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  • Pathfinders – Galactic Republic

This past week, I had the chance to meet up with Master McCay and discuss the group known as the Pathfinders. I asked him questions about how their branch of the Jedi Order viewed the Treaty of Coruscant and the situation on Makeb. We also discussed their philosophy as it pertains to the Jedi Code, teachings and training methods.

When you think of the word, Pathfinder, it usually brings up images of trailblazers finding their way to a new land. In this case, the Pathfinders guild seeks out to find those “Force Sensitive” beings in the galaxy and helps them find their “path” in the Force. Yes, they are an RP guild, but even “out of character” they are always looking to meet new people and have fun playing SWTOR.

Let’s learn more about this Jedi group after the Jump…







  • Guild Q&A

Thank you for inviting to your embassy on Voss. I appreciate you taking time for the interview. Can you state your name and rank for the holo-recording?

I am Master McCay Jones.  I am the Council Master for Pathfinder.



What does it mean to be a Pathfinder? Is it a formal branch of the Jedi Order? If so what function does it serve to the Order?

PathfinderLogo_zps52bd8553To be a Pathfinder, as a Jedi, you must be dedicated to the Jedi Order and the Jedi Code.  We are a sect within the Jedi Order and answer to the Jedi Council.  Our primary purpose is to seek out force users and bring them back to the Order if they wish formal training.  We have also sought out force relics for safe keeping by the Jedi Order.  Recently, we have been more active within the war the galaxy currently finds itself in. 



When were the Pathfinders established? Who formed the Pathfinders within the Jedi Order? Are you sanctioned by the Senate?

In 188 BTC, two Jedi Masters, Master Barret Eris and Master Celes Darrst, were assigned to the Tingle Arm sector of the Outer Rim for a project known as Pathfinder.  The primary purpose was to find force sensitive people and train them as Jedi.

Since we are a sect within the Jedi Order, I would say we are as much sanctioned as the Jedi Order.

 Pathfinder - group pose


Your group of Pathfinders adheres strictly to the Jedi teachings and training correct? What are some of these teachings, especially when it comes to new padawans? What ranks can your members earn?

Yes, we are one of the more traditional sects within the Jedi Order.  We follow the ideals and code of the Jedi and discourage darker beliefs.  We teach about the Jedi Code, the Living Force, the Unifying Force, basic lightsaber techniques, the three pillars of the Jedi, and so on.  As you can see, there is a lot we go into just for the young Jedi.  We do speak on the four stages of the Dark side as well since it is important for the young Jedi to know what they will encounter as they grow in the Force.

Those who are new to the Jedi Order, once they have been accepted within the Jedi Order, they can join Pathfinder as a Jedi Initiate.  This is someone who has little to no training so far.  As they progress, and complete their Jedi Initiate trials, they become a Jedi Apprentice.  This means that they are ready to be taken as a Padawan learner.  As a Padawan, they have a master that works with training them.

We do have established Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters who also seek to join us.   With our strong traditional beliefs, we do our due diligence in making sure the Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters are a good fit within the Jedi Order and our sect.

(I asked some members about their Trials and training)

What was the hardest aspect of the Trials for you personally?
Roleplaying through the devious scenarios my Master came up with, without going off the rails and falling to the dark side.
My character had to take a break from the life of a Jedi to make it through and finally attain Knighthood. 🙂 – Itkovian

OOC? I had some humdingers of a Trial. Considering the care that went into them, they were a blast. Well, not for my characters, but who asked them anyway. I’ve inflicted them on one padawan already, and look forward to more. – Reynala

How did the Pathfinder mentors/masters help with your training?
As a Pureblood within the Jedi Order the masters here at Pathfinder helped me understand that the individual’s race has little bearings on their life as a Jedi. From them I learned what it meant to be a Jedi. The compassion that was shown to me by Master Crista, the calm of Master Mccay, the resolve of Knight Sairyn these are all traits that I hope that I may be able to live up to myself. – Laurance


What position do the Pathfinders have in regards to the Treaty of Coruscant to the present conflict with the Hutts on Makeb? Should the Jedi Order have been more prepared for a possible Sith invasion?

Since the Jedi Council agreed to it, we follow their lead when it comes to the Treaty of Coruscant.  The situation with the Hutts on Makeb is still being looked into, but we are ready to head there to aid protecting the planet and its people.

makeb-splash screen

The Jedi Order does what it can to protect the innocent people of the galaxy.  Any time the Sith attacks any world, it is tragic.  The Jedi Order will always be ready to move and help when it comes to the Sith Empire.

It is hard to say if the Jedi Order could have been more prepared to prevent a Sith invasion.  I believe that some events could have been avoided, but hindsight is always 20/20.  It is important to learn from the past to help from repeating it in the future.



Now onto OOC questions regarding the Pathfinders guild. How did the guild get started? When did the guild start playing SWTOR together?

The Pathfinder guild started in Star Wars Galaxies around 2007 on the Starsider galaxy.  When Star Wars Galaxies was being shut down and Star Wars: the Old Republic was going to launch, we decided to move the guild here.  Officially, Pathfinder was formed in December 2011 on Lord Adraas.  When they closed down that server, we moved to the Ebon Hawk.



This is known as a Jedi RP guild, how do the other classes fit into the workings of the guild, events and RP?

This has always been a difficult thing for the guild.  We originally tried to have a trooper and smuggler part of the guild, but ultimately it did not work out.  Eventually another guild, Delta Company, was formed that is a military guild that we role play with a lot.

In all our events, anyone is welcome.  Some events are more designed for Jedi.  With our guild alliance with Delta Company, those within Pathfinder are welcome to their military training role play. 

We do have joint missions were all classes can go to and feel that they make a difference in what happens in the role play.



Speaking of events, your guild has to have one of the fullest calendars I have seen for events. How have you managed to organize so many events? Who helps with these events? Are there specific officers or can any member plan an event?

There are several factors that go into having such a full calendar of events.  First off, every member of the Pathfinder Council has to hold at least one event a month.  We, also, have regular events, such as our Apprentice Tournament and our weekly Operation run. 

Pathfinder - apprentice tournament


Pathfinder events – Apprentice tournaments and weekly Op runs


We have many dedicated players who are wonderful story tellers.  They help to create various events.  One of our current storylines is All Stars Burn as One, which is a joint storyline between Delta Company and Pathfinder, created and ran by Jaran, a member of both guilds.


event with Delta Company

Pathfinder event on Hoth

I encourage all members to run events, while it is not a requirement except for the Council members. 

I do create and run a majority of the events.  I know that if people know there are things to do, they will feel more engaged which is important.

(Some members talk about their favorite event)

What was your favorite Pathfinder guild event?
We have some very talented Game Masters with over-reaching stories. I like going to one, and dealing with the fallout. It’s also fun to play on the other side to add to the experience for others. – Reynala

My favorite event so far wasn’t some grand battle to save the galaxy or anything like that. It was actually the Funeral of Master Cristor Kell. This event was touching and proved to me that the characters we create and play every day matter to the members of this guild. It was a sad event, but it did make me proud to be a member of the guild. – Laurance


What are your policies regarding other players and guilds participating in your sponsored events? Do you have certain guilds within the Republic and/or Empire that you coordinate special events?

We are welcoming to any player who wants to participate or just watch our events.  We do not care about what guild someone is in. 

Delta Company is a guild we work hand and hand with.  Their guild leader, Airek, and I have worked together for a long time now.  Many members have an alternative character in Delta Company.  And they have alternative characters in Pathfinder as well. 

We have an Imperial guild we do some role play with as well, since it was formed by some of our guild members.  The Brotherhood of Raiskus is that guild, led by Jevlas.  While it is small, it allows those who wish to get involved some in Sith role play.

We have also done some events with the imperial guild Death’s Regiment and the Republic guild Jade Company.  Since we don’t focus on guild tag, it is hard to be certain of all the guilds we have interacted with or role play often with.



How do the Pathfinders manage RP elements along with the regular gameplay aspects found in SWTOR? Do the class story quests help or hinder an RP guild’s own stories? How have they impacted the Pathfinders?

We use as much of the gameplay as reasonable for a role play guild.  We have used some planets as other planets for role play.  While we wish we had chat bubbles and the ability of sitting in chairs, we make do with what we can.

We try to discourage people using the class stories as their personal ones.  Mainly this is due to the fact that every Jedi Knight or Jedi Consular would have done the exact same thing, from saving the same people to stopping the same people.  Though if people want to, I strongly encourage them to change the names and places of those they are interacting with during role play.  It will at least keep their story unique to them.

Since we are currently role playing in the year 12 ATC, just before Makeb, we are conscious of what has happened in the stories but also do not reveal spoilers since we do not want to new players to feel cheated.  It can be difficult at times, but we have managed to keep the balance.



What server can the Pathfinders be found? Will this remain once server transfers go live in-game?

We are located on the Ebon Hawk server, which is an east coast role player/PVE server.  We intend to stay here once paid transfers go live.  We like the Ebon Hawk and the community that is there.



Are the Pathfinders currently recruiting? What steps does a new recruit need to complete to become a member? How is the best way for players to contact the guild that want to find out more information?

We are always recruiting, but it is not a traditional style of recruiting.  I normally do not spam general chat with information about Pathfinder.  Since we seek quality over quantity, we allow our role play to draw people to us.

For someone who is interested in becoming a member of Pathfinder, there are a few steps.  First is to visit our website and read up on us.  If they wish to apply, going to our application and filling it out is the next step.  From there, a member of the Pathfinder Council will contact them, most often it is myself and from the website.  We encourage them to attend some of our role play events to make sure that we are what they are seeking.  From this point, it is up to them to ask in-character about joining.  From there, an in-character interview takes place. 

If someone is accepted into Pathfinder, typically they enter as a recruit, which is an out-of-character rank.  This is a two week trial period to make sure both sides are happy with each other.  After that point, they are granted full members with the proper rank.

Those who wish to join as a Jedi Master tend to have a longer trial period since we want our Jedi Masters to be a good example of what it means to be a Jedi and a Pathfinder.

 (Some reasons Pathfinder members would recommend their guild)

Why would you recommend this guild to a player in SWTOR?

The members of Pathfinder are some of the best and most creative roleplayers I have had the experience of playing with. They are not afraid to welcome new RP’rs into their ranks and they are always welcoming of random RP, unlike some of the other cliques that are formed in the game that will not acknowledge you even if your character is stumbling into a medical center dying. – Laurance

Best roleplaying guild I have ever been in, a relaxed guilds that actually encourages its members to come up with their own roleplay. There are rules and guidelines, yes, but this is not a strict guild where members MUST follow strictly limited RP.
Our members are free to indulge in their creativity, are encouraged to come up with their own events, and the leadership offers a guiding hand to help steer this RP instead of restricting it with an iron fist.
The end result is a very friendly guild where a tremendous amount of RP takes place, in numerous storyline threads. Just a look at our journals section in the forums should show how much roleplaying goes on in the guild, and that only scratches the surface. – Itkovian

It’s an awesome group of roleplayers who braid all kinds of stories together. – Reynala



Thanks so much to the members of the Pathfinders for letting us learn more about them. They are a really great group of RPers. I would also like to think their GM, McCay. He was very accommodating to answer my questions and the extra time he gave up helping make this article possible. I would like to wish him and the rest of the Pathfinder guild all the best and May the Force be with them in all they do.

If you happen to be on the Ebon Hawk server and looking to join a Jedi based RP guild or looking to participate in their many different events, be sure to get in touch with the Pathfinders, through their website.

Would you like to have your guild highlighted in a future Community Checkpoint? If so, all you need to do is submit your guild/group’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, jason@corellianrun.com. We love to highlight members in the SWTOR community, from guilds to the many people working to plan events, contest, etc. We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks and see you next week!



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