Jun 272013
TFB pretty This week Carla & Drew discuss Update 2.2 and the honest communication of Bioware.FACT OR FICTION: Can you pick out the true fact? This week’s fact or fiction is all about Character Transfers!

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FROM THE NEWSNET & BEYOND: Roundup of the most important announcements and news.

  1. Server transfers
  2. PvP concerns
    1. CC-breaker reset change re-thought
    2. Cross-server queues not in 2.4
    3. Honesty communication
    4. Bolster fixes in 2.2
  3. CE vendor dyes now bound
  4. Update 2.2 delayed

    1. Embargo on Shipment 1 also delayed
    2. Server transfers not in 2.2 now


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SITH OR JEDI: The Test of the Thermostat

You are starting to come down with a cold. Your significant other is really sensitive to the cold air conditioning, but you feel better with more cold air. They have let you put it on a relatively cool setting, but it could definitely be colder. You are about to go to sleep, and they are already sleeping soundly. You plan on taking an over-the-counter sleep aid, so you should be out like a light soon. Do you:

  1. Turn the air up a little to make it warmer, since you will be dead to the world anyway.
  2. Keep the air at the pre-agreed value.
  3. Turn the air even further down to make yourself nice and comfortable, because you are getting sick, dang it! They can mess with the air when they wake up cold in the middle of the night!


Community Buzz

Server transfers!

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Thank you, EVERYONE, for listening!

  2 Responses to “Episode 98: Honesty Breeds Loyalty”

  1. The show was great, but dated. Why did you record on the 11th and wait till the 28th to release it? Most of the things you talk about have now been released. In any event, again, the show was great.

  2. Real life got in the way! 🙁

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