Aug 062013

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  • Battle for the Hypermatter – Jung Ma server

Batttle for Hypermatter1We have a bonus Community Checkpoint for you this week! There is going to be an Open World PVP event happening on the Jung Ma server this Saturday, August 10th, 2013. This will be an RP event, but don’t let that fool you…it will be an all out battle!

More details & promotional video after the Jump…



Battle for Hypermatter2

The event was brought to our attention by Luniara, on behalf of the Jung Ma server. Battle for the Hypermatter is sponsored by the Imperial guild, Penumbral. Below are the official details from the SWTOR server forum for the Jung Ma server.

Battle for Hypermatter - Republic Battle for Hypermatter - Empire

Empire vs. Republic


When: 7pm-9pm EDT Saturday August 10, 2013

Where: Corellia; Black Hole Crossroads

Objectives: Hold the crossroads. Side that holds the crossroads the longest wins the IC supply of hypermatter. If no winner can be determined the supplies are destroyed.

RP Background: Imperial Intelligence and SIS have learned that a shell company controlled by Torvix, Sentinel Hyperlane Industrial Technologies, is trying to move a large cache of hypermatter. Both factions are instructing their members to control the black hole cross roads so engineering teams may be sent to retrieve the hypermatter caches while they are in transit.


So are you ready to fight for the Hypermatter? Will the Republic or Empire be victorious? To answers these questions you need to join the fight and help your faction take control of the Hypermatter supply. This should be a fun event and a great way to get some Open World PVP! If you are on the Jung Ma server and looking to get in this event, I suggest checking out the forum thread for the event and letting them know you are ready to battle!




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