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HoloNet Links #111

It is time for another edition of CRR’s HoloNet Links. There have been several interesting bits of news, regarding SWTOR, to come out since last Thursday’s article. We now know that Update 2.4 will be the conclusion to the Dread Masters story arc. We know the Baron Deathmark appreciates all of those crazy Huttball fans that showed him support over the years. Of course, some of the biggest news came in small thumbdrives during Gamescom at the Community Cantina in Germany.

Let’s dig deeper into these topics & more after the Jump…






  • Dread War coming in 2.4

BioWare has announced The Dread War is coming to SWTOR in Update 2.4. In the official blog concerning Update 2.4, it talks about the planet Oricon the fiery world that holds the Dread Masters’ Fortress and Palace. Those two fortifications also happen to be the locations of the two new Operations coming to SWTOR in Update 2.4. The planet will have a level 55 story mission. It appears this story will be a small arc like that of Makeb possibly. Now although this story might seem short for this update, this part of the story is the conclusion to the Dread Masters’ saga that was started back on Belsavis.

 Dread War

The new planet and quests are currently on the PTS. Along with the story arc, and two new Operations, there will be a new level 55 based daily area, to help players earn more Oricon based reputation. Dulfy, the source that never sleeps, has examples of three current reputation items found on the vendors in current PTS. There are two sets of armor and Black/Deep Red armor dye schematic. I’m sure, when Update 2.4 launches, we will have more details of the rest of the items to fill the Oricon based reputation vendors.

Speaking of the PTS, why not logon and check out the new planet, new quests, new Operations and new arenas coming in Update 2.4. You are also helping to crush those bugs before the update goes live.



  • Exclusive interview with Baron Deathmark

deathmarkOf course we know Update 2.4 is going to be here before we know it. Now, if you are talking about Update 2.4, it’s hard to do without talking about the changes coming to PVP. I’m specifically referring to the new Warzone Arenas. In an exclusive interview, Lamallan Rann has a one-on-one chat with Baron Deathmark. He may have retired from a stellar career in Huttball, but that doesn’t stop him from being close to this great sport. Let’s face it Baron Deathmark is to Huttball, what John Madden was to NFL…Boom! In the interview, Baron talks a bit about his life and how Huttball has him living a great life. Later in the interview Lamallan learns from Baron all about Giradda’s the Hutt brand new idea for “team-based athletic bloodsport”…Warzone Arenas.



  • New Goodies announced at Community Cantina

Last weekend, around Gamescom in Germany there was another Community Cantina. This was another opportunity for players to get the chance to meet some of the devs and members of the SWTOR community team. Like the last couple of Community cantina events, some of those in attendance were given a small thumbdrive. The thumbdrive for this particular Community Cantina event, according to Dulfy’s article, had screenshots from the new planet Oricon, concept artwork for new weapons and also images of new animal mounts coming to SWTOR. Yes, new animal mounts! Besides the Tauntauns and the current Varactyl in-game the thumbdrive contained images of new Varactyl, Tauntauns, even armored Tauntauns, but there was another animal mount surprise….Dewbacks! Now, there was no official word in the information found in Dulfy’s article, but I would take a wager some of the new mounts will be found in Cartel packs. I am also going to venture a guess that maybe a couple will be possibly Reputation vendor items or drops in the two new Operations coming in Update 2.4.



Another interesting thing in the files from the thumbdrives, that Dulfy’s article displays, is the weapon concept artwork. Now, at first they look just like any of the past weapon artwork, but if you look closely at the images on the article or in the image I have displayed below, notice the weapons have three stages. I first thought, this was just to show different styles and it might be, but look at how each is labeled…first one is called Base, the second is called Attachment and the third is called Color Variant. Not to get hopes up, but could this be BioWare hinting at making weapons moddable and having the ability to add a color dye? I think this could be a huge boost to crafting and another way players could personalize their characters. Would you be interested in a possible addition to moddable weapons or being able to use a color dye on your weapon? Let us know in the comment section below.




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  • SWTOR Fan Art

This week instead of videos I came across a Fan Art forum thread titled, “Let loose the art bunnies.” Needless to say this thread topic caught my attention. Upon opening the thread I saw an amazing piece of fan created artwork, created by forum user artbunny. As you can see below, the picture is that of an Imperial Agent with an Advance Class as a Sniper. Next to the agent is her companion Vector.



Later in the thread, artbunny has another rendered piece of SWTOR Fan Art. In the second one, it shows a Sith Warrior utilizing her Rage to channel the Dark Side of the Force, all be it at the expense of some lowly Imperial. This should be a lesson to us all, don’t get in the way of a Sith Warrior when their Rage is “boiling over.”



These images are amazing not to mention the character rendering and attention to detail, but the way the backgrounds are actual in-game screenshots are seamlessly woven into both. Stop by this forum thread and let artbunny know what you think of his artwork.


That’s all for this week! See every one next week and for those of you in the United States of America, enjoy the long Labor Day weekend. If you have a particular link, story, video, or topic related to SWTOR we would love to hear about it! You can send those to us here at Corellian Run Radio and we can place it in a future article. Just email us the links and/or the details for the event at, or you can also leave any link suggestions in the comments below, or in Corellian Run Radio’s Facebook group. See you all next week!




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