already unlocked on the previous server.



  • APAC/Oceanic Free Transfers

Speaking of character transfers, those players currently on the APAC/Oceanic servers can transfer their characters freely to another server. These free transfers are being granted before the server consolidations happen and those servers will be no more. Below are details on how to properly go about completing a character transfer, as well as which server any non-transferred characters will be moved to if not transferred before the server consolidations happen in around two months.

EricMusco Consolidated Post: APAC/Oceanic Server Concerns | 06.04.2013, 10:37 AM

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to let you know that your free transfers are now open! In order to transfer your character, follow these steps:

  • Go to your “My Account” page by clicking on your username in the top right corner of SWTOR.com
  • On the left hand side, scroll down to Character Transfer
  • Once there, select your current APAC server and then the character you wish to transfer
  • Now select your destination server (where you want to move your character to)
  • Press the transfer button

One thing to keep in mind is that any characters which you do not transfer will be moved as a part of the APAC server consolidations as follows:

  • Dalborra -> The Harbinger
  • Master Dar’Nala -> The Bastion
  • Gav Daragon -> Bergeren Colony

Server consolidations will happen in approximately 60 days, more info to follow. Thanks!


  • Dev notes

AmberGreen Public Test Server Closing | 06.05.2013, 01:02 PM

Hi there Testers!
The PTS will become unavailable this afternoon to prepare Game Update 2.2 for deploy to the Live Servers. Thank you all for your participation, bug reporting and valuable feedback!
Please watch this forum to see when the next Game Update will begin testing.


Thanks to all of you that helped out with testing this time around on the PTS. For those of you that did help out, what change did you like the best? What did you think of the new Nightmare modes for TFB and Scum and Villainy? Let us know about your testing experiences in the comment section below.



BruceMaclean Cross Server Queues. | 06.05.2013, 08:29 AM

Originally Posted by Kilora

I’m hoping it will be included in 2.4 — along with 3+ new WZs, new WZ maps, arenas, and an actual start to Season 1. (At least, cross-server for Ranked).

Nice list Kilora!
While the exact details of which features will make Game Update 2.4 are still being hardened I can definitely say that Cross-Server Queuing is not in the plan for it. We’ve taken a hard look at Cross Server Queuing in the past and accomplishing it is a *significant* challenge that would take a lot of time away from other things we are working on. Emphasis on significant. It’s not forever off the table but it’s not in the plan right now.
Even though it is too early to share specifics I can say that Game Update 2.4 as it is being worked on right now has features and changes that should cause a significant improvement of queue times for ranked Warzones in particular. Emphasis on significant!



So as you can read, cross-server queuing looks to be a no go for any upcoming updates. Bruce again restated that whatever is coming to PVP in Game Update 2.4 will be “significant.” At this point, any suggestion is merely guessing on my part, but I will put the question to you…What do you think BioWare has planned for PVP in update 2.4? New maps? New que system? Let us know what you think could be headed to SWTOR PVP in 2.4, in the comment section below.



RobHinkle Stunbreakers reseting after death | 06.03.2013, 09:31 AM

Hey Gang,
After hearing your feedback from this thread (and others like it), we’ve decided to hold off on any changes to the control system (and in this case, the stunbreak) for now. We feel like the amount of control still isn’t where we really want it to be, and while we think this would have taken a small step towards improving that situation, your feedback has convinced us that it comes with bigger consequences than we are willing to accept. So while we are going to revert all of the stunbreak changes, we will continue to work on improving the control system for the future. However, at this point we won’t be making any changes for the upcoming 2.2 patch.
Thanks for your feedback and assistance


The SWTOR community spoke up about resetting stunbreakers after death and BioWare has heard you. It appears they have taken into account your points-of-view and pulled this change from Game Update 2.2. Nice job to the community for making your opinions known to BioWare, especially to all those offering their opinion in a constructive manner. I think the clincher was hearing how players could use the /stuck command to rest their stunbreaker and be right back in the fight. BioWare seems to also see that the PVP community wants the resolve system fixed not just a band-aid.


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  • Corellian Run Radio’s Weekly Nav Coordinates

As you read through any of articles or listen to the podcast, please take a moment and submit your feedback and suggestions in the comment sections. We love to hear from you. Thanks again, to you our loyal fans and followers, enjoy the links below!

06/03 Community Checkpoint featuring Siths of Technology by Jason Taylor

06/04 Episode #97: May Writers’ Roundtable – podcsst

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  • SWTOR Community Spotlight

braineydude - logoIf any of you frequent to SWTOR Community on Google+, you probably have seen some videos posted by Brian Haggard. I came across his videos and found them informative, especially those learning new roles or classes. The laid-back feel makes them approachable by people of any skill level. I messaged Brian to find out more about the videos he and his partner-in-crime Nes made. Below is the short interview with those two guys.

Brian & Nes Q&A

How did you guys get into gaming and how long have you been playing SWTOR?

Nes: I remember when I was 10 years old and I got an Original Xbox console. That was my first gaming experience, playing Halo: Combat Evolved. I think that the 360 had recently come out, so prices were extremely low and that was how I got into gaming. Since getting older and having a substantially increased income, I have expanded my gaming horizons. Up until October 2011 or so I was all console; I rarely used my computer for gaming except for the occasional Age of Empires game. However, I was a complete Star Wars fanboy, so I just had to get a piece of the new Star Wars game. I upgraded my computer then and got into the realm of PC gaming. I preordered SWTOR the summer before its release, and I have been playing it since the early access days.

Brian: Gaming started for me when I was young as well. My dad took me to a garage sale and the person was selling a PlayStation 1 with few games. I excitedly bought it and soon was playing Frogger non-stop. I later got the PS2, which made me even more interested in the gaming community. By the time the PS3 and Xbox 360 were popular, I learned about Steam, and got into PC gaming. From there I played all types of games on the computer, and now prefer it over consoles (against Nes’ wishes). I recently built myself a gaming desktop which has allowed me to play even more games ranging from Kotor 1 to SWTOR on high graphics! I, also, have been playing since the release.


What is one thing that either of you like best about SWTOR?

Brian: I think that SWTOR’s key strength is in its storytelling. I find myself consumed by its engaging nature and memorable moments. I have had numerous experiences of rushing to finish my story on a planet even though I have not met the level requirement because its so exciting and I have to see what the result of it will be. Overall, I think that SWTOR is the one of the best MMO’s because of its strong story driven experience.

Nes: For me SWTOR has been a fun game, not the best game I have played in terms of gameplay, but the thing has me trapped playing SWTOR is the amazing environment and world. I get such a rush every time I see something I recognize from outside the game, or even from just thinking: “Oh that will cost me 400 credits. I get to pay with CREDITS!!”


Why did you two decide to make videos about SWTOR?

Brian: Well the channel was my idea in the first place. We enjoy the game, know a lot about it, and have the equipment to make and edit videos. I have been into YouTube for a few years and had slowly become inspired by the bigger YouTubers. I then decided that SWTOR was a perfect game for us to film and make a channel around, and we did exactly that.

Nes: Well, Brian has been the brains behind this entire thing. We have been great friends for five years now, and fans of Star Wars for just as long. When he told me that he wanted to start filming what we were doing, I thought it was an interesting idea and joined up. So far, Brian has uploaded most of the footage, but starting this summer I’m determined to match or even exceed his uploads on the channel!


What kinds of videos have you currently made and what future ideas can you share with us?

Brian/Nes: So far, we have tested a few ideas including a Dueling series, a Kotor series, a normal “Lets Play” like series of us just fooling around with new expansions, a PvP series of us playing, and our most popular tutorial videos.  For the future, we want to upload a large range of tutorials on the game, and we have some really cool ideas as well, that we have started working on! We don’t want to give too much away, but Nes has always wanted to make a live-action short, so we have something in the works. You would be looking at a late Summer release.


If someone would like to help, or send a suggestion for a future video, what would be the best way to make contact?

Brian/Nes: The best way to contact us is through email, braincraftminecraft@gmail.com

We also check the comments on every video, our YouTube inbox, and feed on the channel itself. We are always open to new ideas, so don’t be afraid to contact us!


One of their video guides:



That’s it for this week’s article. If you have a particular link, story, video, or topic related to SWTOR we would love to hear about it! You can send those to us here at Corellian Run Radio and we can place it in a future article. Just email us the links and/or the details for the event at corellianrun@gmail.com, or you can also leave any link suggestions in the comments below, or in Corellian Run Radio’s Facebook group. See you all next week!




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