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  • <E> Guild – Sith Empire

Happy July and welcome to this week’s Community Checkpoint! I had the great opportunity to meet Soy, via the internet, for his help on this week’s article. He is the GM for this week’s guild, <E> Guild. We will learn how this guild got its start, what server they call “home,” and learn about Soy’s gaming background. <E> Guild is very dedicated to their progression raiding, but that is not all they are about, in fact, as we will see, they pride themselves in appealing to many different gameplay styles. They enjoy helping fellow guild members in various ways, so they can see more content in SWTOR.

Let’s meet their GM, Soy & learn about <E> Guild after the Jump…





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  • Guild Q&A

How long has <E> been a guild in SWTOR? Is this the only game the guild currently is playing?

<E>Guild has been around for right at a year now.  We mainly play SWTOR.  We do dabble a bit in some other games of fancy, such as World of Tanks, LOL, and are always checking out betas of upcoming mmos.



What server and faction doe the <E> Guild represent?

Our home is the PVP server Prophecy of the Five.  We are primarily an Imperial guild with a limited amount of activity in our Republic guild.



Can you tell us what the “E” means as the guild’s name? How does the name represent your guild?

E logoAround the time of the first set of server transfers our origin server was nearly inactive.  We found another guild that was still trying to clear content and ended up merging with them.  Our guild name at the time was “Elitists” and they also had a name that started with the letter E.  When we were trying to pick out a new name the suggestions were terrible.  I’ve never been a fan of guild names that are based on other games, are just crude, sound like an angsty teen band or are in Latin.  So we ended up compromising with just using the first letter of both our guilds.



What type of guild, like PVP, Hardcore, PVP, and Casual etc., would the <E> Guild be considered? Do you think a guild can effectively offer multiple styles of gameplay? How does your guild help make this possible?

We are a serious PVE guild that enjoys PVPing.  Our membership runs the spectrum of play styles though.  We have very dedicated raiders to casual players who just log on to run flashpoints and dress up their toons.

We decided a long time ago that it would be in our best interest as a guild and for us to maintain some longevity that we could accommodate different styles of gameplay.  Hardcore guilds with a specific gameplay style share the same life arc.  High turnover rate of players, many of these guilds fold and reinvent themselves several times over, shuffling the same handful of players around under different guild names.  We wanted to avoid this and as a result decided to include players with varying interests and varying levels of interest in the game.

The foundation for us to make this possible is simple.  In MMOs, like SWTOR, there is always a demand for skilled players, but not all skilled players are of the same value.  On one hand you have the player who knows his class well and can perform at a high level, but outside of raid performance, or pvp matches he brings little to the guild.  Those players are always looking for the next best thing.  Mercenaries if you will.  We’ve really looked for skilled players that are also helpful.  They will spend time working with newer members on gearing, learning a rotation, and teaching them the fights.  It takes a special type of person and player to demonstrate the patience that is required to help others who aren’t as skilled as you are.  We have many players who fit this description.  Our appointments of officers are actually predicated on having these qualities.  I’m proud of the caliber players we have.

We have our captains run scheduled “Boot Camps” on our off raid nights for players to gear up alts or for more casual players to see the content.



Although <E> offers various ways for members to be part of the guild, is progression raiding an important part of guild activities? How has the guild faired so far in SWTOR Operations? What would be the hardest and easiest fights in raids <E> has completed?

Our main progression raid is the engine that pulls the rest of the cars down the track.  We enjoy staying on top of new content and finding more efficient ways to down bosses.  To date we’ve cleared everything except Nightmare TFB which we are currently progressing on.  We had a setback when we lost several tanks in a short period of time.  We’re resolving that currently and hope to be back on schedule within the week.

The hardest fights in the game we’d say are Stormcaller/Firebrand in Nim EC when running 16m.  Nim Kephess in EC was a blast no matter what size raid group.  Some of the easiest would be Dash’roode in S&V and Col Vorgath aka the “minesweeper” fight in EC.


Check out this video of <E> Guild showcasing teamwork, communication as they take on Operator IX in Terror From Beyond Operation – Hardmode.


Did the guild take part in the Double XP Weekend, June 21st – 24th? Are there specific guild groups to take advantage of the extra XP during these weekends?

Of course, we’ve loved the Double XP weekends.  Our guild is full of altaholics.  Many of us have between 6-12, level 55 characters.  Most of the time guildies will form leveling groups of 2-4 and get toons to lvl 10 before the event begins.  That way when double XP hits they can really get something done.



Speaking of events, what does the guild think of the newly announced SWTOR Bounty Hunter themed event? What is one thing you and the guild would like to see this event include?

We are on one hand excited to see what the new event will be, including what neat rewards will be available, but we also hope that it isn’t along the lines of just mindless quests taking you everywhere.  We’ve done that already let’s see something that is really unique.



Being on a PVP server obliviously that is going to be a part of your gameplay, that said is PVP something many members of E enjoy? Are the guild members that like PVP excited about possibly having Arenas added to SWTOR later this year in Update 2.4?

We’ve always enjoyed the warzones.  For the better part of a year raid nights ended with several hours of queuing for warzones.  With the current bolster bug many of our diehard pvpers have really scaled back the amount of time they spend pvping.  We are cautiously optimistic about any future updates to PVP in SWTOR.



Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you became a part of the <E> Guild? What is your main character’s class/advance class? Do you play many alt characters? What is your favorite class story so far?

I’m a longtime gamer, but was an MMORPG infant when SWTOR launched.  Most of my gaming was on consoles.  Several years ago some real-life friends got me to try Command & Conquer.  I was hooked on RTS from that point on. One of my favorite games was an MMORTS called Battleforge.  From there I played a browser-based game, Lord of Ultima, for a year and a half.  Somehow I became GM of a 300 member guild on an EU server, which allowed me about 4 hours of sleep a night.  When we finally won our server I was exhausted.  About that time one of my friends told me to try SWTOR when it came out.  I’d had played KOTOR 1&2 and though it sounded cool.

After sifting through hundreds of pre-launch guilds, I joined one that had a great group of people.  Two weeks in there was a bit of minor drama and the players I’d found myself playing the most within the guild left and formed a new one, Elitists.  I ended up becoming GM basically by losing a coin toss.  Of the two of us that seemed to be the best candidates had led guilds previously and wanted no part of it…lol, but we knew it had to be one of us.

My main from launch was a sorc healer.  The last six months I’ve been playing a sniper.  Both are enjoyable.  I’ve got seven level 55’s that I play.  While the Imperial Agent story has the most “action”, I liked the chase of the Bounty Hunter story.



Is the guild currently recruiting new members? How does <E> Guild go about bringing new members into the guild? Is one aspect you look for in new recruits and why? Are there specific classes/advance classes the guild needs?

We will always welcome in players who have something to contribute to the guild, whether it be skill, personality, or just good company.

We have an application process that begins on our website.  Once an application is submitted, players that look to be good prospects are brought into our TeamSpeak (TS) for a chat with me.  The guild calls it, “being put on the couch while Soy profiles you.”  I’ve developed the ability to read people well…lol.  So if it is determined you are not going to be a troublemaker and will be an asset to the guild you are brought in as a trial for two weeks.  After that it is up to the player what he becomes to the guild.

The most important quality we look for in new recruits is the ability to get along with other.  MMOs seem to draw quite a few people with underdeveloped social skill sets.  Then they are forced to interact with other people to accomplish something and well, it doesn’t always go so smoothly.

Currently we have needs for highly-skilled players for our 16m progression raid.  Specifically a tank, sorc or op healer, and of course there is always room for exceptional dps.  Our 16m group is more competition based, so a better player can play his way into the group.



If there are guilds and or players looking to team up for some PVP or run Operations, what is the best way for them to contact you or the officers in the guild?

We can be contacted through email:  EGuildHQ@gmail.com, our website, or in game.  All my toons begin with “Soy”.  Officers:  Yaddle, Alette, Tathara, Dreadd, or Von’haeften.  We’d love to hear from anyone.



That’s it for this week’s Community Checkpoint. I want to thank all the members from <E> Guild for allowing me to highlight them this week. Also want to give a lot of credit for helping make this article possible to their GM, Soy. He helped with exchanging emails and answering the questions. All the best to every member of <E> Guild in everything they do! If you are looking for a progression centered guild that takes raiding serious, but also encourages other gameplay, I suggest getting in touch with <E> Guild via their website or talking to an officer in-game!

If you would like to possibly have your guild, like <E> Guild, highlighted on Community Checkpoint…all you need to do is submit your guild/group’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, jason@corellianrun.com. We love to highlight members in the SWTOR community, from guilds to the many people working to plan events, contest, etc. We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks and see you next week!



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  1. Thanks for thinking of us CRR and JT.

  2. @Soy It was a pleasure to meet you and the rest of Guild! Please keep us and the SWTOR community up-to-date on everything does in the future. All the best to you all! – JT

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