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  • Wretched Hive – Sith Empire

I have interviewed many different types of guilds. Each of them seemingly having their own unique take of how they run their guilds and play SWTOR together. This week we meet another guild, Wretched Hive. First glance at their website, they look just like many guilds into endgame Operations, but when you look closer they focus on a particular type of raid…the 16-man Op. Why would a guild focus on a certain type of endgame, especially one with more logistic issues in coordinating? Wouldn’t it be easier to run two 8-man groups? Could it be as simple as wanting to keep Operations a social aspect of the Wretched Hive?

We ask their GM, Mores these questions & more after the Jump…





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  • Guild Q&A

How did Wretched Hive become a guild and is SWTOR the first game for this guild?

Wretched Hive originated from a World of Warcraft guild called Resistance is Futile from the Terokkar realm. It was originally created as a means to keep us amused between raids in WoW, but quickly took over full time. Wretched Hive was formed prior to the launch of SWTOR and was a part of the pre-launch program.



wretched hive pic3What faction and server are associated with Wretched Hive?

Jedi Covenant (PvE) – Empire



Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got into gaming?

I’ve been gaming since I was very young. My family got one of the original Nintendo NES systems back in 1986 and I had played a bunch of ATARI and Colecovision games prior to that. I started PC gaming once I got my first computer, starting with Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, and Diablo when it first came out. I eventually found my way into MMO’s right after college.

I write software for a living and I’ve been the GM of Wretched Hive and its predecessor guild Resistance is Futile for 4 years.



How did you come across the Wretched Hive Guild? Is this your first guild? What aspects of this guild drew you to it?

I joined the original WoW guild, Resistance is Futile, the very week it was formed and immediately started raiding with them. From that point onward I’ve been hooked on endgame PvE content. Shortly after the main raid leader left the guild, which was about 6 weeks after Resistance is Futile was formed, I assumed the raid leader role and the rest is history.

I was originally drawn to the guild because of their atmosphere. I wasn’t required to fill out an application like I was applying for a job. All they did was talk to me for a little while to make sure I would fit in and took me on a raid with them. That relaxed atmosphere has stuck with my style of guild leadership to this day. It’s an adult atmosphere where I can make friends with people with like interests.



What game style does Wretched Hive, primarily stick to in SWTOR? How would you best describe the term “semi-hardcore progression?”

Wretched Hive is primarily a PvE endgame guild that focuses on operations and pushes the content at a steady and predictable pace. We’ve also got some PvP players that tend to spend the nights when we aren’t raiding killing as many jedi as possible, but there’s not enough yet for ranked warzones.

Most true “hardcore” progression guilds will do everything in their power to down content as quickly as possible. At one time, the previous incarnation of this guild would have been considered “hardcore”, raiding for 16+ hours per week (20+ during tight progression times), but many of the core members eventually lost the ability and interest to devote that much time.

On the other hand, guilds that are considered “casual” usually have lax requirements on attendance and usually have a much less aggressive schedule. The kind of folks that we have in Wretched Hive have a hunger for progression and downing new bosses, so this end of the spectrum would be considered “boring” by many of our members.

I would say Wretched Hive falls somewhere in the middle, if not closer to the “hardcore” end. We have a 3-night-per-week operations schedule that we keep with precision and each of the raids runs for 3 hours. On progression content, we take the best players we have, and performance is considered when building the night’s operations team. We have an operations schedule that runs Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday from 8 to 11 PM Eastern Time and we’ve kept that schedule since the guild started running raids in January of 2012.

 wretched hive pic1


Like most progression guilds your guild loves to eliminate bosses and finish the raid/operation correct? What has been Wretched Hive’s biggest accomplishment, in this area, so far?

I think I can speak for everyone in this guild when I say that we’re not about the gear. People around here thrive on the challenge of defeating bosses that are difficult. When we down a boss that we’ve been working on for a couple of weeks, you get that extreme sense of accomplishment. There have been a few first kills that elicited quite a bit of cheering when the boss’ corpse hit the floor.

The only way I can think of to quantify the accomplishments is to consider some of the progression kills that we worked the hardest to master. Operator IX was certainly the most recent triumph and we had quite the celebration when he was dead. There have been so many in the past that it’s hard to compare. Kephess in Explosive Conflict was probably the biggest.

 wretched hive pic4


Now one area that your guild does differ is the particular size of the Op group. What size of Operations does the guild focus on and why?

We focus exclusively on 16-man operations. We rarely ever run 8-man operations and that’s been completely intentional since the guild was founded. Many of the founding members of Wretched Hive experienced the atmosphere of smaller guilds back in World of Warcraft where they were experiencing endgame content in groups of 10. One of the biggest downsides is that a guild that small can feel like a barren wasteland on nights when scheduled activity isn’t going on. We didn’t want to have that happen again, so prior to the game launching, we recruited as many like-minded people as we could so that we could focus on 16-man operations.

We’ve found that the 16-man operations style is a lot more enjoyable for a variety of reasons. In many cases the content is more difficult, if not by the sheer numbers of damage and healing requirements, then by the requirement of organizing and coordinating twice as many people toward the same goal. Our operations are of course focused at downing bosses, but it is also a time of socializing and having fun. It was always the feeling of many of our members that the smaller groups just aren’t as fun.

wretched hive pic5

Does everyone have their raiding buddy?


Do you think that given the harder it is to organize larger numbers of guildmates and the higher degree of challenge in 16-man Ops is worth the higher social aspect? What would you say those that would suggest two 8-man Op groups?

I absolutely believe that it’s worth it or I wouldn’t devote the time to it. It does require more of a challenge to organize, but I’ve found that it’s really marginal. From an administrative point of view, the guild is pretty laissez-faire, so having a larger group of people doesn’t really encumber the officers that much. When it comes to operations, there’s certainly more work involved coordinating twice as many people, but that’s exactly the point behind why we do it.

There have been a few occasions in the guild’s history where people suggested doing 8-mans because we were struggling to fill 16-mans or we were having trouble with a particular boss. I’ve made a point to encourage people to continue moving forward in the direction we’ve always been going, and I think that strategy has kept the guild unified behind that goal.

One of the greatest issues behind running two separate 8-man groups is that although it still keeps the same amount of people busy, it essentially forces “cliques” within the guild. I’ve seen this first hand with the guild back in World of Warcraft, where we had 25-man raids and a roster of 40 active raiders. There were cliques that formed because of the bit of 10-man activity we did to get geared up quicker.

Another issue is that there eventually becomes a problem where one of those 8-man groups becomes the “A group” and the other becomes the “B group” due to the disparity in progression and gear. All that does is sow dissent between people who would otherwise be friendly with one another if they were on equal footing.



On the subject of 16-man Operations, what do you think of the degree of difficulty in these operations? Do you think the rewards fit the degree of difficulty?

With the most recent tier of content, I would say that the reward is fitting. It’s not too extreme that guilds feel they have to run 16-man content. I’m fully aware that 16-man is not for everyone. There’s also enough incentive to convince people who are on the fence to go along with the 16-man mentality that we espouse.

As for the difficulty, I think it is right on par. Some of the bosses are easier than I’d like, but overall, I think Bioware is getting better and better. I can’t wait to see the next tier!

 wretched hive pic6


As a progression guild, would you like to see BioWare utilize the Guild Reward system they have started and use it potentially reward server first or possibly another type of reward for guilds beside XP/Rep bonus?

wretched hive pic2

Mounts as a possible
guild reward
Sounds good to me

I think that some sort of reward, however large, would help build guild loyalty and camaraderie. There are a few things that have been tried in various MMO’s that worked. Anything that is a reward that provides that added bonus that makes you proud to wear the guild tag is important. One suggestion would be to tie mounts/titles to guild achievements where the requirement would be to have X number of the operation be in the guild. Plus, with an achievement system, there would be no longer a need to “prove” that you’ve killed a particular boss as there’s a reputable record of it.

If they were to award a title or something to the group that downed a boss first on their server or something, I think that would certainly support the hardcore portion of the community. It would certainly add to their reasoning for putting in the effort to do it. I do question whether that portion of the community is large enough to justify the development efforts though.



With the latest patch 2.2.2, it added Nightmare Mode to the Scum and Villainy Operation. Has Wretched Hive tackled this Operation and at this level yet?

We have not made any progress in Nightmare Mode Scum and Villainy as yet.



Is the Wretched Hive currently recruiting? If so, are the specific classes/advance classes the guild needs?

We’re always looking for new people. We do not have a set roster and nobody’s spot is guaranteed, so if you think you have what it takes to make us more successful, then join us and prove it! Your best chance would be if you were an Operative or Mercenary healer or if you were Sniper, Mercenary, or Marauder DPS, although anyone is welcome to join and give it a shot.



How is the best way for players to contact the guild for more information about the guild or to submit their application to join the guild?

Anyone interested in joining should fill out our “recruitment form” (which is not an application!) on our website. If you’re interested in joining but would like to learn more, feel free to contact any member in-game. They’ll be able to point you to the people with the answers (including myself) or you can simply send an email to web@wretched-hive.com or send us a message via the “Contact Us” link on our website.




That’s it for this week’s Community Checkpoint. I want to thank the members of the Wretched Hive guild, especially to the officers and the GM, Mores, for all their help with getting the answers for this week’s article. I wish each of them all the very best in-game and in everything thing they do.

If you are a player on the Jedi Covenant server looking for a guild into endgame operations, but also looking for that social aspect, I suggest you get in touch with the officers at the Wretched Hive guild. It is great to see a guild embrace the challenge of something like 16-man Ops and make it a feature of their guild.

Would you like to have your guild, like Wretched Hive, highlighted on Community Checkpoint…all you need to do is submit your guild/group’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, jason@corellianrun.com. We love to highlight members in the SWTOR community, from guilds to the many people working to plan events, contest, etc. We look forward to hearing from you and see you next week!



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