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This week, we start the next 100 episodes with a guide to SWTOR. Carla and Drew give their best tips, for noobs and veterans alike. We answer hot questions like “Where do I get a crafting skill?”, “Where do I buy a mount?”, “What is the best class?”, and other such questions one might see too often in General Chat, as well as some more in-depth questions for the knowledgeable player. Check out the show notes for links to other, more detailed guides!



  1. What is SWTOR?
    1. SWTOR is an MMO
    2. Careful which server you pick
    3. SWTOR is based on the KOTOR games, but all SW fans will love it. KOTOR is not necessary to love the game, but it makes it even cooler.
    4. Closer to WoW than other games at the moment.
    5. Spacebar through cinematics
  2. Should I go F2P? Or Sub?
    1. F2P can be done.
      1.  Use XP boost for the top XP gain available to everyone.
      2. Spend $5 on Cartel coins as soon as you know that you will be playing enough.
        Free-to-Play Player’s Guide to the Cartel Market
      3. Achievements can help get Cartel Coins as well
    2. Subscription is more fun
      1. More to do
      2. 500 Cartel coins each month
      3. More crafting, better costs for items
    3. Sidetrack to companions
      1. Keep them geared
      2. Lots of different roles (Heals/DPS, Tank/DPS, DPS, new companion Treek is Heals/Tank)
        Healing companion guide
    4. Back to Sub benefits
      1. Free respecs
      2. One of the new Tauntaun mounts is sub-only
        1. Two guides
          2. The Fanatical Swordsman
  3. Which class should I pick?
    1. First off, 8 classes, really stories, 16 advanced classes are more of the traditional “class” that people expect. Cannot change your adv class after you select it
    2. How to select your advanced class
    3. Heals/Ranged DPS
      1. Smuggler→Scoundrel or Agent→Operative
      2. Jedi Consular→Jedi Sage or Sith Inquisitor→Sith Sorcerer
        DPS guide by Nibbon
        Healing stats guide by Nibbon
        Quick healing guide by eventidephoenix
      3. Trooper→Commando or Bounty Hunter→Mercenary
        Arsenal/Gunnery Guide (PvE)
        Healing guide
    4. Tanks/Melee DPS
      1. Jedi Knight→Jedi Guardian or Sith Warrior→Sith Juggernaut
        DPS guide
        Tanking guide
        PvP tanking guide
      2. Trooper→Vanguard or Bounty Hunter→Powertech
        Tanking guide
        Hybrid DPS guide
      3. Jedi Consular→Jedi Shadow or Sith Inquisitor→Sith Assassin
        Ultimate guide
        PvP tanking encyclopedia
    5. DPS
      1. “Pure”
        1. Melee: Knight/Warrior→Sentinel/Marauder
          Hawt Pants of the Old Republic guide (PvE)
          The Fanatical Swordsman guide (PvP)
        2. Ranged: Smuggler/Agent→Gunslinger/Sniper
          The Fanatical Swordsman guide
          Spec guides from TFS: Sharpshooter, Saboteur, Dirty Fighting
          SamuelAU’s Sharpshooter guide (great PvE discussion)
      2. Stealth
        1. With heals: Scoundrel/Operative
        2. With tank: Shadow/Assassin
  4. Leveling up
    1. Gear
      1. Quest rewards
      2. Planetary comms
        Leveling Gear Guide
      3. Mods and Main stats
      4. Medpacs and Stims
      5. PRO-TIP: Legacy gear smuggling
    2. Skills
      1. Trainers in main cities
      2. PRO-TIP: Don’t buy upgrades for CC abilities immediately.
    3. Mount
      1. Level 25 for F2P, level 15 for subs
      2. Skill, then buy a mount off GTN
    4. Crafting
      1. Crafting trainers on the fleet
        Crafting guide (slightly outdated, good through 400 skill level)
      2. Get cybertech for leveling
    5. Companions
  5. Your first Flashpoint: Esseles or Black Talon
    1. If you have done group content before in other games
      1. Click the little button on top left of minimap
      2. Select your favorite role for your class
      3. Wait
      4. Tell people it is your first time, or they probably won’t tell you what to do. They will almost never kick you if you admit you are new, in fact it is usually the opposite.
    2. If you haven’t done group content before, read up on tanking, healing, and DPSing.
      1. Do the same as above, except select DPS instead of Healer or Tank, until you get used to that instance.
    3. PRO-TIP: You level faster in a Flashpoint, so get a group to grind through all the mobs (XP boost).
  6. PvP Warzones
    1. Queuing
      1. Click button on bottom right of minimap
      2. Queue solo or as group
    2. Brackets
    3. Currency (and caps)
    4. Warzones
      A ton of PvP guides

      1. Ancient Hypergate
        Ancient Hypergate guide
      2. Alderaan Civil War
      3. Novare Coast
      4. Voidstar
      5. Huttball
        1. Passing
          Catching Passes guide
    5. Tanks in PvP
    6. PRO-TIP: To win PvP, all you have to do is: pass, get ahead for passes, cap, stop caps, call inc, and KILL THE FREAKIN’ HEALER‼‼‼
      Really good overview guide for warzones pre-Ancient Hypergates
  7. Cartel Market
    1. Mostly optional
    2. Need to buy Section X daily area if F2P
    3. Artifact gear authorization
    4. PRO-TIP: Wait for things to go on sale. Buy Cartel packs and don’t open them, then save them for when they are no longer available.
  8. Endgame
    1. Gearing for PvE
    2. Operations at two level-caps
      A ton of Operations guides
    3. Difference between different modes
      1. Augments (Ghoztt’s guide)
      2. PRO-TIP: TORParse
    4. Money
    5. Gearing for PvP
      PvP Gearing guide Part 1 and Part 2

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