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  • Dark Eclipse – Sith Empire

This week, we get to meet the Dark Eclipse guild. This guild’s core leadership has been together for awhile and has established friendships beyond the gaming realm. Dark Eclipse is known for their endgame progression, even though they keep it fairly casual. Even though they tend to be casual in their raiding, Dark Eclipse’s primary focus is running 16-man Operations. Although it seems a bit of déjà vu from last week’s article, to talk about another guild focused on 16-man Operations, but Dark Eclipse has their own way of running their raids. They are built around the main idea of camaraderie and enjoying each boss kill as a group….so, it only stands to reason they get even more intrinsic value defeating those bosses in larger groups.

Their GM, Spektra Iceheart, tells us more about Dark Eclipse after the Jump…






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  • Guild Q&A

How did the Dark Eclipse guild get started? Is SWTOR the first and/or only game the guild has a presence?

Dark Eclipse was founded in the Summer of 2011 prior to the launch of SWTOR.  The officer core had known each other from prior gaming experiences and real life friendships.  The majority were currently residing in Delaware which is what lead us to the name Dark Eclipse that shares the same abbreviation, DE.  The guild was founded for and only has a presence in SWTOR.



What server can the Dark Eclipse guild be found? What faction is the guild associated with and why?

Dark Eclipse can be found on the “Jedi Covenant” server although we originally hail from “Shii Cho”.  We started as an Imperial guild, we also house a Republic guild (Dark Eclipse Lite) that consists of the same players and is capable of downing most content in the game.  We originally chose empire due to the Star Wars fan in us that desired the path of the Sith and Bounty Hunter.



Your guild is associated with endgame Operations correct? What sort of “style” or approach does your guild take with SWTOR Operations?

Dark Eclipse is unique in that we are a casual raiding guild which gives us a different approach than most.  We only raid progression 2 nights a week (Friday and Sunday) and only for 4 hours each of those nights.  This approach keeps us from burning our players out and better suits the lifestyle of our guildies.  We remain open to suggestion at all times and refine our strategy to reflect observations made along the way.  Sometimes the smallest change can make a world of difference.  Perhaps the most important aspect is that we want our players to have fun and play what they enjoy.  If you watch our kill videos you will never see a raid stacked with 8 snipers and 2 marauders, we down content with talented players who excel at their class whatever it may be.  This has been a cornerstone in our foundation and will remain such going forward.  We also run “alt raids” and “pub raids” as a tool to break the monotony and allow our players to see and understand the fights from other perspectives.



Dark Eclipse is the second guild, I have interviewed, to focus on 16-man Ops. Why do you think more guilds favor the 8-man versions? What is the appeal of the 16-man Operations for your guild?

Most guilds prefer 8 man Operations because it is easier to put together, maintain and achieve.  We are no stranger to 8 mans for achievement purposes and switching between 8 and 16 is like turning off NiM.  Being a 16 man guild is what we set out to do prior to launch and we have not wavered from this as our focus.  The biggest appeal in 16 man over eight is the sense of camaraderie and achievement you get when a boss goes down.  Any kill video you watch from a 16 man guild, whether it be us or anyone else, always concludes with screaming and jubilation, those are the moments we live for.



Do you feel there is enough difficulty and reward to justify the extra work to organize a 16-man Operation or does the guild view the social and challenge to be its own reward?

Typically, the greater the risk the greater the reward in these types of games…SWTOR has seen fit to not continue with this trend.  For us, it is not about the reward, it is about the sense of accomplishment.  Putting together a 16 man raid capable of downing cutting edge content is a challenge, and screenshots of dead bosses are reward enough for me.



Dark Eclipse obviously enjoys taking down bosses in Operations, does the guild take the same enjoyment with World Bosses? Speaking of World Bosses, has the guild tackled the new level 55 Gree Event Bosses? Was the level increase for this event welcomed?

Dark Eclipse kills world bosses with the same enthusiasm that we raid NiM content.  We regularly farm 10 stack Dreadtooth and will not rest until all our guildies have the pet drop.  We also down Tobboros Courtyard multiple times a week and even kill the Nightmare Pilgrim prior to our Friday progression.  We did defeat Xeno Analyst, as part of the Gree event, at level 55 and while the level was increased the difficulty remained the same.  It was nice to pick up a few bonus set pieces for minimal effort though.



On the subject of events, how does the guild feel about the known details of the new event, Bounty Contract Week? Does the fact the event will have full voiced missions appeal to your members? What rewards are you hoping to see in this event?

Dark Eclipse is a very socially active guild that enjoys the game from all angles.  The BH week seems to be a great opportunity to get together and try some new content with each other.  BioWare has put a lot of time and effort into bringing the story to life and the fact that they continue to have new content, fully voiced and with a relevant story, is awesome.  We are also a fan of Legacy bound gear.  Having our republic toons able to reap the benefits of our efforts is great, having them look good while doing so is icing on the cake.



Speaking of rewards, I have been asking guilds and their leadership about the SWTOR Guild Reward program. What are a couple rewards Dark Eclipse would like to see added next to this program?

The addition of guild rewards has been welcomed and it is helping to form larger stronger guilds instead of 10,000 guilds with six members each.  Currently the rewards only favor the quantity and not the quality of players a certain guild possesses.  I would like to see some incentives in place that would benefit guilds that are active and efficient.  Maybe even a guild ship (nudge nudge wink wink).



Having heard the news about two new Operations coming to SWTOR sometime after October 1st, what were the guild’s first thoughts…Surprised? Excited? New content is hardly ever frowned upon, but is this too soon for two new Ops or just about right?

The news of new operations was a bit surprising.  There has been a surplus of new content added to the PVE aspect of the game and we assumed we wouldn’t be seeing anymore until closer to 2014.  That being said new content is never a bad thing!  Currently our focus is on finishing out NiM TFB and S&V, by that time we should be right and ready to embark on the new challenges offered by additional operations.



Along with new Ops comes new gear, what would you like to see in the new gear? Do you think there are too many gear levels in the game?

Staying on top of progression means staying on top of gear.  However, the new Kel Dragon level of gear is mostly only good for the armoring.  Currently there is no other way to get this level of gear other than the tokens that drop from the bosses (which I am a huge fan of).  I would like to see the gear that drops from the highest level of content be more viable to the raiders who achieve it.  Even if the BIS mods and enhancements were found in the random pieces that dropped it would be better than needing 5 token pieces of one type to correctly stat your gear.



Is Dark Eclipse currently recruiting? If so what are the required steps for potential new recruits to take to apply? How is the best way for players to find out more information about the guild?

Dark Eclipse is always recruiting dedicated players.  If there is one thing we have learned about 16 man raiding it’s that you have to recruit constantly.  All someone need do to apply is visit our website and submit an application.

I would also like to ad that our biggest asset has been the dedication and effort of the officer team (Angrry, Jif, Rhesos and Kraiytos) Having a core of officers that have been here since beta has been the key in elevating us as a guild.


I want to thank all the members and officers of Dark Eclipse. A special thanks to their GM, Spektra Iceheart, for his help with this week’s article. If you are playing on the Jedi Covenant server and looking for a guild into running Operations, killing bosses, posing for celebration screenshots and most importantly having some fun, I would suggest getting in touch with the members of the Dark Eclipse guild.

If you would like to possibly have your guild, like Dark Eclipse, highlighted on Community Checkpoint…all you need to do is submit your guild/group’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, jason@corellianrun.com. We love to highlight members in the SWTOR community, from guilds to the many people working to plan events, contest, etc. We look forward to hearing from you and see you next week!



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