Sep 072013
Series 505 Cyber armor set This week, Carla and Drew begin a new format with a brand new section: Tip of the Week! They also discuss Arenas, Class Representative Q&As, the new Cartel pack, and more!



From the Newsnet

  1. Warzone Arenas
    Available on PTS:
  2. Freelancer’s Bounty Pack
  3. Class Representative questions and answers
    1. Sniper
    2. Sentinel
    3. Vanguard
    4. Sorcerer
    5. Coming up: 8/30 Scoundrel and Juggernaut


Fact or Fiction?

This week is about Class Representative questions!


Tip of the Week

  • Most theorycrafters agree that Power should be prioritized over Critical Rating.
  • Only specs with high-dependency on crits should even consider including it in their builds.
    Sages/Sorcerers specced into Telekinetics/Lightning might consider including it, for example.
  • Keep crit mods, as they may be tinkering with crit in the coming weeks/months, as indicated in the Sage/Sorcerer Dev responses.
  • For now, get the majority of your crit from your primary stat.


Community Buzz

  1. Unnamed SWTOR Podcast Episode 12, feat. Drew
  2. “Heal to Full” Parody Video of James Blunt’s “Beautiful”
  3. Njessi’s review of Treek



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  5 Responses to “Episode 102: Carla’s Luck Is Reversed”

  1. Torocast updates. Not my favorite but they are active

  2. Also pvp gear links not up

  3. Got ’em up! Thanks

  4. Awesome, thanks, I didn’t know they were still going.

  5. As a fellow Texan I would normally agree with you Carla about “suck it up” in regards to “learn to play your class”, however, in this case, I think Bioware failed on this one. These are not your kids whining about wanting to stay out late, or your students not wanting to learn how to diagram a sentence (most useless thing ever). These are customers, who have spent/will spend money on your product. And there are legitimate questions and concerns. Maybe they do indeed need to “learn to play”, but then give them data, show them how they are wrong. Post a video by a dev showing them “how its done”. Its cute when its your spouse/mom/child. It’s unprofessional when its to a customer.

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