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In one of SWTOR’s latest new articles, BioWare and have teamed up to demonstrate livestream Warzone Arenas. The livestream events will happen during September and October, on’s Twitch channel. Now, the audition part, there will be a process in which guilds have until September 8th, 2013, to submit a video of their four player Arena team in action on the Public Test Server.

Details on how to qualify for the livestream events after the Jump…




BioWare is calling the audition, Galactic Guild Battles. Guilds will need to have their top level 55 PVP players participate on the Public Test Server. Players can utilize the Character Copy feature, so the current in-game PVP character will be on the PTS. Once your guild’s PVP Arena team is on the PTS and ready to do battle, BioWare has outlined the steps the guild teams need to follow to qualify for the chance to be part of the livestream events.

Here are the steps posted on SWTOR’s Galactic Guilds Battle page:



We’re looking for six Level 55 players from your guild (four primary players plus two alternate players) to compete live in PvP Ranked Warzone Arena matches:

  • All participants must have a valid Star Wars: The Old Republic account, opted in for Star Wars: The Old Republic email communication, be in good standing (not in a banned status), and have systems that meet the minimum hardware specifications.
  • The primary streamer must have experience with streaming in HD on using XSplit streaming software.
  • If selected, all featured players will need to download the free Skype voice communication application to their PC and also have access to a webcam and headset for use during the livestream.
  • If selected, guilds will be offered the opportunity to participate in at least one livestream event during September 12th – October 17th, 2013 at the following times:

North American servers: Thursdays between 5PM PDT – 6PM PDT (Fridays between 12AM – 1AM GMT)

European servers: Thursdays or Fridays between 11AM PDT – 12PM PDT / 6PM GMT – 7PM GMT.



Check out the following guidelines for recording your audition footage:

  • Coordinate a premade 4-player Level 55 group from your guild and queue for Ranked Warzone Arenas on the Public Test Server.
  • Record an unedited end-to-end play-through of your best full 3-round match, including any audio from voice communication software or player voices:

-The driver of the camera should have a central role in the fight and must be the same player who will drive the camera in the live stream.
-Players in the recording must be the same players that will play in the live stream. (or the alternate players)
-Gameplay and game audio must be from Star Wars: The Old Republic and no other source.
-Keep the HUD/UI ON when filming.
-Do not include any slates, callouts, legal lines, rating logos, or company logos.
-Do not include gameplay behaviors or in-game chat that conflicts with Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Terms of Service.



Email us your application by sending the following information to,, or

  • Primary entrant’s Full Name, Email Address, Display Name, Date of Birth, City, Country, and Phone Number (primary point of contact)
  • Full name, Email Address, Display Name, Date of Birth, City, and Country of the other three players playing in the video as well as your two alternate players
  • Name of the primary streamer
  • Your Guild Name and Server
  • Short Description of why you and your guild should be featured in the Galactic Guild Battles livestreams
  • A link to your guild’s Twitch channel (if applicable)
  • A link to the primary streamer’s Twitch channel (if applicable)

We will contact you via email with further instructions on uploading your video submission. If your guild is selected, we will coordinate with you to determine a specific date/time for your guild’s livestream. If we reach out to your guild and do not hear back within three days or are unable to coordinate a mutually convenient time, we cannot guarantee your guild’s participation in the livestream. Unfortunately, we will not be able to respond to every submission.



Be sure to read through all the rules carefully and be sure to submit your guild’s audition to BioWare before September 8th. Those that are selected to participate in the live stream events will earn an in-game title, “Wartime Correspondent.”

Here is a chance to showcase your guild’s PVP talent on the Public Test Server in the Warzone Arenas. Logon to the PST, assemble your guild Arena team, queue up for an arena, record the fight in high-quality video, and submit the video before September 8th!



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