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HoloNet Links #100

HoloNet Links has hit the century mark! Wow, it is hard to believe they have kept me around this long lol. nightmare_2.2Game Update 2.2: Operation Nightmare went live this week! As the title indicates Nightmare is the theme and BioWare has provided us with Nightmare mode for the Terror From Beyond Operation. Besides this, there is new gear added to the game, The Kell Dragon sets, which is getting players ready for the next Nightmare mode which is coming to the Scum & Villainy Operation around the 25th of June and lots of other goodies.

Update 2.2 details, discuss New Guild Rewards & more after the Jump…





Before we get into the actual patch notes for Game Update 2.2, let’s look at the new Nightmare Update trailer.



  • Game Update 2.2 Path notes

We have talked about a couple of things that were released in Update 2.2, but let’s look closer at some more highlights from the patch notes. First off, we see the new Nightmare mode as we discussed for TFB. There is a new vehicle drop in this mode of the Operation, The Helix Hyperpod. The new Guild Rewards added in this patch, we will be discussing those in the next section.  As mentioned leading up to this patch release, the Cartel Packs, associate with Shipment one, have been removed from the Cartel Market. In their place, the newest pack – the Archon Contraband Pack was added.


Hutt Ball uniforms in new Cartel mPacks

Hutt Ball uniforms in new Cartel Packs

For more details on the Archon Cartel packs check out this link


They sell for 320 Cartel Coins or a Hypercrate of these packs for limited time discount of 6,912 Cartel Coins. A Hypercrate also contains “Fortuitous” dye module, which according to the patch notes has a higher percentage of giving the player a rare dye. Speaking of dyes, there are more added to the Cartel Market and Collector’s Edition Vendor. There are several new colors and color combinations, bright enough to make Maer smile with delight. I love the new dyes myself and I’m happy to see the CE vendors get some new dyes added, but what about new color dyes for Artificers to learn? I know I’m talking about this again, but honestly UnderWorld armoring, mods, enhancements can be RE’d and the player has the chance to learn the schematic. Yes, I know enhancements are under Artifice, but that is because these will no longer be “Best in Slot” gear. So, I ask why can dyes not be RE’d with the same chance to learn a schematic? Speaking of crafting, BioChem has had the Rakata Medpac “rebalanced.” It will remain reusable, but it will not add +15% to a player’s as it did prior to 2.2 update.

Okay back to patch notes, the Cartel Market also received several discounts, some of which are on appearance options. I think this is a good move on BioWare’s part to offer discounts on appearance options. This might spark some people to try the Character Design kiosk, which might not have tried it before the recent discounted price. There is also a limited discount on Inventory Module, either per character or account wide. Besides those discounts there are some armor sets now on sale, for instance the Sith Raider set is on sale for 288 Cartel Coins an 80% discount!

There are plenty of other changes besides Cartel Market items. A few changes have arrived to some Classes and Advance Classes. Be sure to carefully read through these patch notes as almost every Class has a minor change, except Smuggler and Imperial Agent. Those only had changes to a feature in the Gunslinger and Sniper Advance Classes dealing with the Hightail It and Covered Escape respectfully.

That is just a small overview of the patch notes from Update 2.2, please make sure you read through the notes carefully.



  • Reaction on New Guild Rewards

GuildRewards_recruitingIf you read through the patch notes for Game Update 2.2, you know that BioWare has introduced some new rewards or bonuses for SWTOR guilds.

If you haven’t read through the notes you can head over to GuildRewards_XPthe Guild Rewards Program page, but basically it states that plus the current +5% XP bonus for being a member in a guild, players can potentially earn an additional +1% for XP and Reputation. This applies for every five new recruited players. This bonus increases to a maximum of +10% XP and Reputation bonus. Besides the players being new recruits, the players must have logged in within the last 30 days and they must be either at a level of Subscriber or Preferred Status to count towards the bonus.

I usually give just my opinions, but since I also interview guilds I decided to ask them a few questions and let them weigh in on this topic. I received a few replies so far and if I hear more I will edit this section as needed. I would like to thank representatives from the WOOK guild, The Phoenix Unit guild, The Incredibles gaming community, and the Affinity guild.

I asked them the same three questions:

1) Do you like that BioWare is giving rewards/bonuses to guilds?
2) What do like or dislike about the rewards?
3) What are some rewards BioWare should add to SWTOR for guilds?

Here are their replies:

Parvival – The Phoenix Unit -The Progenitor EU

1) Yes, in our opinion it favors active players and creates comradeship. When you join a guild you are not alone in the big universe.

2) We are happy to get more XP due the Guild XP bonus and receive more reputation for our Legacy.*updated answer from The Phoenix Unit)

3) We would really like our own space cruiser/frigate for all members. It would create a special atmosphere where you can relax and discuss missions together.


Bam (GM) – WOOK Guild -The Shadowlands US

1) Guild rewards being implemented is a great idea! Sub-communities that thrive inject life into the community as a whole.

2) Everyone loves the prospect of faster leveling and reputation gains. With the advent of weekly comm caps and collections, playing alts is fundamental for the total experience. The guild bonus helps!

3) Additional guild perks could include: increased crew mission drops, increased companion affection gain, increased critical chance on craft.



Major Snarl (Elder & former GM) of The Incredibles Gaming community – Bastion US

1) There are no “rewards” in patch 2.2 that I can see; there is only Zul…er, sorry, was miles away. There’s only the bump up from 5% bonus XP & Reputation to the max of 10% XP & Reputation, based on active players…a single reward. Everything else mentioned is not guild-specific; Kell Dragon sets can be worn by anyone in the game, not just those in guilds, for example.

2) I do think the reward Bioware has in place (upgraded in 2.2) for being in a guild are a good start. I also think Bioware is right to be cautious. When Blizzard came out with these, there were outcries that guild perks would kill all but the largest guilds. And while there were consolidations and breakups, overall it didn’t kill the small to medium sized guild. Perks accomplished their purpose:  Give those people holding out and playing solo a reason to experience what being in a guild is like; people in a guild are more likely to keep playing and thus keep a subscription active. I know that I would not be playing any MMO if it weren’t for <The Incredibles>. Given Bioware’s staff size, I’m glad they’re slowly introducing more perks, so that nothing unbalancing shows up and thus takes overly long to fix.

I like that my alts will take less time to level up with the extra 5% XP! As far as what guilds want, I’ll be commenting on that subject in Monday’s Command Decisions article on torwars.com!

3) Things I’d like to see are: 

– Guild achievements with titles, mounts or pets attached to certain ones;

– Maybe a certain amount of time taken off for companions when crafting or on missions. Not TOO much, just a bit.

– Mounts, pets and other fooferaw and gemgaws just for guilds; I’d like to see something more than just a recolor


Oprious, Archemel and Coet from Affinity guild – Prophecy of The Five US

1) Bioware is doing a great job with the bonus, we like them a lot. Its helping the guilds expand and with that explore new content (16 man ops, world boss). Also adds some work for guild leaders to keep the member numbers up so that the bonus’ are maxed.
2) Experience based rewards are awesome but for guilds that are made up of mostly 55s it doesn’t leave much for us.
3) The Guild Ship!! We are still hoping for that (it was mentioned a long long time ago) guild achievements, a guild logo that we could put on our gear so that its more than just fighting with a <Name> above our heads. Maybe a guild color system to rework peoples gear when we are doing guild ops or something.


I did have another question concerning the restriction on F2P players, but I worded it incorrectly, so it was removed. The wording threw me off at first, when I reread it, any F2P players in the guild will get the benefit of the guild bonuses. However, any F2P player recruited will NOT count toward the five new recruits per every percent increase up to ten percent bonus increase. Okay, I see that BioWare is trying to prevent guilds from creating F2P accounts in order to get the max bonus and that, in my opinion, would be an exploit. I will add this, which is more likely now for guilds to recruit players without asking if they are at least Preferred Status or just recruit anyone? What if you are a large guild already at or near cap level for guild members? I am not stating any of this to generate “hate” towards BioWare, but I do think this is silly to place more walls between players in this game. The MMO genre already places enough between solo-players, elite raiders, PVPers, RPers, so on and so on. Anything relating to a reward for guilds should better the community and not potentially create barriers. That is just my opinion. I want to thank those guild representatives that replied with their take on the new Guild Rewards in Update 2.2. Let us hear your thoughts in the comment section below.



  • Dev notes

EricMusco Can we get a target date for 2.2.1? | 06.12.2013, 11:37 AM

Hey folks,
I just posted here, the current target date for 2.2.1 is 6/25. One thing I wanted to stress is that it is not a guarantee that transfers will be in 2.2.1. It is our goal to get them to all of you as fast as we can as a part of 2.2.1, but we will not release it until it is working correctly.

It has been push backed, but at least they are still giving us dates on future updates. I’m not expert on programming, but anything this big and having this many entwined systems is bound to have bugs or cause issues that delay patch releases. Considering the big part of 2.2.1 is getting paid character transfers. Let’s just take a deep breath and show a little patience.



EricMusco Thanks for not fixing the UI so i have to CTRL U Twice to enter WZ | 06.12.2013, 11:29 AM

Hey guys,
I grabbed an update on this and right now we have a bug fix for this planned for Game Update 2.2.1 which is currently slated for 6/25. I will note as always that this date can move. Also know that the bug fix for this is still waiting to be tested and locked in so it can move but that is the current target.

I read through this thread and some have had this bug pop up and others have been fortunate to not see it. The thing I am wondering, along with others, if this has been a known bug, why wait till the next major patch? I understand it needs to be tested, once a fix has been found. The thing is players get the impression actual gameplay bugs are being pushed back. While this may just be perception or lack of transparency from devs to players, somehow we need to remedy the situation. Not sure how exactly, but I know if I heard there was going to be a fix scheduled for a certain patch, it would make me feel better than reading through the entire patch notes and finding no fix was added to this update.



CourtneyWoods Archon’s Contraband Pack | 06.11.2013, 06:24 PM

Originally Posted by Jerba

Small bug: The screenshot of the Slateshard Lylek is incorrect, it shows the Striated Wriggler.
Otherwise, I am looking forward to this pack! There’s quite a share of items I plan on buying off the GTN, including the pets, emotes, titles and of course, finally, a sittable chair!

Thanks Jerba! I have updated the blog with the correct image.

port_relax_unitOkay, I promise this is not bash the devs/community team, but the new Cartel Market pack gets a sittable chair? First off, thank you for creating a sittable chair besides those not in our ships. I’m sure lots of people are happy, but then they see you offer it on the Cartel Market. It does not mean players are required to buy it through the Cartel Market. They can wait till someone sells it for credits on the GTN. The issue is how this comes across to the loyal players of this game. Again I’m not trying to throw hate around, but I am offering my constructive opinion to say this is a bad idea. I would much rather it be sold as a GSI Reputation item, than part of a Cartel pack.




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  • Corellian Run Radio’s Weekly Nav Coordinates

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While you read through any of articles or listen to the podcast, we encourage you to take a moment and submit your feedback and suggestions in the comment sections. We love to hear from you. Thanks again, to you our loyal fans and followers, enjoy the links below!

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  • HoloNet Links 1-100 Look Back

It didn’t really hit me about writing number 100 until last week when I wrote 99…I’m good at that high level math see I knew one more would be 100 lol. So, it got me looking back over past articles, the changes that have happened in SWTOR and even to the first email I wrote to Carla and Kathy. It has been almost two years since then and there have been ups and downs in life, the game and changes on the site, but through all those things I have not regretted writing that email and asking to be a part of this podcast/website. If not for that, I would have never met soo many wonderful people in the SWTOR community, many of who I gladly call my friends! It has opened doors to interacting with people I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to do so. Thank you to Carla and Kathy, first off, and all the great writers and contributors to this site past, present and future. Also a huge thank you and appreciation to all those readers and followers of our site, you all make this job worth doing. Thanks, hopefully I will be able write another 100 more HoloNet Links at least!

sights on another 100

targeting the next 100 articles

See you all next week! If you have a particular link, story, video, or topic related to SWTOR we would love to hear about it! You can send those to us here at Corellian Run Radio and we can place it in a future article. Just email us the links and/or the details for the event at corellianrun@gmail.com, or you can also leave any link suggestions in the comments below, or in Corellian Run Radio’s Facebook group. See you all next week!



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  1. Congrats on 100 great articles Jason (more than that really, since you do the guild ones too!). It is a pleasure to work with you! Need to get a guys night podcast next month to celebrate, I think!

  2. @Geldarion aka Drew – Thanks man! I agree, another “Guys Night” podcast would be a blast!

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