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Welcome to the war, comrades. You have been selected to receive the latest training and tactics fresh from the warfront. The tried-and-true strategies you are about to hear are extremely effective and CLASSIFIED. Let’s get to the briefing. Today, we discuss tips on how to catch a pass in Huttball!

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Whether you are a newbie or a veteran of PvP, you will be called upon to pass or catch a Huttball. Here are some tips to better facilitate that game-winning pass.

Top 5 Tips

5. Limit movement

Running in circles may confuse your opponents, but it also confuses your teammates. If you double back on your position, then a ball-carrier that is trying to time their pass might miss. This can mean a reset ball, or even worse, an interception. Stay in one area, or at least be consistent in your movement. Stick to one direction.

4. Use CC-immunities

Oftentimes, you will be standing on the ledge waiting for that pass. Use your CC-immunity skills to keep from getting knocked off or stunned. Most classes have a skill that allows them to be at least knockback-immune.

3. CC the people around you

If you are in a crowd of players and you are the only one not CC’d, then you will catch the ball, as passes are preferential to non-stunned players. Throw down a Cybertech grenade (the V-1 Seismic Grenades are sufficient for this) or use an AoE CC.

2. Create distance

Get ahead of the ball-carrier around 20-25 meters away. As in, target the ball-carrier and look at the distance meter. At this range, it is slightly harder for them to pinpoint your position, but it is the best range to move the ball, as that is almost their maximum range. It also makes it slightly easier to get it all the way to you, as they can use their maximum range and it will get to you. If you are too close, it is easy to under- or over-throw it.

1. Look around

Always be watching for the pass. Expect them to pass to you. Remember that you are playing Huttball, not “team deathmatch.”

Stealther Tips

5. Get out of stealth

This is the lesson we all learned the hard way. You have to be out of stealth to catch the Huttball. If you go into stealth with the Huttball it resets it, so you also cannot catch a pass in stealth. You can wait until the ring appears under your feet to unstealth, that way no one can interfere with you, but don’t cut it too close.

4. Stay out of the way

Don’t get discovered! Remember, to paraphrase Boba Fett, “you’re no good to them dead.” My favorite spot to stand while waiting them to run the ball to me is under the first ramp as seen below. Move out from under the ramp when they get close and jump to let them know you see them.

wmplayer 2013-07-10 12-10-10-69

3. Mark yourself

Announce at the beginning of the warzone that you will be in the endzone and be marked with saber (or whatever symbol, just announce it). That way, your teammates can see you better when you are in stealth waiting for the ball, they know you are ready to unstealth and to go ahead and pass the ball, and they know not to mark any other targets with your symbol.

2. Positioning is important

There are two places that are ideal for stealthers to stand. Where you stand really depends on which kind of team you have. If it is one with a lot of leapers, who are generally good at carrying the ball, then stand on the ledge, hiding under the ramp as mentioned above. Get a ways to the side to grab the ball, and generally things will go pretty well.

wmplayer 2013-07-10 12-09-56-25

If you get a semi-decent team, but not ideal, you might want to move up to stand after the first fire like in the picture below. This allows a shorter run for the initial ball-carrier before they can pass to you, and in the case of both Shadows and Scoundrels, you have a speedy way to get across the second fire.

wmplayer 2013-07-10 12-09-26-10

1. Score! Back in stealth!

As soon as you score, try to get back into stealth. This can be tricky, because you might be under attack. If the enemy is low in health, just kill them real quick and restealth. Move back under the ramp. If they are full health, you might be better using your in-combat stealth to get out of the way. Use your good judgment. The important thing is to get back into stealth for the next ball. Don’t get distracted by 1v1 opportunities.


Hopefully these tips help push your game to the next level! What tips do you have for catching passes in Huttball? Let me know in the comments!

EDIT: I should note that Du’morte at Concealed Blade relays some of this information and more, as he is a stealth specialist. My experiences in PvP have indicated a largely similar strategy, but I always like to give fellow PvPers props!

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