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  • Intrepid – Galactic Republic

We are happy to welcome the guild Intrepid to this week’s Community Checkpoint. They are another guild focusing on 16-man Operations in SWTOR. However, Intrepid tends to really push the envelope as far as endgame progression. Although it is pretty incredible to accomplish server firsts in doing certain bosses or entire Ops, Intrepid happens to be a guild that has the distinction for being only the second guild in the entire world to complete the Nightmare mode for the Scum & Villainy Operation!

We’ll learn about Intrepid & what it takes to raid on this level after the Jump…





  • Guild Q&A

Can you tell us a little how Intrepid became a guild? How has the merger impacted the guild?

Intrepid is a name that has come about from the merger of the guilds Level Capped (The Bastion) and Momentum (The Harbinger).  The merger has allowed the players to stay focused on excelling in the 16-player scene.  It has been great to see the two halves come together.



What server and faction is associated with the Intrepid guild?

We are from The Harbinger – Republic.



For the record, what type of a guild is Intrepid? What was deciding factor to make the guild’s focus on high level progression?

Intrepid is a 16-player Progression-focused Operations guild.  We enjoy the camaraderie and appreciate the challenge that 16-player content brings and that has created an expectation for high level play.

 Intrepid Op


Personally, have you always been into high level progression? What is the appeal of high level progression to you and the guild?

High level progression has always been appealing.   It is a great feeling being a part of a community that pushes both us, and our peers, in our chosen roles.  When a group of 16 people flawlessly downs a difficult boss, it more than makes all of the investment worth it.



What does it take for a player and a guild to get to this high level of endgame? What are some basic tips to help some of us become better at endgame and possibly progression raiders?

Knowing when and where to use the abilities that your class provides, what stats to acquire and what specs to play on specific encounters (in the case of dps), and the needs of your raid group allows any guild to excel. The most successful endgame players I have witnessed are more than capable to adapt to any unforeseen circumstances and understand what every player in the run will be doing and where they themselves should be contributing.



How does a guild register a Boss kill or an Operation being cleared in order to see where they rank on their server and the world rankings?

The way that guilds go about recording their progress depends on their focus.  Most World Progression guilds will post on the World Operation thread that can be found in the “Flashpoints, Operations, and Heroic Missions” portion of the official SWTOR forums. Following that, guilds can post on their appropriate server’s forums progression thread.



Let’s talk about the World Second Intrepid received. What Operation was it? What was the biggest obstacle or game mechanic in clearing this Operation?

We were the second guild to down Nightmare Scum and Villainy in 16-player mode. Our biggest obstacle was our guild merge, as we came together just as this operation was being released. Thrasher, Cartel Warlords, and Dread Master Styrak were clearly the defining fights of this instance in 16-player mode.  It is my opinion that group composition is definitely a determinant in being successful in this Operation.

World 2nd - Intrepid

World 2nd for completing S&V 16-man


Can you elaborate of the group composition that you mentioned?

As a healer, it is my opinion that should you attempt Nightmare Scum and Villainy in level 72 gear, you must have a group composition that allows you to minimize damage to the entire group. Quite a few fights have been described by many as very “RNG” (Random Number Generator), meaning you can get very unlucky in the amount of damage taken, or the types of mechanics that may occur in sequence. The same could be said of certain fights in TFB. Gunslinger/Sniper bubble contributes tremendously in this regard.



Being that your guild has high goals to be met in-game, what are your recruiting procedures? What does it take to become a member of Intrepid? What is the time period till a recruit becomes a full member?

Since 72-level gear can be crafted and Hard-mode Operations are fairly easy to come by on our server, we expect potential recruits to at least be geared in this tier of gear to try out with us for Nightmare Ops.  Our application requires DPS recruits to supply a combat log of a full Hard-mode TFB or Hard-mode S&V clear or 5-minute parse on dummy in order to get a superficial idea of their skill to try out with us. Additionally, tanks and healers have the ability to try out with us if they are geared appropriately and if their application is promising. Once accepted to guild, recruits move to a raider rank when they have shown they are an exemplary player.



Is the guild currently recruiting? If so what classes/advance classes does the guild need?

Intrepid is always looking for exceptional players that are able to help us succeed.  We focus on the individuals skill set and ability more so than the class they play on.  Currently DPS recruits could help us most.



How many times does your guild run Ops during the week? During Ops what sort of loot management does Intrepid use?

We run scheduled Ops 3-4 times per week.  We use Suicide Kings Loot List in order to distribute loot.  Our attendance procedures allow us to use this tool to effectively distribute gear to deserving members.



Can you explain Suicide Kings Loot List for our readers?

Suicide Kings is a tool that has been used for a long time for raiding guilds. When you kill a boss, if a piece of loot is an upgrade for the person at the top of the list, they must take the piece and will then be moved to the bottom. It cycles through your roster as each person gets a piece. If people miss an Operation day, they will most likely be at the top for the next scheduled Op, in which case they will be receiving some of the less desirable upgrades (belt, bracer, etc.). Of course there are some exceptions to this scenario. All in all we have found this to be a fair way to go about distribution.



With the news about the two new operations coming out in Update 2.4, what sort of things would you and the guild like to see? Do you want something extremely hard or possibly new type of game mechanic?

Interaction with the environment is always a big plus. It is fun to have mechanics that require you to get out of your comfort zone or require you to be attentive throughout the encounter no matter what role you are. Fresh mechanics would be nice – I know that Scum and Villainy was a nice change from what we had seen. Speeder points that take us straight to the bosses help a lot too.



In the current Guild Rewards program there is bonus XP and bonus Reputation, what are some things Intrepid would like to see possibly added to this program in the future?

This is a great question. A guild calendar and other in-game tools to assist in organization would help – especially for us as a 16-player guild 🙂



That’s it for this week’s Community Checkpoint. I want to thank and congratulate the members of the guild Intrepid. I wish them continued success in their endgame progression and also success in all their endeavors. Thanks goes out to FuseBox for all his help with gathering the information for the answers on the Q&A section, as well as all the email correspondence. If you are looking to test your limits in SWTOR endgame and have a character on the Harbinger server, why not head over and check out Intrepid’s website and submit your application. If you are interested in checking out some of their raids, go to FuseBox’s Twitch TV channel and watch his live streams.

If you would like to possibly have your guild highlighted, like Intrepid, on Community Checkpoint…all you need to do is submit your guild/group’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, We love to highlight members in the SWTOR community, from guilds to the many people working to plan events, contest, etc. We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks and see you next week!



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